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Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - June 3, 2022

Mike Quinsey

There is much happening all over the world and there seems no end to the changes that have been taking place. They will gradually settle down until the scene is set for the shaping up of a new way of life compared to what you have been used to experiencing. Be assured that all will eventually be to your liking, giving you a much easier life and one that has adequate provisions for your needs. It would have come in any event but time is of the essence and progress must be made much more quickly. Your future hangs in the balance and we will do all we are allowed to do on our behalf.

All around you there is evidence of the changes taking place as the old ways are not necessarily suitable for the coming time, that will propel you into the New Age that we have often spoken of. Our input will be such that you will be assisted to get things done in quick time, but first much of the old must be removed or changed World peace has been a rare experience for a very long time but you have shown your desire for it and earned it as will eventually be seen. There has always been an emphasis on war games and these have conditioned your young ones to expect them as entertainment.

The dark Ones are naturally behind much of the publicity to promote violent entertainment that conditions you to accept it as normal. Peaceful hobbies and entertainment are more fulfilling for you, and better for your health and well-being. You probably do not realise how much harm is caused by negative activities and it is mostly on a mental level. It is understandable that you find more satisfaction in physical sports that test your ability to compete successfully. However, at times the physical side becomes brutal and that is not good for you. By all means enjoy challenges to your ability, but not at the expense of self-harm.

There are many pleasures in life that can give you great satisfaction without the need to become involved in violence that becomes gradually acceptable. Peaceful pursuits are more character building and quite fulfilling. There are many ways to unleash your energy that do not involve competition that is harmful. It can be mental or physical and just as enjoyable. The excitement of competition is understandable but let it be harmless, as for example athletics that are character building.

Fortunately because of the secrecy connected with war preparations you are only partially aware of the heinous weapons that have been developed that could decimate the world population if unleashed. They may be kept as a threat to prevent war but who can say that they will never be used in anger. However, we mention it not to frighten you as it has been decreed that nuclear weapons will not be allowed to start another war. Peace is not too far away when all weapons of destruction will be banned.

To change the subject to one that is about a peaceful existence we see a great future for mankind, and already those souls who came to Earth to bring permanent peace are getting ready to play their part in bringing it to the world. Those souls who wish to remain in the lower vibrations will get their wish and continue at a level that suits them. No one is forced to evolve but it will come to all souls eventually. There will always be help for those who decide to learn more about life, and move beyond their present understanding and experiences. Humans love change and can soon tire of doing the same thing over and over again. That is where their Guides come in as they are always waiting for an opportunity to lift them up.

Life can be lonely at times but remember that you always have help around you and advice if you will but listen. Obviously your Guides are aware of your life plan and will do all that they are able to ensure you live by it. You do of course have freewill to do as you wish but when you go astray they are on hand to try and get you back on your path. They know you better than yourself and can anticipate your likely actions so that if they go against your life agreement, they will try to get you back on track. However if you persist in going off course you will incur karma to help you overcome it. There is nothing like actual experience to help you recognise the error of your ways. You should know by now that the experience is to mould your character.

Some souls will feel they have had a bad deal but in reality there is no such thing, as all experience is beneficial to you. We say again that there is no such thing as punishment for going astray and if you “pay for it” that is simply the result of your own actions. Learn from them and you should not have to face the outcome again. You do not get rewards as such for good behaviour but life will become more acceptable and enjoyable. You create your own future by your actions and even thoughts. So be aware of what you desire because you are likely to attract it to yourself.

In your quiet moments we can draw closer to you and you may well feel us around you. It is an opportunity to put ideas into your head that would be beneficial to you. We never force an issue but will do all we can to keep you on your chosen path. Talk to us and we will “hear” you and act if you need help, but we cannot alter your life plan. As you will no doubt realise we are aware of your thoughts but would not intrude unless necessary. When you return after you have completed your life plan you will meet us and your human family who have patiently been waiting to greet you.

Take heart from knowing we are always there to assist you when you need help, and know that we would welcome your thoughts that would connect with us. However we do not intrude upon your private moments, but are always around when you need us.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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