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SaLuSa, January 6, 2010

Dear Ones you ask do we ever tire in our work and the answer is “no certainly not” in a physical sense, as we do not have heavy bodies such as you carry. Ours are of a much lighter vibration and require little nourishment, and we can draw upon the energies around us, although we do have what you would call “light refreshments”. These are mainly in a liquid form, as we can maintain our bodies without the heavy foods you are used to having. We do not therefore experience hunger as you do, and replenish ourselves in a pleasurable way. Your bodies demand re-fuelling to keep your energy levels up, which is vital where you need physical strength and stamina. If you listen to your body you will know what is best for it, and this is why for example some have to eat meat whilst for others it is unnecessary. Generally speaking the higher your vibrations the more likely you are to eat less, and it will be the more wholesome foods that are fresh and unadulterated.

In the higher dimensions that are to be your new home, all of the restrictions that you presently experience will cease to exist. Aging will not be an issue at all and you will retain your young looks as in your prime, and it is not necessary to experience death. When you decide to move into a new experience that necessitates a different body, you will consciously leave your body and take a new one. Not through birth as you understand it, but a waking experience into a near adult body or one that is fully developed. In fact if it is necessary you can have two bodies and alternate between them. Life is simple and easy compared to your present one, and you have none of the personal concerns that involve you in the maintenance of your physical body. You will select your hairstyle or clothes by the power of your thought, and know that your body will keep clean and pure because of its high vibration.

Again we come back to those who cling to Earth and fear changes, and we ask if they can at least keep an open mind about them? Regardless as to how it appears on the outside, what is taking place is a magnificent cleansing necessary to allow the new to manifest. What no longer serves you will be removed, and in its place will come the beginnings of the new Earth. Would you seriously prefer to remain in the cycle of duality, when the opportunity to ascend is on offer to everyone? Perhaps only your Higher Self can truly answer that one, as very few souls are fully aware of their life plan. However, what you set your sights upon is where your energy is focused, and that will be your creation. Now more than ever, your power to create is increasing and you need to sure of what it is that you desire.

We are working hard to bring certain events forward, that will have a bearing on how long it will be before Disclosure is declared. The pressure is on the authorities to go ahead without delay, and that day is coming ever closer. Following it the whole process of Ascension will eventually be made known, and it will help those souls who cannot make up their minds as to what to do. For some, no amount of information will make any difference but that indicates that they are not ready to leave the 3rd. dimensional experience. It in no way indicates a lack of effort, as each soul moves at its own pace. We encourage you all to make your choice to be part of Ascension, and that is a much as we can do. In the final reckoning it is your freewill that will determine how you proceed from thereon.

Let no one influence your thinking, not even ours unless you are certain as to where your future lies. If in doubt about anything you come across that you are not sure about, do not cast it aside but keep it in the background until you are absolutely sure about discarding it. You will find that things will often just drop into place where previously they did not fit in with your understanding. Be flexible and not rigid in your beliefs, and in this way nothing will pass you by that may have been of value to you. Life is continually one of re-assessing your position, and you have a wealth of experience behind you from all previous lives. What else Dear Ones is your measure of what you believe in and feel is for your greatest good.

As each one of you grow more into the Light, so you are helping raise the vibrations upon Earth. With that you are also lifting up every other soul around you, as the mass consciousness grows exponentially. We see it at the level where it is beyond being affected by the dark energies. It will continue to expand and at a future point will reach critical mass, and it will be the means by which upliftment will take place. It is of course ongoing, and the commencement of yet another cycle that will carry you ever higher in the dimensions of Light. Life is infinite and you will soon be free to experience it as you choose. What a wonderfully loving Creator we have that opens all of creation to us.

The Earth has been your permanent home to accommodate you through the cycles of duality, and served you well. Like you Mother Gaia is now gathering herself for the final thrust that will carry her into the higher realms. Together you have traveled a long journey and got to know each other well. It is fitting that you ascend in that way, and that your association still goes on. The Earth already has a reputation for its past beauty, and has been your Garden of Eden. Somewhere deep in your memory are visions of that time, which shall return in their full glory to your great delight and joy. Perfect harmony, and colors of great variety will heighten your happiness, as you rest in a dimension that fulfils your idea of Heaven.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius and will confirm that the Galactic Federation has never been more ready, to move into the final phase of the path to Ascension. You will soon share our vision of the exciting times that are to lift you out of the chaos that still affects you. The dark Ones will still try to invade your peaceful disposition and distract you from the Light. However, you are now much stronger than you ever were, and should be able to easily prevent their attempts to unsettle you. Believe in your power and mental capabilities to protect yourself, and you will be beyond their reach. You are bathed in Love and Light and victory in the fight between the Light and dark is already yours, and you may complete your journey in full confidence.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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