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SaLuSa, June 16, 2010

We love your resilience in the face of adversity, and often you show the remarkable human trait to be able to make light of it. We have said before that there is a place for humour, and we are no exception. However, we do not use it to ridicule or taunt another soul, as that is not our way. Sometimes your jokes are levied at people with infirmities or disabilities, and we have to say that if you understood why you would instead revere such souls. It takes a lot of courage to enter physical life with such a cross to bear, and what you see is one who has chosen the experiences to evolve. Indeed, in these special times leading to Ascension, many souls are taking on challenges remaining from previous lives. It is why some of you have had a really hard time, but remember that you chose to end this cycle that way.

As the dark Ones gradually lose their power, so yours is increasing and you are creating the dividing of the ways between the Light and the dark. It will continue this way right through the remainder of this cycle. It hastens the commencement of the changes, that require an upliftment in the energy levels to enable them to manifest. Viewing it as you do whilst in the midst of it all, you can be forgiven for not being able to clearly see the progress being made. From our vantage point we have a clear picture of what is happening all around the world. We can pinpoint the areas where the Light or dark is strongest, and in the case of the latter we send powerful beams of energy to counteract it. We never stop working to raise the levels of Light upon Earth, that are necessary to pathe the way to Ascension.

Unlike many years previously, it is noticeable that where death and destruction occur there is now a warm outpouring of love and compassion that helps heal the damage done. It was quite different in earlier times when your reactions were more concerned with taking retribution, against those that were guilty of bringing it about. I speak here mainly of warlike incidents, that have plagued the Earth for eons of time and have prevented peaceful interactions between you. You were kept this way by the dark Ones until you accepted the necessity to build up your armouries, always in the anticipation of perpetual wars. Peace was never a concept that was taken seriously, and the Illuminati intentionally perpetuated conditions that led to continuous wars. It was also in their interest as their coffers filled up as a result from the trade in weapons of mass destruction.

In your immediate future you will experience such changes, that once world peace is established there will be no return to the old ways. Permanent peace will reign, and happiness and joy will lift every soul up. The people of Earth and its energies will be used for setting up a new order, and it will reflect the new found intent to move beyond duality forever. In that respect our presence will have already been established and we will go forward together. Of this we are certain as your path has been divinely decreed, and the forces of Light will ensure success.

You have been aware of this coming period for quite some time, but it will still surprise you if not astonish you that so much can be achieved in such a short time. Looking at where you are now and considering the promises that have been made to you, you may wonder how it can be done. It is because the Galactic Federation and other spiritual groups are involved, with highly advanced knowledge and technologies for such an occasion. We have often manifested Ascension, and our plans to achieve it are meticulous to the last degree. We have everything that can be possibly required to complete our tasks, and it will be to our great joy and satisfaction. We desire to see you all moving out of this cycle with ease and without complication.

We feel that events are soon to reach a climax, and the opportunity to take a big step forward will present itself to our allies and us. It is a testing period for all of us but having come this far no hasty moves will be made, and the timing must be right to ensure the outcome required. We continue to monitor consciousness levels on Earth, which is a major factor in what will take place and we are pleased to register an ongoing upward swing. The awakening is being supported by the Wayshowers, who are your pioneers that came to Earth in this incarnation for that precise purpose. In the final days you will also see the Masters revealed, and they will prepare you for the quantum leap forward you are about to make.

Keep your focus as ever on the future, and allow the old to fade away into the distance to be transmuted. Only the higher energies will travel with you from this point onwards. You can thank the old ones for having served you well, in your challenge to travel the full cycle of duality and awaken to your Higher Self. You have yet to understand its full impact upon your lives, but at a later stage you will re-appraise your path of evolution for a greater understanding. Nothing that you have experienced is without purpose or wasted, and is incorporated into your vast treasure chest of knowledge that will serve you again.

Dear Ones, you have done so well to follow through with your personal plans, and the rewards will be immense and satisfy your yearning for spiritual progress. What else would satisfy your soul once your experiences were seen as one great journey through duality, and what more could you learn that has not passed across your path? You chose it and you have once again found the Light and emerged from the darkness that surrounded you, and clouded your understanding of who you really were. You have moved past the times of feeling unworthy, and have discovered your real purpose in life. Most importantly, you should know that you do not need to carry guilt over any experiences that taken place. If you could but see the pattern through all of your lives, you would find that everything has been orderly and progressive. It has brought you to where you are today, standing at the door of opportunity to ascend and leave duality for all time.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and see you all as the most wonderful souls who have risen above adversity, and are emerging as the great spiritual Beings you are and always have been.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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