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SaLuSa, December 7, 2009

There are few people that are unaware that time as you know it is passing faster than ever. Those who take time to understand and follow spiritual events, are fully prepared for the resulting changes. However, there is a sense of occasion, and a feeling that something important is on the verge of happening. This results from the effect of the incoming energies and the opening of your consciousness. It can be unsettling for some, yet others feel elated and experience higher levels of awareness. These conditions will gradually become more intense, and in the ultimate become too much for some people to withstand. Release for them comes with the end times when there is the inevitable dividing of the ways. It is quite natural and brings the cycle of duality to its conclusion.

Meantime you see matters moving forward as they always have, but this is only the outer appearance. Behind the scenes many opportunities are being taken to prevent them escalating into utter chaos. We talk here of the legacy left behind from previous eras, and the intent of the dark Ones to further their plans for a World Government. It will not come to fruition and when they make their move; we will control the situation for your benefit. For a long time we have been building a network of our allies for this very purpose. We have to be careful not to divulge too much of our plans, as surprise is still a valuable weapon with which to defeat them. You of course would like to be re-assured of our plans by knowing more, and at appropriate times we will share that information with you. Indeed, after First Contact when changes to your Governments have taken place, we will then be able to fully inform you of our immediate plans.

So Dear Ones we once again ask you to be patient, as all things will happen in due course. It cannot be any other way, and we are here to ensure completion is a wonderfully joyous event. Matters can change quite quickly on Earth, and it will only need a thrust from you the people to bring out more revelations about the plan against you by the dark forces Their actions are already bringing about a response against them bringing different factions together, and it is in your numbers where your strength lies. We can assure you that the dark Ones are fearful of you, and know that collectively you represent a strong challenge to them. Voices are coming together in unison, and your creative energies will bring results.

By the Law of Attraction you will become more powerful, and nothing will be able to stand in your way. We of the Galactic Federation are permitted to help you by the very same Laws, and your hand is strengthened even further. We are currently preventing the staging of an incident that was intended to discredit our name. Those of you who follow us would not be fooled, but there are many who have already linked us and other Beings with the negative forces. We have emphasized so often our peaceful intentions, and we have carefully avoided the slightest possibility of confrontation. We are not of course the only Extraterrestrials to drop into your atmosphere, however restrictions will not permit them to come close to you.

We would have liked events to move on quicker, but for us the timing is of no real consequence as we can adapt our plans very easily. We have all the back up we are ever likely to need within the Galactic Federation. There is every conceivable aid and the scale of our operations presents no difficulties. There are millions of craft that can be called upon at any time, and are always at the ready. Furthermore we can operate at some distance from Earth, safe from likely attempts to interfere with us. It is for these reasons that we can confidently deal with your problems as required, and ensure you are all ready for Ascension.

On Earth many souls have awakened to their reason for being there at such an important time. They have undertaken to serve others to help them understand what is happening, so that out of all the chaos they can begin to see the real purpose of life. The old ways have to be replaced by more suitable ones that manifest the conditions for the new order. Some people are reluctant to let go of the old, but when they become fully aware of the benefits to them and the planet it will become easier. Humans are quite adaptable, but need to be fully informed as to what is going on now and to take place in the immediate future. It is for this reason that we welcome these opportunities to speak directly to you. As we see it, your consciousness levels are at a point where they are ready to transform your collective ways of thinking. You are soon to leap into the future, but need to be prepared and then you will welcome the changes.

Life will never be the same again once we have openly appeared to you. In fact we are already aware of the excitement and anticipation our presence is causing. Meeting us and coming together is a most natural development in your lives and not at all strange, but familiar because you have been this way before. Quite a few Lightworkers know of their family connections with us, and are guided by their companions who have linked in with them for this special time. They come aboard our craft but do not necessarily have full memories of it when they return to Earth. This is intentional so as to keep them focused on their work; otherwise their attention is likely to be distracted from it. Collectively you are being helped by immense numbers of Beings from different Star Civilizations, some you see but others keep a low profile. In the early days of contact in the last century, you will find that apart from the Greys the majority have been made by human type Beings. In fact, many times they have walked amongst you unnoticed.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and can tell you that we are also very human in appearance. It is the form that was selected for this Universe, and from which many different species have evolved. Even now new variations of the Human form are being developed, always seeking a more suitable vehicle for whatever planetary conditions are involved. Perfection is sought in all things, and created out of the love of the Creator.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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