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SaLuSa, December 4, 2009

Do not be too influenced by what you see happening around you, as many things are going on of which you do not have awareness of, and are intentionally kept quiet. The outer appearances given by events on Earth suggest there is not much headway being made against the dark forces. The truth is that our allies are maneuvering them into situations that will weaken their power base, and then more pressure will be exerted until they collapse. It may sound simpler to meet them head on and deal with them openly, but it is essential that when we make our move it is decisive. We do not wish to cause more disarray than exists at present, and want to see our friends of the Light move into the forefront. Trust us Dear Ones, as we will state again that we have a greater understanding of what is needed, as we have full knowledge of what is happening behind the scenes. There is little if anything of importance that escapes our attention.

We would remind you that there is an unalterable and agreed plan that will take you successfully to Ascension, and how you get there is not as important as actually completing the cycle. What remains for your final experience is but a blink of the eye, compared to what you have gone through already. Victory for the Light is assured and the energy source of the dark Ones is being dissipated, thereby weakening their ability to carry on with their plan. Therefore you have nothing to fear and everything to look forward to, and not very long to wait. If you elected to go the whole way to the conclusion of this cycle, then that shall be your experience. Some souls will prefer to leave earlier and reside in the Astral regions, where they will decide when next to incarnate. They can catch up with their loved ones in the higher realms if spiritually they are sufficiently advanced. If not they will carry on incarnating into a similar level to the one they left. These spiritual decisions are made to allow for further evolution, appropriate to the experiences required to do so.

There is a need to spread the Light of understanding, if those souls who are lagging behind are to respond to it and have the same opportunity as every one else. It cannot and would not be imposed upon anyone, and at all times you move at a pace that suits you. Some of course are so lacking in awareness that it is difficult to reach them. However, once they show a desire to open their minds to the truth help will be at hand in the shape of their Guides. They are constantly around trying to lead souls towards the Light, and have infinite love and patience. It is this type of service to others that some of you will elect to do for those who do not rise up this time. The cycles come and go all of the time with further opportunities to travel the same paths again.

Humans have intense emotions and it is often the source of friction between you. Part of your experience is intended to give you the understanding of how to direct it into positive actions such as compassion and love. Sometimes it is the cause of jealousy and hatred, and it can lead to harmful reactions. These will of course involve karmic lessons until you learn to curb your passions and use them correctly. You have a saying “think before you leap” and it is as well to remember it before you lose control. You can be pressed to the limits, but if you are to evolve to the higher dimensions you must have overcome human frailties. We have to say that you cannot excuse yourself by claiming that ”it is how you are” as if you cannot do anything about it.

We know that evolving spiritually is not easy but you proceed at your own pace, and with true intent you cannot fail to be successful. The fact that you blossomed into sudden consciousness levels that enabled Humanity to proceed to the end times, is an indication of how far you have come in the latter part of the last century. You could so easily have ended this cycle through the destruction of the Earth, but that was allowed to be prevented by us. It was because the Creator decreed that there were sufficient souls that showed the promise of ascending, and that the opportunity should not be denied to them. So here you are Dear Ones, firmly on the path to Ascension, and we are here to assist you to achieve full consciousness.

Some people give no time to their personal understanding, and hardly question the purpose of life. Regardless of that it still runs to a plan often decided by their Guides, and experiences arranged intended to open their eyes. Eventually there is a stirring within and then the quest for knowledge begins. Often it is the realization that life is not some accidental happening, and that there is design and purpose in it. Possibly there is also a feeling that somewhere is a God who mysteriously controls all creation. Unfortunately in those initial stages God may be seen as an avenging God, and striking down those who do not obey his laws. That is of course far from the truth, as God is All Love and has granted you freedom of expression, and it is you and not God who decides the consequences of your actions.

Life is about taking responsibility not just for yourself, but others and progress is measured by how much you can extend your love to all life forms. It is really as simple as that, and what you should be working towards all of the time. Once you pass a certain stage, it becomes easier to maintain a constant level. It comes with being able to be non-judgmental, and making allowances for the different levels of understanding souls are at. The hardest part is being forgiving where you are yourself directly involved. Last but by no means least, forgiving yourself is also most important.

You are physical Beings and it is intended that you experience accordingly, you are as it were, meant to go out into the world and learn from being in it. Your comfort will come from finding like kinds who can share your interests and help you evolve, particularly where your spiritual seeking is concerned. After Ascension your next step will be to experience as a Cosmic Being, and an entirely different set of experiences will be yours as the Universe opens up to you.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and on behalf of the Galactic Federation wish you continued success as you find your way forward in Light and Love.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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