Blossom Goodchild - May 30, 2015
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Blossom Goodchild - May 30, 2015

Here we are again! Happy as can be … well much better than I was, that’s for sure. Hello … How’s life in your neck of the woods?

With all Love and Gratitude for ALL THAT IS … we say welcome to Each One.

It cannot be denied that such change is going on for everyone. So much coming up to the surface and such a feeling of ... well, there’s no other word … CHANGE. Yet, I am assuming it is not THE CHANGE that you have been speaking of, over the years?

We would very much like to inform you … that THE CHANGE that is happening FOR ALL … is indeed, the beginning of THE CHANGE that we speak of. Your world is undergoing incredible amounts of issues … both personal and global that are affecting THE WHOLE. With Each Soul that is transforming … on every level of themselves … they are bringing into their BEING... more of THE TRUTH OF WHO THEY ARE …


There are many that are aware of themselves becoming LIGHTER … and yet, they experience this through going through the opposite. Yet, within THEIR BEING … there is stirring a MIGHTY FORCE … a KNOWING that they are beginning to KNOW. An understanding that this is simply LIFE working through life in order to fulfil its desires … in all forms of itself.

 Yet, where is this change leading to?

It is taking you deeper into your Truth. That is ALL and EVERYTHING. This Change is allowing firmament* that has long been overlooked to arise and dispel.


So, what are we to expect ahead exactly?

To let go of expectation and BE in Each Moment … For it is within doing so … that you will REALLY notice THE CHANGE. We cannot tell you what lies ahead … for that would be interfering with natural play. If you were to expect something … then you would be forever expecting it … and then FEEL disappointed when each new day brings more of the same.

And yet, we wish you to come to a place when that which you desire … not expect … becomes your sameness.

Sameness conjures up for me … boring. Yet, how come we are suddenly taking of sameness, when we have been speaking of change? I’m confused so early on in the piece!

Because your desires … when fulfilled ... will bring you more of the same.  Do you see?

Not very clearly, to be honest.

This new phase … this very exciting phase that is upon you … may FEEL very much like you have been there and done this all before … and perhaps you have. Perhaps in many eons gone by … have you brought about the Energy amongst all that now expresses itself with this FEELING …


 Yet, this time … this VERY SPECIAL EXPERIENCE is taking you to a place where before, was not possible.

This time you are moving through … instead of discarding. You are not resisting … you are allowing ALL to fall into place.

Much upheaval and turmoil is presenting itself in order for it to be transmuted into LOVE. The more one is aware of this … the more they realise the GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY that is arising to REALLY ‘GET IT’ … this time around.

There is a strength now … within you … that has become present … and although it may originally disguise itself as weakness … it brings you UP and OUT of the density in which you reside … and leads you forth into an expression of Comfort and Peace and … READINESS.

You say you cannot tell us what lies ahead. And yet you have said before that we are moving into a New World where all wars, hatred, etc cannot exist. So, you must know the basics … the foundations of it … do you not?

We know that Through/In/As/Of Love … YOU … YOU most vigilant wayfarers ... are setting within yourselves the outstanding unravelling of TRUTH.

Within that TRUTH lies that which you are walking into … This NEW WORLD … and yet, it is the same place … the same house … the same seas … the same skies … and yet … we say to you …

IT IS YOU THAT SHALL BE DIFFERENT … Therefore, all these things that are the same … shall appear differently because of the dramatic change WITHIN.

 This is inevitable. This is not going to happen just for some … but for ALL.

It shall depend of course, on the frequency in which One is residing ... as to how dramatically THE CHANGE shall appear. For some, it will seem as if they have literally walked into a dream … For others, they shall simply FEEL more ‘At home’ … For another, they may still be ‘warping’ between the very lower energies of your planet and yet, at the same time … having glimpses and more appropriately … FEELINGS … that will eventually become more commonplace for them … and assist them in moving into the next level of their journey.

OK. So, is this a gradual happening … as in ... it just becomes clearer each day? Or, is it to be a MONUMENTAL ALL IN ONE outburst?

You are now, as we have said, in the preparation stages. Imagine the analogy of astronauts having completed their training … sitting strapped in within the rocket. All behind the scenes are checking that ‘It is good to go’ … and anticipation of such heights … such degree … is stirring within all involved.

What comes next?

The countdown …


That’s wonderful. May I ask what number it counts down from? For in our time, we could be thinking of 10. 9. 8 etc. …whereas, you have no time, so maybe we should be starting at 10,000,000,000. or something! It’s just really to help us get this into perspective.

Of course we cannot give you this … for it cannot be transposed into ‘time’ from our perspective.

Yet, we can and will say that the countdown has begun.

Is there not a FEELING within many, that you are almost there? We accept you have FELT this many times … and have come to a space where 'almost, there' can FEEL as if you are almost back where you started. Yet, TRUTHFULLY … DEEPLY … WITHIN YOU … you are as an amoeba awaiting its graduation day … and then it is a matter of recognising where you are … and soaring FREELY into the KNOWING that YOU KNEW would come.

If you could only see from our perspective … what an INCREDIBLE JOURNEY … what an INCREDIBLE OPPORTUNITY is to come.

YOU, as the Ground Crew … YOU, who were chosen to fulfil this mission from the place you are in ... as humans … are, as we have often said …



For you have endured beyond all endurances.

You have suffered beyond all suffering.

Yet, you have come though … as YOU knew … as WE knew … you would.

And NOW … we are at the most exciting part of THE GAME.

The Game will not stop … and yet, there will be a different understanding of it.

Are not games for fun?

Are you not TRULY ready to LIVE IN FUN?

From this day forth … allow ALL THOUGHTS to be of HOPE … of KNOWING … that indeed, ALL THAT YOU HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR is as close as your horizon.

How the celebrations shall acknowledge ALL THAT YOU CAME TO BE.

Remain steadfast, Dearest Souls … Your determination has got you thus far … sitting strapped in the rocket … simply ready for …


And you shall encounter new spaces … space you had never imagined … for your imagination had been trapped within certain boundaries … and yet ... once FREE … your magic shall conjure up an expression of ALL … that shall fill your very Being with wonder.

Perhaps it is a little difficult for us to TRULY express within the confinement of your words upon Earth.

You KNOW of awe and wonder ... yet, these expressions are of limited value compared to THE TRUTH OF WHAT IT IS YOU ARE TO FEEL … as you travel ever onwards In/As/Through/Of LOVE … Becoming more of itself as the chains are released … as your wings are unbound … as you take a taste of moments from now on … that ensure your ‘travel pass’ … a never ending ticket to the Universe.

A Universe that is there to serve you … To express ITSELF through YOUR creation OF SELF.

We cannot contain our excitement … for we have felt your Energies … that have oft times been so battered and bruised … and yet … up you got!

And soon … so very soon Our Beloved Family … you will simply …





Be of great excitement … the countdown clock ticks away …

Well, thank you for that … All that you say resonates within me. It certainly FEELS as you are saying. So, we’ll keep on keeping on. We have become real experts at that. In the KNOWING … through FEELING … that we are about to throw a double six! ( I'm sure I wrote that to you years and years ago ... and here we still are. ) There's always another chance!

In love and Light and many thanks. It’s been a pleasure.

The pleasure is all ours.

Oh no its not! Let’s say it’s equal. Again … Thank you.

*This can mean ‘heavens’ … yet also figuratively speaking ‘Activity’ … so I am presuming this is what they mean here.

Just a reminder of the Invocation 'WE ARE THE GAME CHANGERS' . Let's keep on building that Energy. Many thanks.

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