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SaLuSa, October 12, 2009

Dear Ones not only are you progressing as individuals, but better still you are raising the level of Human consciousness. It is your path out of duality and is creating opportunities for other souls to lift themselves up. The energies that you are creating can inspire others, and it is how the awakening gradually brings in more people. This is important at this time when the dark ones are trying to hold on to you. We see a movement in your consciousness that is going to bring about a grand awakening. It will bring about the end of their attempts to hide the truth behind the many actions that have brought about the present reign of fear.

You are the Ones that are paving the way to a new era, and soon you shall see the first benefits arising from it. As we have told you on a number of occasions, it is the right time to claim back what is rightly yours. You have been controlled in many ways over a long time, and without a change of direction would be totally at the mercy of the dark forces. Now you have a world leader who will take heart from the people’s support, and make decisions that will clearly be seen as establishing a peaceful period in human experience. We know what is in his heart, and he only waits for the opportunity to show what he can do. You are crying out for his spiritual perception to show itself and be translated into action, and it will come.

The changes that are coming are known in detail to us, and they will sweep away the dross and remnants of a period that will be best forgotten. Just everything that has been denied you will be now given to you. Freedom is to be yours, but it will follow reconciliation with other countries when the foundation of world peace is laid down. Duality is no longer to be your way of life, as it has carried you far enough in this cycle. You are now stepping up to a new level, and will enjoy a life of happiness and joy free from the stress and worries you now experience. Everything you need to be comfortable and safe, and able to enjoy your freedom will come to everyone. The provisions to enable all of these commitments to be met will be handled by us. Indeed, we are ready now and your future is assured.

Each one of you can contribute to bringing peace to your planet, by living your peace now and holding it within your self. Try to be in a position of acceptance of what goes on around you and be non-judgmental. It does not mean that you condone what is considered to against the best interests of everyone. Give your energy to your vision of what it is you desire to replace it, and you will help attract it into manifestation. Where you all are now is your creation, and you can change it with the will and intent to do so. We can paint the picture for you, but it is in your minds that it takes shape and becomes your reality. The conditions are changing as the new vibrations lift you up, and increase your opportunity to partake in the movement to speed them up. There is a plan that is somewhat fluid and each milestone will be met, but exactly when is very much up to your endeavors in bringing the Light to Earth.

However, our role is instrumental in seeing that you reach a certain stage of preparation, and are ready for the wonderful event of Ascension. Its success will be your greatest achievement since you undertook to experience duality. It is to be your homecoming, and return to those higher levels that are the first steps back to dimensions from whence you came. It will be a quantum leap forward, that shall see you take your place in the Light and Love that permeates such levels. It is the stuff of dreams that shall prove the reality of your visions, where all exists in utter joy and harmony. It may be looked upon as a reward, but you have earnt it through your application of self to the Laws of the Universe. You have attracted the Light that in turn has lifted up your vibrations. That path is open to any soul who desires to complete their time in the lower dimension, and is dedicated to returning to the Light.

You are in a time when the vibrations are increasing exponentially, and it offers every opportunity for those who are stirring from their deep sleep. There has never been so much attention paid to your future. We of the Galactic Federation along with others that are also of the Light, represent those civilizations that come from many Universes. Such co-operation is normal amongst those who have moved beyond the lower dimensions, and given their allegiance to the Creator. There is caring and love for all life no matter what form it takes, and it is respected and held in high esteem. The interest in you and Earth is something that attracts many to follow your exploits and endeavors, as you reach up out of the darkness and seek the Light. You still do not realize how much you are loved, for your sacrifice and solid faith in God to restore you to your higher station from which you came. What you will have achieved for every other soul who will follow in your footsteps, will echo around the Hall of Records forever.

It is quite in order to pat yourself on the back for having completed this cycle, and found your pathway back to your true home in the Light. Even those who choose further experience in the 3rd dimension will benefit from your success, and they will achieve their upliftment more quickly as a result. Some of these souls are your friends and family, and having risen up you can still help them with their evolution. The fellowship of all ascended Beings means that they are committed to serving others that are reaching up into the Light.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and can tell you Dear Ones that your time of achievement approaches at an ever-quickening pace, as the energies of change reach a level of expression that must become your reality. Nothing can hold up the intended moves that will suddenly take you onto another path. One of revelations and opportunities to bring mankind into a New Age. All awaits your presence and the fulfillment of your most heartfelt dreams. Be ready with an open mind, and consider all probabilities that bring you into the Light and Love that surrounds your planet.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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