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SaLuSa, July 7, 2010

Do you feel calm in the midst of what is going on all around you, because they are very trying times? Yet if you can rise above them, it is the best way to cope with the pressures they bring. Unlike years gone by whatever happens will have only a passing impact upon you, as it will quickly be surpassed by the more positive actions that will be taken. There clearly has to be a crossover point when the Light once again becomes the dominant force upon Earth. You Dear Ones are bringing more Light to Earth, that is speeding up the path to completion and all of the changes it entails. We can hardly fail to mention the Gulf Oil Spill that is a major concern to very many of you. It may threaten your coastlines, and in the context of the size of the Earth may appear a relatively small incident. However, as a newsworthy item it has travelled the whole world, and its impact has impinged upon many, many people. It has highlighted the dangers of Man’s actions, and the crying need to stop raping and polluting the Earth. It often takes a threat of this nature to awaken people, to the impending possibility that the “fall out” of such a spill could spread far and wide.

The more people power is used to promote changes, the more likely it is to succeed in getting action. Your leaders are aware that there is a changing mood throughout most countries, and that the people realise it is time to get them to act in their interests. Therefore a new type of leader will step forward who has them at heart, and the dark Ones will be unable to stop them from being elected. Fair and honest elections will be demanded, and steps taken to eliminate fraudulent voting. You will learn that most of them of late have been rigged, to ensure the puppets of the dark Ones are elected. That will all change of necessity as a start to a new period in Man’s life, leading to more honesty and open handed dealing. Spirituality must be expressed in all facets of your lives, if you are to have societies that treat each other with love and respect.

What you give your power to will blossom and bear fruit, and if your intent is to experience a new way of life that is joyful and happy, it will manifest. That is indeed what is happening now, as so many souls have lifted up into the Light and are bringing down the necessary energies to achieve it. So you find yourselves virtually living in two worlds at once, the one that no longer serves your desires, and the other one that is touching your hearts with its promise of all you could wish for. You choose which one opens up before you, and every effort is being made to awaken those who are struggling to bring the Light into their lives. Believe us because there is not one soul who is condemned to remain in the lower vibrations. Opportunities to rise up are there for you all, but if you should walk past them that is your personal choice.

As Humans your courage against adversity is legend, and your history is known throughout the Universe. The Earth is very special in this respect having presented challenges so foreboding, yet brave souls have stood their ground and learnt how to overcome whatever has faced them. With your ongoing series of lives, your experiences have made you into warriors who have become unbeatable. Your shields have been the Light you carried, and the sword of freedom in your hands. It is why we can quite positively tell you that you have already won the battle between the dark and Light. Therefore you can strike out towards Ascension, as the final days of the dark Ones are numbered and they can no longer stop your onward march. Try they may but without success, and you shall brush them aside. We of the Galactic Federation shall be with you all of the way home, and our presence will give you every encouragement to cut your ties with all that belongs in the past. You are creating a new paradigm, which will ensure a smooth flow from one to the other. Changes often unsettle people but what is coming will delight you and fulfil the promises that have been made to you.

You are certainly sensing the speeding up of time more than ever before, and it is becoming obvious that the transition to the higher dimensions is rapidly approaching. Your Ascension is the most important event of all, and what is taking place is specifically intended to hasten your progress towards it. Simply put we must get rid of the old to make way for the new, and our involvement will become more apparent as the weeks go by. Much happens behind the scenes, and we are not always in a position to be able to release information about it. It is sufficient to say that we closely monitor all that is happening on Earth, and as always will play our part to contain the dark Ones.

As with individuals who have their own life plan, so the Human Race has one that arises from the collective consciousness created over millennia of time. With your freewill it could have directed you onto a different path to what you are now on. As with your earlier civilisations, you could have slipped further down the dark road to destruction. However, with the will to lift yourselves up you have averted what could easily have been another disaster. Now the forces of Light are so well established upon Earth, there cannot be a return to darkness that covered it.

Heavenly Beings of mighty power know of your future and guide you to it, and it is one of travelling the dimensions of Light. Life on Earth left you isolated from contact with other civilisations, until the latter part of this cycle. Now you are beginning to understand that the Universe is teeming with life. You have gradually been introduced to those like us, who have travelled with you on your journey. It has been a planned program of acquainting you with our craft, and allowing for your natural curiosity to seek knowledge of the intelligence behind them. It has not been easy to guide you to the truth about us, as your sources of information have clouded the issue by giving out disinformation. Fortunately your minds have awoken the vastness of space and life beyond Earth. Your moon and Mars are now known to have carried life as you understand it, and are in fact still used as bases for a number of different extraterrestrials. You shall learn much more about these matters, and proof of the truth as it is already known will be released for you.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and so pleased that our mission is coming to fulfilment, and we can at last openly visit you and your beautiful Earth.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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