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SaLuSa, October 7, 2009

Here we are again, and not that we ever went away, but we realise how uplifting many of you find our messages. The purpose is of course to prepare you for First Contact, and inspire you to find your own path that takes you on to Ascension. By successfully raising your vibrations you enter a higher state of consciousness, and progressively leave the old ones behind that have clouded your vision. The tasks placed before you are within your ability, and having expressed your intent to rise up much support is given to you. That is the beauty of the Spiritual structure that links in with you, the moment you make the decision to evolve in a purposeful manner. It is a wonderful sight to see the areas of Light upon Earth, ever increasing in their magnificence as they spread across it.

Your collective Light vibrations have the effect of weakening the ability of the dark Ones to control you. In consequence they resort to Draconian measures to prevent you breaking out of their hold. Their plans continue to erode your liberties, until the ultimate event leads to total enslavement. Dear Ones, do not worry unduly as you will never be completely subdued, and the more outrageous their actions the more evident their real intentions will become. Already the truth is coming out about many covert actions that have taken place. The evidence mounts and very soon shall the leaders of the Illuminati be taken to account for their crimes against Humanity. As much as they might try, they cannot defeat the Light that is growing in intensity day by day. It is a critical time for the servants of darkness, as there is disarray amongst them with less enthusiasm for the tasks at hand. It is known that there could come an occasion, when they may have to point their weapons at their own kind and for many that is unacceptable. This is an example of how the Light is reaching into people’s consciousness, and awakening them as to how they are being used.

Law and Order has its place in any civilisation, but it is abused when it is turned against the very ones it should serve. You the people have immense power if only you will come together in a common purpose. Many voices speak out about what is happening before your very eyes, but many still turn their eyes away as if not wanting to get involved. Dear Ones your very future is at stake, and your actions will determine whether or not it is a smooth ride to Ascension, or one of continual conflict. We do our part but we need your support until we can directly come to Earth. Organise your selves and be ready to help out, as soon as the first declarations are made that indicate a great turn around in your destiny. It will come soon, and then those of you with prior knowledge will have important roles to spread the truth far and wide. Many still spend their lives in total ignorance of the truth about themselves, and also of what is going on around them. Lightworkers have an important role to play, and without exception have come to Earth to serve others at such an important time.

Look inwardly and you will find your reasons for being on Earth at this momentous time. We know that many of you wish to serve, but cannot find an outlet for your desires. We would suggest you live in awareness of any opportunities that come your way that will fulfil them. Be assured that one way or another Spirit will reach you, and remember that you have Guides who are doing their best to funnel your efforts into the right direction. Does it seem strange to you that the outcome of this cycle is already known, and that is because “All is in the Now” and seen quite clearly from our realms? It was known even when you first came to Earth that the cycle would complete with your successful Ascension. The power behind these events is the Creator, and although freewill is ever operating, some are pre-ordained. You are not some collection of evil souls that are being punished; indeed you are glorious souls of Light that have left the higher dimensions to experience duality. You are worthy of very effort that is being made to lift up as many souls as possible.

What is experience but the choosing of a pathway, one that takes you into new situations that challenge your ability to rise up out of them? Duality has been a tough assignment, but your desire to experience it has been motivated by your intent to rise up again through your own efforts. You are like every other soul has an innate urge to rise up higher and higher, and not even the lowest of the low completely lose it. The Creator did not force you into the cycle of duality, as you eagerly volunteered knowing you would one day return to your home in the higher dimensions. If you could glimpse such levels you would see out the remainder of your time in a joyous state, without fearing the future that is opening up to you. Far from it, you would be euphoric and know beyond doubt that it has been divinely decreed, and that no mortal can prevent your fulfilment.

Coming back to Earthly matters; we must say that we are deliberately allowing our craft to be seen more frequently. It is part of a gentle process of bringing people out of their state of denial where we are concerned. It is far better to accept our presence as benign Beings now, than to suffer the shock of having to undo beliefs that are to be shattered when we arrive on Earth. We are your family and it is time that we came to know each other, and it is not a forcing of the issue as we have been quietly making ourselves known to you for some 60 years. The waiting is nearly over for us and if your leaders do not agree to our landing, there is an ultimate date when we shall have to come regardless. You have made it clear that you welcome us, and it is your wishes that are paramount and we will not allow others to stand in our way.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and we have mixed crews in the Galactic Federation. Our lives are spent on board our Motherships that are sometimes as large as your cities, and you would not realise that such a complete existence was possible. There are times when you come to our ships, and have found that they replicate everything you could possibly find on land. In fact every possible amenity you could desire is there for your comfort. The Universe is our playground that gives us many adventures, but it is all for a purpose so that we can serve others who like you are evolving in the lower vibrations. We act out of love for all life, and never tire of our responsibilities.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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