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Mike Quinsey - Channeling his Higher Self - 1 November 2019

Mike Quinsey

Changes around the world continue unabated and will do so until the old can be replaced by the new. Advances are happening so quickly now, that you must be allowed to benefit from them thus removing old ideas and systems that are no longer appropriate. In the short time the direction you are travelling in would not seem to be of benefit to you, but see it as clearing the way ahead to allow the new to manifest. You have already spent too long in the lower vibrations and instinctively know that better things are to come.

The old ways cannot serve you so as to bring the needed changes into being, however many people have been working hard to get new ideas and systems into being and they will succeed. Humanity is due a helping hand to get things moving and allow those being held back freedom to introduce new ideas that will immediately raise the standard of people’s lives. Progress can be slowed down through interference whether deliberate or not, but cannot prevent new ideas and ways of working coming into existence. There is in fact much to do in the preparations for your upliftment and absolutely nothing will be allowed to interfere with it, and of that you can be assured.

As individuals you can help the new energies manifest by not getting involved in negative situations, and focussing entirely upon the positive. You can be assured that the old energies are slowly ebbing away whilst the new energies are becoming stronger, and as you continue to enter the new vibrations it cannot be any other way. It is all for the good of Humanity and will ensure that you eventually reach a level where Ascension takes place. It may not necessarily occur within your current lifetime, you may therefore come back to Earth for that experience. You have gone through so many different lives to reach your present level and are well prepared for the upcoming challenges.

The period that you are in is exceptional inasmuch that souls from all levels of evolution are involved including the lowest densities. All will benefit from their experiences that help speed up their growth into the Light. No opportunity is lost to help you evolve as all experiences are carefully planned to give you the most appropriate help that depends upon your needs. You get so many opportunities to lift up your vibrations, and your Guides who are always with you will do their best to ensure you take them, without infringing your freewill. Life on Earth can be hard and difficult at times but whatever effort you put in will be well worth it and rewarded.

Do not be distracted by the happenings around you as it is important that you maintain your focus at all times. We know is easy to access news of activities on Earth, but not all of it comes from truthful sources. Often you are fed false information that the dark Ones send out to cause confusion and often fear amongst you. It is really best to ignore the details whilst still being aware of global events, and realise that it is often the reason that the news is sometimes omitted. In time all will change for the better and even terrorists will eventually fade from the scene seeing that their cause has no future or chance of success.

We admire your tenacity and determination to achieve success and know that you have been chosen for your tasks because you had the right experience and desire to help Humanity succeed in establishing peace upon the planet. The strength of your willpower has seen you successfully come through many tasks over many lives, and you are well loved by all who know you. You are just one of an army of individuals who hold the Light and are determined to make the Earth a better place for all life forms. You are succeeding and you are well known for your devotion to the Light. We say “Well done” and one day not that far away we shall be celebrating your success with you.

We wish you could see the same potential as we do as it would enable you to understand that better times lay ahead, and that already the foundations are being laid for their manifestation. There is a system that you might regard as one of “rewards” for the achievements of Mankind. You are set tasks to prove your worthiness to a higher vibration and all of the advantages that come with it. You came through your period of trial and error to achieve a remarkable result that was not necessarily expected. All credit to those who not only successfully rose to the challenges but were able to overcome them.

At present there is so much turmoil upon Earth it is difficult for you to see the potential, but we would assure you that so much is in preparation for a great leap forward. As the darkness gives way to the Light you will gradually notice changes around you that promise an upliftment that will see the end of much that is causing considerable negativity. Be one who spreads good news and the prospect of an end to all of the negativity that presently exists. Know for certain that we will be with you all of the way giving you every encouragement to keep spreading the Light. The dark Ones will go their own way to a different future that will also give them opportunities to turn to the Light.

It has been said before and we reiterate again that you all have a great potential and all it needs is for you to have faith in your own abilities to bring things into being. If sufficient of you focussed upon your needs you will find that collectively you have so much more power. Obviously those souls who focus on negativity can have a similar effect but stand little chance when opposed by the Light that is vastly more powerful, and in fact it can disperse the dark energies quite easily. As time passes you will find that the Light completely rids the Earth of the lower energies.

Your history is full of stories about clashes between the Light and dark, and in the last Age that you have just come out of you experienced two major wars that enabled so much karma to be played out and cleared, and it created the way for the Light to once more be fully established. You are now seeing the final efforts of the Light to clear the dark energies for once and for all, and without a doubt it will succeed. The key word for the New Age is “sympathy” and many souls have found that their feelings have gone into that direction. You can expect to see it bringing about more compassion and love for those souls who still struggle to exist.

The migration of people looking for a “better life” is awakening many to their plight, and with the recognition that you are “All One” it is only natural that you feel a desire to lift them up out of their poverty. At heart Humanity is caring and loving where all life is concerned and it is within its natural instincts. It is now blossoming as more focus is upon those who have suffered through lack and the bare necessities of life.

I leave you with love and blessings, and may the Light brighten your days and path to completion. This message comes through my Higher Self, my God Self, and every soul has the same connection to God.

In Love and Light.

Mike Quinsey.

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