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Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - February 10, 2023

Mike Quinsey

You are in a world of turmoil with no signs of a change of direction. We warned you that the changes would become more serious and unstoppable as the Earth responds to them. Generally there is due warning before a major event occurs and we do our best to bring it to your notice. The victims of such upheavals are clearing outstanding karma, and although you utter surprise at the numbers involved, we assure you that they are involved because it has to be cleared before they can progress further. Regretfully such experiences are needed for lessons to be successfully learned.

The Earth is a planet of learning and of a relatively low vibration, that brings together souls who need to lessons in how to conduct themselves, to reach levels that allow them to evolve. Help is never far away and always given when it is requested, but not necessarily in the manner expected. Lessons have to be learnt before you can move on which hopefully is in a level of higher vibrations. The higher you get the easier life becomes as you evolve into more of a Being of Light. Your target is to overcome the energies of the dark Ones who will pull you down if you are not resilient and determined.

Those of you who know you are of the Light are greatly needed at this time, as there are so many distractions that can pull you off your path and life can be confusing at the best of times. Intuitively you should know when attempts are being made to confuse you. We of course are always with you and try to influence you in such a way that does not take away your freedom of choice. Our main function is to help you live to your agreed life plan and fulfil the promises made before you incarnated.

At a time when so much sorrow is taking place the Light is needed more than ever as the dark Ones feed off negative energy. You are beings of much feeling and we know you cannot help expressing it. As you go about your travels remember to keep your auras closed as it is important for your protection. An open aura is an invitation for a negative entity to enter it and influence you to take negative actions. It can all seem pretty scary but remember that you are in charge and can control events that could affect you through applying your own protection.

Dear Ones, you may not necessarily believe that you are privileged to be on Earth at such a special time but you are because it is such a great opportunity to rise up and leave the old life behind for new experiences that will be more fulfilling. So many opportunities will open up for you that will enhance your ability to have more freedom of choice, even now you are widening your degree of interests as your awareness of the future changes opens up. There is a promise of a great leap forward as your understanding increases.

You have the experiences of earlier lives to call upon and help from your Guides should you need it. Many of you are ready for the next step up when you will enjoy the freedom to travel freely such as off planet. Many things will open up for you that you cannot conceive yet, and all will be to your liking. You have created such opportunities for yourself because of your spiritual progress. Clearly souls are not set free to roam the higher realms unless they are well prepared for it. It is doubtful that lesser souls would feel comfortable at levels beyond there understanding.

We prepare you for greater things so at you have full confidence in your ability to accept them. At every step help is always near and all you have to do is call upon those involved. Even at this present time greatly experienced souls are awaiting Man's upliftment so that they can join you and help with your future tasks. Remember that at each stage there is a plan for your continued development and the intention that you shall eventually meet your mentors. As a mixture of happenings is shaking Earth no direction appears to be involved, but this is where your patience is called for as out of the chaos will come the basis of your upliftment into a higher level of consciousness.

Difficult times lie ahead and require you to calm people’s feelings with the assurance that it will take time, but in the long run matters will be sorted out so that normal life can be resumed. However, there will be no return to many of the old ways that are not suited to those souls that have uplifted their vibrations. These are changes that are inevitable when a clear division is taking place between those who are ready to ascend and those that are not. Both groups will still progress but will go their separate ways. It will happen quite naturally as the split widens between them.

Most of you have come a long way to get to this point in your evolution and we know you will tread carefully to maintain that high level. Once you can protect yourself against the lower energies, usually by ensuring your aura is closed at all times you will haver no fears. Presently there is so much confusion upon Earth those of you who can send out calming energies will be giving mankind great help to overcome it. Fear is one of your greatest enemies and played upon by the dark Forces who continue to cause negative situations to prevent your progress. You only have to look at your history to see that their interference has caused many problems and stalled progress.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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