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SaLuSa, April 3, 2009

Following on my last message, I wish to make it clear that none of you are the victims of your circumstances. Whatever experiences you go through they are by choice, going right back to the time you allowed your selves to drop into the lower vibrations. It is all in aid of your spiritual evolution, and although duality may strike you as extreme, it is the quickest way that you can progress. From the commencement of the last cycle over 12,000 years ago, it was known that it would be completed through the process of Ascension. It is therefore an extremely important time for all souls engaged in the experiences of duality. At the end of every cycle there is an emergence of those who are ready to move on to the higher realms. However, as many of you are now aware this one is unique, as you take your physical body with you. Not as your existing carbon based body, but one that has become crystalline and can function in the 5th. Dimension. One that has become lighter, and has moved into a near perfect expression of itself.

Of course there are amongst you people who have been wronged as you would interpret it, and do consider themselves “victims”. However, this is all by arrangement and you are a willing partner to the karma being played out. No matter how severe the circumstances, the fact remains that you were aware of your agreed life plan before you incarnated on Earth. Many will argue against it, convinced that they could not have agreed to suffer or indeed see others suffer. Be assured that when you pass over and return to the astral planes, you will clearly understand all facets of your life. You will review your life, and this can be a sobering time when you find out how well you have done where your life plan was concerned. The vibrations of Earth dull your senses, and it is not until you rise up higher that you can fully grasp the purpose of life on Earth.

It is therefore understandable that in this present time, there is a distinct separation between those still bound by the pull of the lower vibrations, and those who have risen into the Light of Awareness. All of you have been urged to seek the truth over many live times, but you have been faced with confusing advice and experiences that have made it difficult to find the God within. The realisation does eventually come that all knowledge IS within, and you do not need to seek outside of yourself. Sharing your knowledge is a different matter, as no one is forcing his or her beliefs upon another. In some lifetimes you have been strictly brought up and beholden to certain religious beliefs, and that carries forward in your consciousness to your next life. Even today you are still affected by you experiences over many lifetimes, but there does come a time when you are sufficiently empowered to dispense with anything that is not held in Light and Love.

Think for a moment as to why you are drawn to certain countries, and adopt their art and enjoy their customs. Possibly you feel attracted to people from a particular race, and so it goes on without any realisation as to why. However, once you can accept re-incarnation as a natural part of your evolution, it can explain many mysteries. The fact is that you have intentionally experienced many different cultures and religions, and these form your outlook and beliefs that eventually lead you to the truth. Your consciousness gradually expands and you draw upon your higher understanding. There will come a time when you will desire a cleansing of all old thought forms associated with past lives, and willingly move forward without any regrets. You worry about friends and family, but know that your true loved ones will never be parted from you, and your paths will meet again for a wonderful reunion.

The Creator is Love Supreme and is not some cruel unloving or unforgiving God. Would it not therefore follow that you will never be led astray, and that regardless of your experiences in duality, you will always be considered worthy of a place with the Creator. Be God, be Love and live life to the best of your ability so that you do not contemplate harming another soul, but become a beacon of Light in the dark. You affect every life you touch in some way, and the collective consciousness of Mankind reflects back to all and a sundry. Your direction now in these important years is determined by such energies, which is why there is so much turmoil. Fortunately, the Light is all-powerful compared to the dark, and a relatively small number of souls can have an affect far beyond their actual numbers. The Light is emerging and becoming stronger each day, and is powering along the decisions that are being made to bring stability to Earth. It is breaking down the resistance of the dark forces, who have nothing to offer except more of the same threats and chaos.

Dear friends and fellow travellers, you are not going to be stopped in your pursuit of freedom and happiness. It is, and always has been your right to live your life as a sovereign Being. Let no one pull you down, and meet darkness with Light and Love, as you have the benefit of great help and guidance in your life once you allow the Light in. It is not denied to a single soul as it is all around you if you would but let it in. It is the seeking of self-power and greed that dims the hearts of those who walk in the dark, yet they could easily turn their lives around if they wished. They are not victims as they might claim, or privileged classes as some think, but cast in the roles of their choosing. The poorest are sometimes the richest, as they have no illusions of grandeur or self-importance. Accept your life as it is, but make the best of it by being loving, forgiving and sharing, and living it as your god self.

In some senses there is not much time left before the upliftment that will accompany Ascension. Yet everyone of you still has the opportunity to change the direction of your life. Put out the thoughts that invite change, and see yourself as already having been successful, and you will surely draw the necessary energies to yourself to achieve it. Be positive as you have far more creative power than you realise.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and can tell you that the Galactic Federation comprises members that have already ascended and serve in the Light. There will come a day you shall rightly stand next to us as One in the Light. Hence, you are all loved and cherished because we see you as you really are, and your true potential.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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