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SaLuSa, June 4, 2010

We find that some of you still do not fully understand why you are going through the experience of duality. So let us confirm yet again that each and every one of you volunteered to go through it eons of time ago. It was not simply the challenge it entailed to find your way back to the Light. You also realized that it would add immensely to your experience, preparing you for service as Galactic Beings. You immersed yourselves in the lower vibrations, and in time forgot that you were really Beings of Light. The idea was that you would experience life at all levels, and both sides of duality. The Law of Attraction allowed Beings from other parts of the Universe to find you, and their influence has taken you down many dark roads. However, there is always a balancing taking place, and Beings of Light also came to Earth to guide you back onto your true path.

Therefore those of you present now are either still enmeshed in the lower vibrations, or have responded to the Light and on your way to Ascension. Overall every one of you has the same potential to ascend, and it is a question as to whether you can be awakened in time. Every attempt is being made to lift you up, not least of all through the amount of Light being beamed to you. The biggest obstacles are your inability to respond to it having become rigidly set in your beliefs, and your ego that often presumes that it knows what is best for you. There are also those dear souls whose experiences have convinced them that God does not exist, or if there is one, that God would not have allowed the negative happenings that are so common on Earth. You do not all understand that you are the architects of your own experiences, and that Man has had a free hand to create conditions as was desired. This is not a condemnation of you but simply how it is, and we do acknowledge how difficult it is to rise above the darkness.

Now each of you has the golden opportunity to change direction, if only you can respond to the awakening happening within. The Light can lift you up and expand your consciousness, or if it is ignored will result in you feeling uncomfortable and isolated without realizing why. The sooner you open yourselves up to the truth, the quicker you will move your life on to a new path that will bring you happiness, and a goal to work towards. When we arrive on Earth a teaching program will be commenced, and it will point everyone in the right direction if they desire to ascend. As always it is your choice and you can continue to experience in this dimension, and that opportunity is not denied you. However, we of the Galactic Federation, the Masters and Angelic beings will do all we can to set the truth before you. We repeat that each of you has the same potential, but will you make a space in your life to learn how great you really are. The way to Paradise is something you have to work towards, and is not given to you regardless of your present level of consciousness.

After years of expectation and waiting for the changes on Earth that would carry you to Ascension, the conditions are on the verge of dramatically changing. Our work and that of our allies, has progressed to the point where it will not take much more to push the last cabal over the edge, take away their power base and remove them. It will be a most welcome conclusion to years of patient work and planning, that is now coming to fruition. Our approach has always been one of opposing the Illuminati plan by limiting its ability to succeed. It has reached a climax, and their attempts to avoid the ultimate defeat that is staring them in the face are futile. We are at a stage where even their minions are left stranded without any hope of continuing their plan for world domination. In fact it was never going to succeed, as the Creator’s plan for you was to complete this cycle with Ascension.

In the midst of the chaos presently taking place on Earth, if you can turn your attention to the outcome rather than what is occurring now. It will not last much longer, and what you should focus on is the return of Earth to its pristine condition. See the breakdown of society, commerce and politics as the opportunity to replace it with something far better, which is now waiting to be implemented. The greatest gift will be the restoration of your freedom, and it will bring all of you together in a common purpose to establish peace and love on Earth. At heart it is what people want, but hitherto they have been tricked into believing that anyone that is different to you poses some kind of threat. You have labeled others as your enemies, and set up false barriers because of that belief. As travel has become so easy you have opened your eyes to the different cultures, and seen that they complement your own.

Dear Ones, you have been living in a totally different world to what it might have been, given the right direction and loving care. It will be an absolute delight and surprise for you, when you see the changes manifesting that are about to commence. Few of you really know exactly what is planned, although we have always given you a broad outline. Peace in your time is coming, and it will prove that the vast majority of people are peace-loving souls. Accept that the higher powers know best where the changes are concerned, and try not to dwell on a likely outcome that spells disaster. Where you place your energy you are placing your support, and although that sounds odd, it is the Law of Attraction at work.

Speaking for the Galactic Federation, to use your parlance, I can say that we are on a red alert and are that close to starting the final rundown to this cycle. The Earth will move her tectonic plates around, and clearly there will be some repercussions. However, we monitor all such occurrences and do as much as we can to lessen the impact. Know that you are in the place that you should be for this final run of activity, and it was planned that way with your agreement. In fact all of your roles have been pre-defined so that you can involve yourself in the end time. The important thing is to carry on preparing for Ascension, regardless of what is occurring around you. Release any fearful feelings if you can, as these are not helpful to you and only produce stress. Some of you will be sorely tested, but we repeat that it is all part of your life plan.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and trust our assurances about your immediate future are helpful and re-assuring.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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