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SaLuSa, March 17, 2010

Clearly with matters as they are, there is a great deal of dissatisfaction with conditions on Earth. People are anxious to find something different or some way of escaping them. Yet all of this was foreseen as the climax to the breaking down of the old paradigm, and there is an escape route. We refer of course to Ascension, which is only known to a relatively small percentage of Humankind. Many more have heard about it but it has no real meaning for them, in fact it is often denied as the fanciful notions of dreamers. It is most important that every soul understands what Ascension stands for, and that each one is able to make an inspired choice. You who are already aware can help them understand what a wonderful process it is. One that is intended to lift you up to levels that are more in line with your true selves. As you can understand, it becomes very important that we are able to make our announcements covering Ascension, as soon as possible. This is held up while we work with our allies towards governmental changes, that will enable it to be brought forward. The intention all along has been to ensure that every soul is able to make an informed choice.

It is only natural that after so many lifetime experiences, there is a soft spot for Earth. It can present the most beautiful scenarios that are an absolute picture of color. Without the effect of Man’s negative influences, you can also find those idyllic places of utter peace and stillness. Yet for all this it is but a pale reflection of what awaits you in the higher dimensions. Given the choice made with the full knowledge of what Ascension means, it would be surprising if many souls rejected the opportunity to ascend. However, the lower vibrations dull the senses and diminish your Light, and making your way back is not at all easy. It is not for the lack of trying to convey the truth to you; as for at least the last century there have been progressive attempts to bring about enlightenment. As you often say, “you can take a horse to water, but you cannot make it drink” and so it is with many people who are not yet ready for it. However, like anyone else they do have subconscious memories of their past experiences, and until they can tap into them will remain dormant.

Members of families are often at different levels of understanding, and the dominant guidance is usually through a majority belief. However, if one is seeking the intuition will come into play, and setting aside time for meditation will inevitably lead to a clear communication. For you personally there is really no better guidance, as it is precisely given according to the stage of understanding you are at. We will along with the Masters, set the scene for enlightenment once we can openly come amongst you. It is course necessary to convey the fact that the old Earth will no longer exist as it was. Either way people must decide whether they desire to work towards Ascension, or remain in the 3rd. dimension elsewhere. There has never been an occasion quite like this before, and you as ascending souls will be the first to experience bodily changes in preparation for you upliftment into the higher dimensions. In fact many already have an awareness of it taking place, and feel the difference it is making in their lives. Principally it is a feeling of lightness, and a peace within that carries you through duality without being affected by the lower vibrations.

We are forever telling you that major events are very near, and the energies that project them into being are proving so powerful that their manifestation cannot be held back much longer. Certainly we are continually adjusting to conditions on Earth, and giving our allies every support to achieve their goals. Technologically we are far superior to your dark forces, and although they have developed weapons of mass destruction we can safely handle them. Have no fear as the end times have already been written, so that all turns out as divinely planned. Where apprehension exists let us confirm that you willingly and eagerly entered duality, and knew what a hard test it would be. However, you never doubted the promise that you would be lifted up when the end time came. When you look back, it will only be to marvel at the way you were released from the pull of the lower vibrations, when you had become so immersed in them.

Experience is what you will take back to the higher realms, and many will benefit from it. Just as we know how to deal with your problems because of our experience, so will you attend others. Service is the name of the game that is taken very seriously, and will indicate the desire to serve others that are also seeking a path to the Light. On Earth such an achievement is quite an accomplishment bearing in mind the many distractions that face you at every turn. It requires a firm focus on what you have set your sights upon. Service to others can be very rewarding, and is in no way an imposition placed upon you. Carried out with love and caring, it is the ultimate expression of one who is imbued with the Light.

Dear Ones, you are on the last lap that will see an end to this cycle in a most glorious finale. In short time you will have moved from realms of darkness to those of Light. The “Living Hell” will become the heavenly bliss and peace beyond your present understanding. All ties will be cut and the Law of Grace will ensure that no karmic residue will travel with you. It will be the commencement of another cycle, but this time of Light without the interference of the dark Ones. They will have moved on to what is appropriate to their present vibration. All will proceed to evolve, except that some have traveled further and will completely leave the old behind. Any concern you may have about the future is best put behind you, as time will show that there was never any doubt as to the outcome.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and ask you to remember that we of the Galactic Federation are you, and in us you will see what you are to be. Nothing could be more natural than a coming together of all of us. Our futures are joined in love, and the desire to take our knowledge and abilities to others. God has given us the power of creation, and the knowledge of how to correctly use it. We are trusted having vowed to serve the will of God, and spread the Light far and wide. We are all to be the warriors of Light for the benefit of all other souls.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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