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SaLuSa, November 5, 2010

Each one of you has immense creative power, but few realize it or believe in their capabilities. Sometimes people of a like mind get together, and particularly where the purpose is for healing find an increase in their degree of success. Set up many groups and it gets even more powerful, until their intent is carried forward with a great thoughtform of extremely powerful energy. Just anything can be achieved when a strong focus is directed upon the object of your thoughts. Translate that into a countrywide movement, and you have a virtually unstoppable force for good or otherwise. In the past it has resulted in wars where one country has been pitted against another, and it has been fuelled by propaganda and hatred often generated quite falsely.

Now Dear Ones, as you might say the boot is on the other foot, because the worldwide movement of people power has brought about a great desire to bring peace to the world. The resultant energy is being attracted by those who are active on that front, and has empowered them beyond their expectations. Peace and a complete end to wars are coming, and indeed how could you bring Ascension into being unless the vibrations on Earth were raised. Because you have won this battle the future is assured, no amount of delay tactics by those who oppose it will make any difference. Therefore whatever problems you encounter know they will only be short lived, and you will soon be aware of changes that will carry humanity forward very quickly.

There are few people that have not noticed the way things are changing around them. Not all may understand why so much uncertainty exists, but when we can openly contact you the situation will become clear. There will be no going back to the old ways, and they will soon become history never to return. The future is golden in more ways than one, and the Golden Age beckons to fulfill all of the promises that have been made to you. Duality is real enough, but once behind you it will disappear into the distance like a bad dream. You will be left with the advantage of vast experience, that can be used in service to others who have not reached your level of evolution.

In the U.S. the mid term elections will not really change anything that is planned for the immediate future. Politics are like most other important issues that seriously affect you, and are to be completely revamped to come into line with the New Age. Given a little thought it would be seen that progress towards Ascension cannot go forward by leaps and bounds, until the new path is opened up. The clutter and residue of duality must be swept away, and restoration of the Earth completed as quickly as possible. For that we are fully prepared and simply await the right conditions to go ahead. It cannot be done without your full cooperation, which we know will be provided once you are informed of your place in our plan.

For our part and that of other visitors to Earth, we cannot do much more to confirm our existence. Sightings of our craft are intentionally more frequent, and our numbers are increasing. The cover up is no longer working, and pressure for the truth is forcing the hand of those involved in doing it. We expect that disclosure is likely to be announced at the latest within just a few months. It is simply confirming what is widely known, and will surprise very few people. However, what it will do is allow people to step forward and reveal what they know. It will also beg questions of the authorities in respect of why so much was hidden away, and in whose interest it was done. Such revelations will eventually lead to an outcry about the suppression of free energy devises. This will rank as one of the most criminal acts carried out, as it has prevented the use of discoveries that would have immensely lifted the quality of people’s lives. The list will be endless of things that have been denied you, and the people’s outrage will not be helped by the fact that many advancements have been kept purely for military purposes.

Our advice is to keep calm and control anger knowing that justice will be done. Furthermore that you will not only be given many advanced technologies by us, but many will in fact be more recent inventions that are going to be even more beneficial to you. We want you to become independent of others when it comes to energy for heating or other needs within your homes. The Universe is full of free energy and the Galactic Federation member Star Nations, and other more advanced civilizations use it. We will not overwhelm you with everything at once, but bring you into the Galactic Age over a series of stages that we will carefully explain.

We will be kept quite busy once contact is made, but will have no difficulty in handling it as we have millions of crafts and also the personnel to go with it. What we do register more and more is the gradually lessening of fear where we are concerned. That is heart warming as we have patiently worked at creating trust and friendship between us. No one can deny that we have shown ourselves to be of a peaceful nature, and we have never been involved in any confrontation with you. As we have often mentioned, we would rather leave a situation that looked as though it could erupt in violence. That we have done on many occasions, particularly when our craft have been fired at without any provocation from us. We know that there have been incidents with the Greys, but they are not members of our Federation or under our control. They were allowed bases on Earth by agreement with previous governments of the U.S., and that was quite a long time ago.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and looking back we see how much time has speeded up for you. It will continue to do so until you reach the point of Ascension, when your upliftment will leave you in the higher dimensions where all is in the Now. Your lives will be transformed into what seems to be a dream world, yet for you it will be perfectly real. You will be returning to a life experience that was once so familiar to you, that will bring you great joy and happiness. We are certainly very happy for you, and after your journeys in duality you have thoroughly earnt the opportunity to ascend. The Creator has kept to the plan for your release from duality, so that you could become unique Beings with a full consciousness level. We will then become as One and travel the Universe as Galactic Beings.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

Comment from one of our readers:

"SaLuSa said, “We know that there have been incidents with the Greys, but they are not members of our Federation or under our control. They were allowed bases on Earth by agreement with previous governments of the U.S., and that was quite a long time ago.”
My questions to SaLuSa: Are the Greys still on Earth, and if so, are Governments still communicating on a regular basis with them? What power do the Greys have over humans on Earth? We still see incidents of cattle mutilations, crop circles, and abductions occurring. Will these events be allowed to continue when the Galactic Federation makes their presence known to all humans on Earth?
JAMES" (11-05-'10)

Our reply:

"Hi James, thanks for your comment. Yes, as far as I know, there are still around 15,000 greys present on Earth now, based in the illuminati underground cities. They are part of the illuminati plan to stage an alien attack on Earth, but the Galactic Federation has said they won't allow this.
The greys have no power at all over humans, but they are far ahead of us technologically and they made a deal back in the 50's with the American government to abduct people and do experiments on them, in exchange for technology. The reason for these experiments was that the greys have basically stopped procreating in the natural way, and only multiply by cloning. But these clones have no souls, and as soulless being won't make it through Ascension, they feared for their future.
As far as I know, these experiments to create grey/human hybrids with a soul weren't very successfull. They have stopped now. Cattle mutilations have almost stopped completely too, although very rarely people still see a cow being beamed up towards a "cloud" (the favorite disguise of many UFO's).
Crop circles are an entirely different thing, they usually aren't made by the greys (it's the Arcturians and Sirians who do that, reportedly) and they aren't made with bad intentions towards humans and animals, quite the contrary. Many people see them as a sign of support that they're being watched over. And that the Galactic Federation won't be stopped by our corrupt governments, who don't like these circles at all.
Once the Galactic Federation makes their presence known, the game will be over for all dark hats, including the greys. The dark humans will have to account for their actions then, and the greys...well, I think they will just leave our planet as fast as their saucers can take them, don't you think?
Much love and light to you - Kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (11-05-'10)

Comment from one of our readers:

"Hello again,
Thank you for posting the message. This one particularly inspired a renewed hope for me, as my recent circumstances have been agonizing and heart-rending. It has been quite a feat to avoid being overcome by these issues.
I do have a question about how things are described for the near to mid-range future. According to Matthew, President Obama was part of this "new age", and it has been said that between now and the 2012 election, the vitriol that has been directed his way will go away, and the truth of his good intentions will be clearly seen. My question is, with all of this disclosure about to come forth about the suppression of information about non-Earth beings, beneficial technology, etc., won't this naturally reflect poorly on the government(s), and by extension, President Obama? How will he avoid being seen as one complicit in these cover-ups, such that he can emerge "victorious"? Are they leaving out dreadful details as they paint us this brighter picture?
Sam" (11-06-'10)

Our reply:

"Hi Sam, nice to see you again. Thanks for your comment. Well, let's not forget that all this evil-doing by the illuminati has been going on for years, centuries even. Once the truth comes out, people will realize that by no means Obama can be hold responsible for this, and that he, like so many of us, had no idea what he was up against.
I think Obama is a very authentic person and one of the best communicators that I've ever seen, so I'm sure he will be able to explain to people's satisfaction what his role has been. I think people will more than anything be relieved that they finally know who their invisible enemy was for all these years, that created so much misery and pain.
Once those dark powers are gone, we can finally start creating the best possible society, with peace, harmony and prosperity for everybody.
Hope you will be doing better soon, Sam. Much love and light to you - Kees, GalacticChannelings.com." (11-06-'10)

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