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SaLuSa, July 9, 2010

In times such as now the pressures are upon people, and those who are not so well informed or spiritually advanced will often blame God for them. They believe that if God were All Love he would not allow the present conditions to exist. However, as we have informed you previously and it is sometimes necessary to repeat it, you have collectively created your own reality. Whilst it is true you are in duality and that means experiencing both the Light, and the lack of Light, it is still you who determine how your life experiences work out. You can just as easily attract the Light as the lower vibrations. The further you drop into the dense vibrations the quicker you lose your connection to the Light, and it allows entities of a similar vibration to incarnate on Earth. Looked at from a higher perspective the more you attract the Light to Earth, you create the conditions that enables Higher Beings to come to you.

Now we ask you, how can God who gave you freedom of choice, be responsible for your choices? You knew the challenge would be very trying, but you were promised that however low you fell you would be helped to find your way back. In fact you knew that this cycle would end with Ascension. So we might also ask you, why should you expect God to interfere with the reality you have created for your experience? Even so, the Higher Beings have drawn the line at allowing you to destroy the Earth, which was in danger of happening. It is one thing to put yourselves at risk, but your actions cannot be allowed to impinge on others outside of Earth. For quite a long time you have been edging towards total annihilation, but when it comes to Mother Earth as fully conscious Being, she must be allowed to ascend as you will do.

Is it not reasonable to expect that if you make a mess that you should be expected to clear it up, as otherwise you would not appreciate the full consequences of your actions. Our comments are prompted by your feelings about the Gulf Oil spill, and we do not lack compassion for those of you directly affected by what is happening. We would remind you that our allies are near to achieving the conditions which will result in the official announcement of our presence. That will allow us to liaise with your authorities and put into being a clean up operation, that will rapidly return your lands and waterways to their original condition. However, until the Illuminati and their minions are removed the specter of more problems hangs over you, as they still believe they are in control. The fact is that they have little power left, and events are closing in on them that will see them collapse.

You will have to wait a little longer to see some firm indications of what is occurring, but victory over the dark Ones is drawing closer. Without help you could not have removed them, and we will be aiding our allies when they go into action. We have no desire for fuss, or intentions of retribution against those concerned, we simply want them safely out of the way so that our projects can proceed without interference. We know that when the truth comes out there will be an angry response from large sections of the public. It cannot be allowed to create more negativity, and the law will be seen to be applied justly and fairly.

Being on the Earth at such an important time offers you first hand experience of the end times, and how there is progression from one cycle to the next. Some of you are already participating in the transmutation of the negative energies that have accumulated in the Earth, whilst others are bringing in the Light that will lift it up. It is indeed a remarkable time that you are privileged to witness and be part of. Each of you that are Lightworkers contribute to the cleansing that is taking place, and when we can join you the whole process will be greatly speeded up. Computers handle much of our technology, and also robots that can go where Man would experience difficulties. Your aptitude to change is very good and you readily adapt to new ideas and technologies. It will be an exciting time for us all and we want you to keep your vision on the future, which promises more than you can really understand without our help. We are the bridge between the old and new, and your guardians and mentors, who will ensure you get all of the assistance you need. The goal is Ascension and all efforts will be to achieve a happy ending to this cycle. You need not dwell upon the negativity around you on Earth; it will not remain for much longer as the Light is lifting everything up.

The truth about many hidden agendas of the dark Ones is coming to be known. Many brave souls have decided it is time to step forward and reveal what they know. It will encourage others to do likewise, and it will surely have a snowball affect that will soon see the floodgates open. Having been mislead over many matters, people are understandably very suspicious about what they hear. Sometimes the truth will shock you into a state of disbelief. However, we intend to give you absolute undeniable proof, where major events are concerned such as 9/11. These matters have to be cleared up so as to allow people time to put them into perspective, and overcome their shock and pain. At some stage you must move on and place your focus on your bright future, and leave your sorrow and grief behind you. Many souls of Light gave their lives, to bring into being a focus that could be placed upon the terror and fear created by the dark Ones. By bringing 9/11 out into the open they ensured that it was given worldwide attention, and that the truth would be sought and the perpetrators identified and held to account.

The catalogue of crimes against Humanity is immense, and it covers the world all over. You will not see every criminal brought to justice in your time, but if necessary they will be totally removed from Earth. They are no exception to anyone else, as all of you review your lives once you return to the dimensions of Spirit. The dark Ones think they are clever and get away with their actions but everything is recorded to confront them, as only the truth exists. It cannot be manipulated or distorted to avoid the truth, and it will remain in your consciousness. It may sound frightening to some of you, but there is no punishment involved and it is you who decide what lessons you need to learn.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and find it remarkable how quickly you respond to Light and Love that permeates your planet. What better help could you possibly have that uplifts you, and opens your hearts and minds to the truth.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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