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SaLuSa, April 6, 2009

Dear Ones, your fate is in your own hands regardless of any outside interference. Short of harming you physically, there is little the dark forces can impose upon you without you attracting it to yourself. Karma can go back several lives, and may seem out of context with your present lifetime. That is because some of the harder lessons are best handled by you, when you have attained a higher level of spiritual understanding. Hopefully you will be sufficiently understanding of the reasons behind them, as without that appreciation it is likely that anger will overcome you. We hear you so often questioning what you have done to deserve it, and God is chastised for not intervening. There is the feeling that you have done nothing wrong, as though Karma is a form of punishment. However, you elect and agree to go through whatever experiences are necessary to uplift your consciousness. The outworking of Karma is absolutely fair and just, and you will face the same challenges time and time again until you learn the lessons involved.

It has never been as important as now that you clear your Karma before 2012, and you are helped by many souls travelling with you. There are of course souls who have slipped so low in their vibrations, that it is difficult to turn their attention to the Light and all it has to offer. Yet at any time they can turn their lives around, and when they do many Beings of Light accompany them for the rest of their journey. You can always call upon the Beings of Light to assist you, as they look for signs that a soul has become aware and show you the way forward. At all stages the choice is yours as to which direction you head for, and no pressure is placed upon you to go other than the way desire.

You can be active in helping this cycle to proceed in a manner that will uplift many souls. You have many attributes and much experience that will serve others. It has always been the responsibility of those who are evolved, to offer a helping hand to those who are just setting out on a path of Light. Your All Loving God has plans well beyond your understanding, and the goal is to successfully move your Universe into the higher vibrations. That process is well advanced, and you and your Earth and being prepared to be part of that upliftment. Forget the Dark Ones and leave them to own future, as no soul can remain in the lower vibrations and expect to go with those who have dedicated themselves to moving on to Ascension. That is simply impossible, and there you have the beauty of the Law of Attraction. What you focus on comes into your life at some time, whether it is really what you wanted or not. Thoughts and desires are powerful energies, and as creators in your own right you should guard against negative thoughts. Avoid getting involved in other people’s lives, as Karma will be created when it is outright interference.

Friends, we of the Galactic Federation live in absolute harmony, and all that we do is open and not underhand. Bear in mind, that if we wish we can tune into your thoughts, and therefore nothing can be hidden from us. It is not that we pry into your private thoughts, and in fact at our level we can prevent that from happening. Being always honest and truthful comes hard to most of you, even if you generally are an advanced soul. It is in the nature of Humans to be less than honest if they feel it goes against them. We have no such problems, as errors bring no recriminations and we help those who have difficulties. We work as One and value all of our friendships, and harmony and peace exist without exception.

What the next few years will do is to offer you the opportunity to lift up your sights, and set them upon the most lighted expression you can achieve. After all, the object of working your way to Ascension is to move into a state of enlightenment, and continue to evolve. You will ever move onwards, but your time in duality is one period that will have had an immense bearing on your ability to serve others. It has been a hard experience, but has had the effect of speeding up your evolution. Whatever you have gone through, you will sail onwards without having to take those trappings with you, but you will never lose the benefit of your experiences.

As you see your world crumbling around you, bear in mind that it Is not the end of your civilisation, but a turning point where various changes are waiting to come into being. It is already known what is needed to create a new paradigm, and when we can assist you with them we shall point you into the right direction. You have many ideas as to how your problems can be solved, but it needs to be coordinated to bring you the best results. You often have a habit of working against each other, but in the future it will be different so that the time and effort you put into projects is not wasted. Countries will be brought together in peace and old rivalries will be forgotten.

War and the trappings of war are still very much part of your lives, but if you are to move on there will have to be a different approach to them. We visualise new uses for such resources, and the forming of a World Peace Keeping Force. Weapons of mass destruction will be eventually be destroyed, as they will have no purpose once World peace is achieved. Over the last century, the money and energy expended on futile wars all over your world could have provided people with a far better standard of living. It is also the after effect of war that is of concern, with so much damage and loss of life. You just cannot enter modern wars with their high technology and ability to destroy the world. It has already happened in your solar system, and Maldek of which the remains are now your asteroid belt, is one such example.

Man has reached the point in his evolution where he now seeks everlasting peace, and that call is now being answered. You are undoubtedly ready for a major change of direction in your lives, and you will need our assistance to direct your activities. That will start in the very near future, and First Contact will be a pivotal point in getting the changes under way. We hear you ask when will it happen, and that of course is an impossible one to answer. So many factors are involved, and peace on Earth is an essential requirement.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and have the task assigned to me to act on behalf of the Galactic Federation to cement relations with you. We wish to convey to you our dedication to your wellbeing in all that we do.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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