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SaLuSa, June 14, 2010

Sometimes matters proceed in the most unexpected way, and the Gulf oil spill is no exception. Suddenly the truth emerges that it is far more serious than first reported, and the cover up can no longer conceal it. A reckless disregard for your environment and the people likely to be affected has shown the extent to which the Oil Companies are prepared to go. It is a situation that has highlighted the dangers in searching for oil under the seabed. It has awakened people to how easily an oil spill can occur, and is another reason why safe technology must be introduced. Alternative energy supplies are already known but have been suppressed, and the fact that they do exist has brought a demand that they are introduced without delay. Meantime the worst ecological disaster in your history continues unabated, to haunt those in authority who seem powerless to help. We hear your cries for help and that brings our presence just that bit nearer, but there is a lot more involved in this matter than you aware. Our allies are doing their best to move things in the right direction, but it will require much effort on their part to be successful.

It also greatly heartens us to know, that there are concerted efforts by you to focus positive energy and loving thoughts into the Gulf Oil area. It is an approach to the problem that we strongly recommend, and shows that you are taking on the responsibility of finding ways of healing it yourselves. Believe us that your power to produce results and make an impression upon it, are increasing all of the time. More of you are recognizing the power you hold within, and as groups of you get together so it will increase exponentially. As a result of all the efforts being made to overcome the problem, you will lessen the impact upon your environment and enable the mess to be cleared away.

We notice the tension is increasing upon Earth, as with the turmoil that exists you are being distracted from keeping your eyes on the end times. Yet, a lot of what is happening will have a direct bearing on the manner in which it will pass by. Certainly nothing can prevent Ascension, but you can make the path a lot smoother by keeping the end result in focus. Joy and happiness awaits you and complete and utter peace, the likes of which you have not truly experienced before. Whatever effort you put in now will be well worth it, and the more you can raise your consciousness levels, the quicker you will detach from the lower energies. On Earth for example, so many of your films and media presentations focus on death and destruction. If you are not careful it can result in you accepting it as a normal part of life, and you can experience damage to your psyche. Generally speaking what is frequently placed before you becomes acceptable, and it is how your natural feelings are corrupted and anaesthetized. The dark Ones have used these methods consistently to deaden your response to the atrocities of war, and inhumane acts against you.

However, we do not wish to dwell upon dark matters, but you have a need to know how your reactions to experiences are being controlled. As benign Beings you are capable of the greatest acts of love and compassion, and when the negative influences are removed we see you coming into your own. There will be changes in your laws so that justice can be seen to be operating in a fair manner. Your rights will be restored and fully protected, so that you cannot be held or imprisoned without sufficient evidence. It is also important that you are allowed legal representation as your right, and not held guilty until it is proven. Equally as important will be a re-structuring of the powers given to those who apply the law and police your streets. In actual fact, once we come to your Earth and address your problems, and people see a brighter future ahead, the level of crime will dramatically fall. Clearly removing inequality and poverty will by itself remove conditions that often lead to crime. We also see that the need to take drugs to escape your reality, or for social occasions will decline.

People will find peace and happiness living their lives as intended, by being occupied in interesting and rewarding occupations. The pressure and stress of your present way of life will disappear, and much more time given to pleasurable pursuits. Fulfillment in your lives is not something you are used to experiencing, but it will become the normal way of life. Such changes are destined to introduce you to conditions you can expect to expand as you near Ascension. The old ways are already beginning to disappear, and will have no place in the higher dimensions. To say the least, everything will change until the vibrations have been sufficiently lifted up to put duality behind you.

Words are still inadequate to fully describe what you can look forward to in the future. However, with our coming we will make sure you understand the reasons for actions taken. They are to introduce you to our ways of life that shall also become yours, and remove or change anything that has previously resulted in the pollution or damage to you or Mother Earth. It mean changes to many of your methods of manufacturing, and the materials used. No longer will you work in dangerous conditions, and in fact operating methods will become far more automated. The dirt and sweat will become a thing of the past, and no one will labor in such a way.

You might wonder about our ability to build Space craft of enormous size, and we can tell you that it is achieved with robotic or automated means. There is no wastage and the materials are selected for their high quality and reliability. As members of the Galactic Federation, we share our knowledge and technologies so that all can benefit. It is not our way to try to outdo each other, and although we have to incorporate means of self-defense, our craft are not war machines. As we often inform you, our larger ships are like cities in Space, and we can replicate any type of environment within them. Coming on board, you would most likely fail to realize that you were indeed upon one of our ships.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and what is given in this message is just a taste of what is to come. We hope it will lift you up, and put your focus on all that is good and wholesome that is coming your way. Problems that exist now will be short lived, and in spite of how they appear, no lasting damage will remain.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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