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Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - October 2, 2020

Mike Quinsey

From a Live Kryon Channelling Titled “LIVE STREAM WORLDWIDE CHANNELLING RETREAT” April 14th 2020”. As channelled by Lee Carroll for Kryon.


Dear ones, your immune system has never seen this. Most of you have a robust immune system, but for those who don’t your system will overreact to the virus. You might say that the immune system is what is killing the Human Beings, not the virus. The virus will take the dysfunction of your body to a certain level, and then the immune system which has never seen this before will completely overact and cause quick death.

Now, I just gave you a key. If your medical science could encapsulate that immune system so it will not over react, this flu will never kill a human. You absolutely know the flu season is coming back. However, it will simply be the flu and it will not be a killer flu anymore, because you will have figured it out. I just gave you something to work on and to know, and if you think I am wrong simply ask those doctors in the ICU if they have seen this phenomenon. They will say ”Yes, and we know there’s something else, we wish we knew what it was”.

Concentrate not on the virus vaccine but on the immune system. Figure out why this reaction is taking place and work the puzzle of the immune system, so that there is no devastating horror for so many, and hurt for so many hearts - inappropriate death.

You have gone into a habit of looking for an outside cure to always come forward and give you protection. Realize dear ones that this is an “add on” to a wonderful immune system that begs for help. What if you some day, have no need for any vaccine, and instead you become super strong in your resistance? What if everything can be solved and cured by enhancing YOUR system instead of from the outside? What if this strength comes from organic substances and enhanced support for your own system instead of going for a pill? This would be a new paradigm for mainstream health.

*            *            *            *            *            *            *            *            *

Whether you were prepared for it or not the pandemic is still greatly affecting your everyday life, to such an extent that normality seems far away. Understand that certain events are beyond your control and even understanding because they are arranged as special ones that are necessary to move you onto new pathways. This may cause inconvenience and hardships but the importance of the occasion overrides any other considerations. In the long run you will look back and see the benefits of what happened during the changeover period. Without intervention you would have remained in a rather static time without improving the quality of life, whereas you are now heading for some great changes that will so to say make up for lost time.

You are in a sense at the “halfway house” and very soon you will find out where events are leading you. The best is clearly yet to come and you will be overjoyed when you realise what is your true destiny. Like all else your direction in life is guided according to the life plan you agreed upon beforehand. The advantage you have gained by passing the marker is that you are now very much in charge of the direction you take, even although the outcome is pre-ordained. The coming years are some of the most important you have ever taken part in.

You have often been told that nothing happens by chance, inasmuch that you are destined to follow a certain path that ensures the desired outcome. You may deviate from it but be assured that you will always come back to it eventually. It also applies to personal relationships and much work is put in to ensure you meet the right people. After all, you have karma with you that nearly always involves souls who must come into your life to enable it to be cleared. You are often part of a group that often get together for the purpose of creating experiences for each other. Even families come together again but not necessarily in exactly the same relationships. Hence, when you meet an old soul who you have met before, there is often instant recognition of someone who is familiar to you. Sometimes you will stray off your path but usually your Guides can get you back on the one you should be on.

Knowing that life has a specific purpose that affects your progress, it is clearly essential that you tread carefully so as not to miss an important opportunity that is essential to your progress. However, you will always get another chance, it is a matter of seizing the right moment. Something that persistently keeps coming up is a sign that it requires your attention. So be aware of these things and respond in a way that helps to manifest whatever you need to deal with it. Obviously the quicker progress is made the more time can be spent on your personal needs.

Keep your interests going in matters that concern your evolution and know that you always get help if it is required. Tell your Guides what it is and they will put things into motion that will cover your needs, unless there are karmic reasons that dictate otherwise. With the right approach you will sail through the tough times ahead.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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