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SaLuSa, February 19, 2010

There are so many moves being taken by our allies to bring the first major event into the public arena. You would find that the build up was getting quite exciting if you could see it from our perspective. We can weigh up the various actions taking place and have a good idea of where it is likely to end. It is why we continue to be confident as to the outcome, and also because we are guiding events along. Obviously we are well aware as to what is required to achieve success, and why we encourage you to envisage the fulfillment of the plan to bring this cycle to an end. Your positive Light is always very welcome and whether you realize it or not, you play a very important role in bringing completion to the Earth.

Such a lot depends on your involvement in the final days leading to Ascension, and we see many souls now awakening to what is really going on around them. These are times when those of you who are enlightened, can help them. The changes occurring can at first appear frightening, and this is where you can gently guide those souls along. Assurances of the great future that lies ahead can offset most concerns, but it will take a degree of tact and understanding to overcome the fear of what happens to family and friends. We understand the loving concern being felt, and perhaps it can be enlightened by explaining about the unlimited and ever flowing love of the Creator. It enfolds all souls and allows for the most tender and loving care. The future is the path to happiness and joy, and all of the problems that beset people whilst on Earth will have been totally overcome. Dear Ones have faith in your own ability to help heal others, and know you are never alone when working for the Light.

The Earth can also be a lonely place due to the dark Ones and their creation of the idea of separateness. One of the notable changes you will experience will be the Oneness that brings all together in absolute peace. The energies that accompany such conditions, wrap themselves around you in a loving embrace and you know there is absolutely nothing to fear. In fact, the grand awakening is now bringing more people together, and much good work is being done that is attracting even more into seeking fulfillment. Remember that this period of time has seen the emergence of old souls in young bodies, who have brought much wisdom with them. Allow them to speak of what they bring as they are very spiritually evolved, and are here to play a major part in the process of Ascension.

Never doubt the outcome as the plan for your upliftment has been in place all along. Right from the very time you agreed to take part in duality, you knew that it would end with your Ascension. Even those souls who still remain in the darkest realms have the promise of being helped to return to the Light. Duality was not an experience that was meant to have a lasting effect upon you. Even now the Light is increasingly gaining power, and it will keep tugging at the heart until the Light shines out. Your holographic prison is being dissolved and returns to the great source of creation. Nothing is wasted and neither can it be permanently destroyed.

You are told that the eyes are the windows of the soul, and you may have noticed that the Light beams out of them like a laser. Look anyone in the eye and it tells you much about them, and who has not seen a great love within them as when two are in love. Equally, the negative emotions can also be recognized, and the whole essence of someone can be cold and unwelcoming. In the higher dimensions you see much more clearly, as the aura is a blaze of Light often filled with iridescent colors. The purity of them befits a soul living in those levels, and such is their power that the lower vibrations cannot stand with them. Some of you on Earth have been visited by such Being, and even you are confronted by a brilliant Light, yet it has nevertheless been dropped in vibration so that you can stand within it.

When you come on board our ships, you will notice how bright the Light is and how it seems to come from everywhere around you without having a single source. However, it does not glare you or hurt your eyes as it may on Earth. There are subtle differences with many things you will encounter, such as objects that respond to your thoughts and animals that can talk with you. Life will be quite different to what you are experiencing now. It will be grander and more fulfilling, and an utter joy to feel wonderfully alive and vibrant. The aches and pains that you may experience now will no longer exist, because in the higher body of Light there can only be an expression of perfection. You will most likely be as we are and enjoy a great life that offers opportunities to do as you desire. You may live for a far longer life span stretching into hundreds if not thousands of years, and experience no change such as aging in your body. Believe us Dear Ones, it is not boring or lackluster, but always a pleasure to be alive.

During the process of Ascension you will take the first steps to becoming a Galactic Being, and experience full consciousness. It will not take long and all is prepared in readiness for these changes, and it will be a fantastic experience for you. Know that you will be going through the process because that is part of your life plan, and there is no aspect that is forced upon you. We would be the last ones to disrespect your freewill choices. It is one aspect of your Earth life that has been grossly denied you, and will be returned to you in due course. You are set to enjoy a revolution that will remove all of the obstacles placed upon your path, and will set you free. We are here on our mission to ensure your release from the cycle of duality, and create the opportunities that will enable you to fulfill your final pledges to yourself, and Mother Earth.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and gradually we are getting through to you so that you realize how important these next few years are going to be. All that has been promised to see you safely through the end times is waiting as you might say, in the wings and is ready to emerge. A few delays are not of concern, as the plan is completely flexible and has untold resources to back it up. Keep looking ahead and release the past into the history books. Be the soul of Light that you are and exercise your power to determine your future.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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