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SaLuSa, June 7, 2010

With each message we draw nearer to the time when the long awaited disclosure takes place. It will release information long hidden away, but more importantly it will allow the whole subject of UFO’s and Extraterrestrials to be reviewed. There are many misconceptions about us, fuelled by the continual disinformation that is purposefully released to confuse you. When the truth can be freely expressed and discussed, our presence will not only be accepted but also welcomed. There is much waiting to be done to stem the intentions of the dark Ones to prolong their time on Earth. However, day by day their power is ebbing away, and with our coming it shall be totally curtailed. They have created their own future as has every other soul, and they cannot escape the result of their own actions. The Laws of the Universe apply in all circumstances, whether an individual is aware of them or not. You do not therefore need to concern yourselves regarding the application of justice, or fear that the Elite will escape responsibility for their misdeeds.

You are already beginning to take back your power, and with it comes the confidence to take charge of your future. You have been dictated to for far too long, and kept from claiming your divinity. It is inevitable and indeed intended that you should take back your sovereignty, and that will not take very long to be achieved. The governmental changes are approaching, and with them many obstacles to you moving forward will be removed. It will be a wonderful experience for you all to jump into the future, and your new found freedom will be exhilarating and a joy you have not yet fully envisaged. All that you have gone through or are yet to experience before the end time, will count for little against the prospect of returning to your higher level of consciousness. You will have been released from the pull of the lower vibrations, and the Light and Love will be your home.

In your hearts you know that this cycle is all but completed, and also that you are to be helped to move into a higher dimension as part of your return to your real home. Your achievements are greatly admired by us, and we stand ready to welcome you back as equals. We are all brothers and sisters together on a journey through the Creator’s Kingdom, and it promises experiences and pleasures beyond your present imagination. It is also very rewarding to serve with the Brotherhood of Light, and help those souls whose journey has barely commenced. What you will notice is how relaxed it all is, because time does not exist, as you know it. On Earth you are forever racing the clock, and seem to have insufficient time to do all that you desire. You will never be in that position again, as you will travel instantaneously or in little or no time. Distance is not measured as you do and everything is in the Now. It I something you will quickly adapt to once you rise up, and settle into it quite easily.

If the changes all sound a lot to comprehend, do not worry because as you progress each step of the way will be explained. The Galactic Federation is here to serve you, and has done so for a very long time. Your place along with us is assured, and we eagerly await the opportunity to allow your visits to our ships. For some of you they will seem familiar, as you have already met is in your out of the body experiences. Memories of such events are usually kept in the background, so as not to distract you from your responsibilities upon Earth. So we would say that you are not dreaming when you have vague memories of meeting us. There can also be links with us going back eons of time, and one day you will understand your true selves and relationship with us. Let us simply say that we know you better than you know yourselves.

Take whatever happens now in your stride, as you are quite capable of going along with the changes knowing that all will work out well for Mankind. It is only where uncertainty exists that you begin to worry about your future. Eventually the legacy of the dark forces will be removed, and you shall see the changes come very quickly. They will be far reaching and bring a positive outlook amongst you, as it will be clear that what remains will be all that is best for you. Where you experience loss it will be offset by your gains, and they will be far more than you can dream of at present. The plan is to move you nearer to the conditions you will experience, when the dimensional shift has taken place. It will therefore be a gradual introduction to the new way of life, one that gives complete joy and happiness. It will also fulfill all of our earlier promises regarding your release from the Dark Ones.

We of the Galactic Federation are as you might say, “biting at the bit” and most keen to get started in a way that you are co-workers with us. Now we have the authority to go ahead and become more open in our assistance to you. Creating the right circumstances to enable the first changes to take place has been difficult, because of the opposition to them. However, we can now use more forceful means to remove it. Having said that there will of course be many people, who will take quite some time to accept the intrusion into their lives. Man is always reluctant to accept changes until the real benefits can be understood. All that we come to do is at the command of the Father/Mother God, and will result in the most acceptable changes that will lift you up.

The Sun is about to rise on a new day that will change the course of your lives forever. Love and Light will be your daily bread and sustenance, and you will be given the powers to create according to your wishes. By then you will have learnt that it comes with responsibility, and you will use it sensibly and in a positive way. Can you imagine the potential that it gives you and perhaps more important, your freedom. Having to work together in your more physical lives, has taught you much about tolerance and sharing. It has also taken you through the challenge of finding a love for all life, which has like you originated from the Source of All That Is.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and think constantly of your coming changes, and how you will be so delighted to put the past behind you. In its place will be all that you could possibly desire, and the Golden Age will have truly arrived.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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