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January 17 - 30, 2012

Note from Blossom.
I felt the need to sort things out with The Federation Of Light. I was quite prepared  … depending on what came about … to keep these communications to myself , should I FEEL that there was to be no future in them. As you can ‘read’ … I have decided to resume my friendship with ‘them’ and I am happy to share the process in which this decision came about. As to what other people think regarding this decision is none of my business … yet it FEELS right/good for me.

Jan 17th

Hello! Of course this seems a bit odd. A bit like knocking on your best mates door when you were a kid and saying ‘Can we make up?’

This is different … this communication … Just between ‘us’. I need to get some things clear. In all fairness, I did not give you chance to ‘defend’ yourself in our last communication … my energies were shot by then. I have thought a lot obviously, about our friendship. You have given me so much that is of kindness and Love. It would be silly of me to just blank it out.

My first husband had an affair. I forgave him, and said we could try again, yet due to the pain that it caused, if it were to happen again … that would be it … as clearly, he couldn’t care that deeply for me if he was prepared to put me through that humiliation once again …  He did! …  End of marriage!

To be honest … I think I felt a bit like that with you. After all I went through before, during and after Oct 14th I felt that the ‘Pillars of Light’ issue was like the ‘second affair’ so to speak.  Why would I keep putting myself in the firing line like that, when what I felt you had clearly stated to be happening by the end of the year … had turned into yet another unfulfilled promise?

I don’t need proof that you exist … I do however need proof of who you say you are … The Federation of Light. So, first things first ... Who are you?

We are as we say dearest lady. And may we begin by offering our most heartfelt gratitude to you for even considering ‘coming out to play’ once again.

The Federation of Light. The organization that carries with it a name that is to be considered as and of Truth and Light. If we have in anyway made you uneasy in our transmissions then we sincerely offer you extended apologies for ALL discomfort caused. This has not been our intention. We come to bring these messages to your world in order to assist in your managing of GREAT CHANGE. We have no intent to bring harm or pain to the soulself.

This I know … Yet … I am going to sound quite ‘full on’ in this meeting, but it is only done through Love to get to the bottom of all of this and  … IF IT IS MEANT TO BE  … that we carry on our communication … I need questions asked, to be answered directly and to the point. So … with Love … WHO ARE YOU?

We are Light dearest Lady. We are Love. This is the only way we can tell you who we are in our TRUTH.

 I was once told that if one needs to know if something/someone is of Light they are to ask three times and if by the third time the answer is yes then this is so. If they are not, the energy will leave. This has worked for me in the past. Here goes.







Ok … Thank you. You say you are of Light and Love. You have said in the past you have no need for form yet can adopt it if necessary. You say you are the overseers of the overseers … So please could you be more precise?

We belong to The Federation Of Light. We have said it is a vast organization. As in any vast organization it is necessary to have ‘ranks’ otherwise there would be much mayhem. It is our responsibility to hold council and offer support to ALL the goings on that THE FEDERATION embark upon and to make sure that ALL is in alignment for the Highest good of ALL.

So what is the difference between The GALACTIC FEDERATION and THE FEDERATION?

None what so ever. Merely use of words.

OK. Thank you. So then … on to the matter in which we ‘fell out’! You say that the reason the Pillars of Light did not appear before the end of 2011 … in the way you said … i.e. … NOT just ‘us ‘ becoming Pillars of Light as we evolve , but huge undeniable Pillars of Light in the sky, carrying energy and knowledge  …  was because WE had not manifested them. That WE sent them out to ourselves long ago, to be received NOW. Then you tell us we had not reached that ‘vibration’ or whatever, in order for that to happen. What I don’t understand is …

  1. Why did you not just say ‘ You sent these pillars out to yourselves long ago , in order for you to retrieve them now as your level of vibration matches the level of vibration that the pillars carry’ ...
  2. Why did you say this would happen before the end of 2011? Many say to me, as you yourselves have, that ‘there is no time where you are’, yet I do not believe you do not understand ‘our time’. If White Cloud can do a meditation for exactly 45 min's when I ask, and if you KNOW when our Christmas day is etc blah blah … it does’t make sense to me that you don’t understand ‘our time’. You are Highly intelligent … so what’s the deal about all this I have just put forth please?

We have realized that interpretation of our desires is not always accepted in the way in which it is delivered. For instance … when we spoke of The Pillars of Light in your sky, we meant very much and STILL DO that this will happen. We mean in TRUTH also that you … all of you … sent out the energy and information in these Pillars in your history, to be met in your future … which is now your present. These have not transpired as we would have desired in the time frame in which we/you had originally planned.


Because of intrusion by those who counteract all good that is energetically offered.

All good?

All good in the sense that the ‘good’ plans that are underway and to be fulfilled our ‘disturbed’ by those who have ill intent for human form. Therefore … the GOOD that we speak of cannot always be delivered in its purest form and is deliberately tampered with so that those of GOOD heart are unable to reach their fullest potential of LOVE.

So, are you saying that the dark ones interfered with this time line/frame … (I don’t really understand all that)?

 No, we are saying that energetically the ‘en masse frequency’ was not reached in order for these pillars to ‘transpire’. The overall level of vibration did not allow for it to happen as we had hoped. So it is not so much that the ‘plan’ of the Pillars was interfered with, but the general interference of the level of vibration on your planet did not allow for such things to manifest … for these pillars carry a high frequency and were unable to ‘decloak’ if you will, within the ‘timeframe’ we had allowed for.

So … are they coming … at some point?

OH YES.  There is no change there.

The thing is … I really think it is better if you never give times. Just out of interest … have any of you … The overseers of the overseers … ever incarnated in human form?

No, we have not. This is not to say we have not visited Earth and yet we would add too,  that when we do/have it is for only short breaths as you would say … for the density of your world is not one that allows us to breath easily … for want of a better way to describe it.

So, you have never been human. You know, this makes sense of a lot of things, to me anyway. I feel that there is perhaps much you do not understand about BEING HUMAN from where you are … In the same way we are unable to understand about being just Light from where we are. YOU are OF LOVE and LIGHT. You ask us to BE IT … for that is what we are. Yet … in my experience and I am unaware of how many experiences I have had as a human BEING  … or BEING human … it is easier said than done. Yes the human was ‘designed’ for Earth and all it has to offer, and in days gone by you explained what went wrong with the plan … Free will basically … yet NOW, in these times of endings and beginnings and so much talk of our worlds blending etc, I do not GET why you simply cannot just show us something major to lift us up where we belong!!! I mean how hard can it be guys?

It of course is not a matter of ‘hard’. It is a matter of etiquette.

Oh come on!  

(Etiquette ... ‘Proprieties of conduct as established in any class or community or for any occasion.’.)

 Etiquette on whose behalf? Wouldn’t you say that on behalf of those who control our world … etiquette is right out the window?

There are rules Blossom that cannot be broken.

So is there a rule that says you are not allowed to give us some REAL evidence? … Something that SHOWS us that all that ‘all’ of you are promising us, IS FOR REAL. Is there a rule that says you cannot do this?

There is a rule that expresses non interference of free will.

That doesn’t make sense. MY free will wouldn’t think it to be interfering. My free will would consider it a blessing.  I mean ... who’s’ free will?


Not and never having been human … with respect … no matter how evolved and high up the ladder of enlightenment you are … how would this be interfering with free will? If YOUR LOT decide to do this to assist us, to give us a boost, because believe me , as I have said before … we are in much need of one … how does that interfere with Earth’s free will? If you were to ‘display’ something undeniable … surely it would be our free will as to how we chose to deal with it?

And are you aware of how many are not ready within to ‘deal with it’?

Millions I am assuming. Yet, hello! … if 2012 is to happen as prophesied, i.e., great changes and uplifting of all … wouldn’t something of great Light showing up, awaken many? Lord knows … when one looks around it FEELS like it is the only thing that WOULD waken the masses. Surely then, those that choose to deny or go into fear can use their free will as indeed can we all. Again I stress, it is not proof we are after … IF something undeniable was presented from you, for us, down here, as humans, we wouldn’t FEEL so hopeless. I don’t know why I use that word, for I do not feel hopeless ... I feel vibrant and strong … and yet it is so important that many more wake up to who they are  …  and help from you  … in this way  … as you keep saying you will … wouldn’t go amiss just quietly!!

We are indeed taking on board that which you are speaking of. It is not that we KNOW everything because of our position.

I always have assumed you do.

We cannot KNOW attention to detail in many aspects of the human anxieties. We simply sense the overall energies of a particular subject matter. We can therefore ‘read’ the energy ... yet not necessarily every thought of the human mind concerning a particular subject matter.

So are you saying then, that WE as humans, spirit energy encased in human bodies, are sort of ‘more enlightened' than you on the subject of being human?


Struth! That’s new to me! So then … with respect … listen up guys!!! … As spirit energy in this human form on this planet called Earth … JOIN US!

Yes, we knew what we were in for before we came. We volunteered and were chosen … yes yes, yes … got that bit … and we came down here to raise the vibration of ourselves and the planet … got that bit too … but as you say … free will is involved and perhaps as we boldly stepped forward where no man had been before  … swords , hearts and spirits high … we and you , hadn’t taken into account how ‘nasty’ some of us little earthlings could stretch to becoming. Yes they are lost and we all want to bring each and everyone home and somehow, someday we shall … but due to this perhaps unforeseen  predicament with those who choose to interfere with ‘OUR free will’ … I hereby give you permission to interfere right back and SHOW UP in a way that will neither scare nor disrupt , yet offer us the KNOWING that … as you say so often … 'we are not alone' … because believe me … in this human form … in this FEELING that you are unable to understand fully because you haven’t experienced it  … it so often FEELS like it.

Take our hands , walk beside us … (eventually  … one day at a time sweet Jesus and all that) … instead of whispering messages of hope for so long now , that our faith in anything ever taking place with you as our allies is waning and this is not what we had planned. Plans sometimes have to change and so I suggest you go back to the drawing board , reassess , revaluate the situ from our point of view and take action  … not 'soon' ... for this word too has lost any sense of meaning … But in a time frame that suits US …  For example ... NOW! I have prattled on enough for today … please have a think, nay, a major meeting of councils to discuss this. Yep, this is just me, Blossom Goodchild saying my piece, yet … are we not all one?

We find this discourse quite refreshing. We shall ‘go away’ and think over that which has been presented to us. Yet may we say how delighted we are to have ‘made up’. We knew it was not our position to contact you … yet we knew that we would jump at the chance, the second you let us know you were prepared to ‘open up’ to us once again. A day (in your time) of much celebration for us and cause for much consideration also.

Ok … gotta go … FEELS GOOD. THANK YOU.


In Love and Light till next time … which may be ‘soon’!


Jan 23rd.

Here I am again. One question I would like answered on a personal note is this … How do I know that I am communicating with you … The Federation of Light? What proof do I have? In other words … apart from ‘you’ using words that I do not use and am not totally sure of their meaning until I look them up … how do I know that all these pearls of wisdom etc are not brought forth from another part of my consciousness? Is there a way you could let me know once and for all that all this is ‘REAL’?

We once again brighten the Light because of your determination and triumph. (?)

Ok … Hold it … this is exactly what I am talking about … Triumph? What triumph? These are the kind of words that confuse. If we are to continue we have to … as my dear old dad used to say, ‘speak clearly and distinctly’. What triumph?

The triumph of your soulself following its pathway … clearly and distinctly. In that … here you are once again in contact with us. For indeed it IS US. We are not a ‘figment of your imagination’ nor shall/can we ever be. You question our credibility and because of this you question also your own … is this not so?

Yes … at times … yet in other times I KNOW you are not me!! Yet due to the fact you are just ‘thought’ when we speak … admittedly a conversational thought that I do not have to think about … how do I KNOW I am in touch with YOU? I could just be plain bonkers … (as some already think!)

Do you consider this possibility?

No. Yet I do consider the TRUTH of all of this. All I can do is TRUST and I have … yet I would like an answer … if there is one you can put to me … other than giving me ‘a sign’ to say ‘it’s ok Blossom ... all is good’. So, are you able to give me a concrete answer that would satisfy my curiosity? It would give me great encouragement also.

We find this rather remarkable. After all that you have been through with us, after all this time … you STILL question who we are! Did you not undergo much of this ‘testing out’ at the beginning when we first made contact and also of course during the Oct 14th event? After all this … you STILL question are friendship?

Yep. If a friend of mine in human form had spoken about Oct 14th and then the Pillars of Light in the way you have and the result is how it is at this point in time , I would also be questioning the ‘TRUTH ‘ of what this friend was asking me to put out there. Let’s not forget … if it was a human friend I would have the added KNOWLEDGE that they existed by either touching/seeing/ hearing them.

What would you like us to do?

With all respect … you’re the ones with all the extra intelligence. I leave it up to you. It seems you are unable to ‘show up’ right now , so that’s out … I am not necessarily saying it has to be on a public scale  … just something that I could clarify as a sign from you to say ‘YES WE ARE OF LIGHT AND TRUTH … Carry on Sergeant’ sort of thing.

We will see what we can do.

Don’t get me wrong this is not a bribe … this is just ME , Blossom Goodchild NEEDING to make sure that I am delivering the TRUTH and not on some huge ego trip or … heaven forbid … being interfered with by those whose desires are not for the good of all … but for themselves.

We appreciate your judgment on the matter. We do not fully comprehend the reasoning behind it …

Then may I interrupt you and try to help you further in your understanding. Down here on Earth there is a lot of controlling of ‘us good guys’ that is being done by the ‘bad guys’. The techniques they can use are quite mind blowing! Nothing compared to what you are able to do I am sure (for the good), yet for us there is much to be ‘wary of’. As you have said to us … much to be discerning about.  So that is all I am doing … since the misunderstanding of the POL (pillars of Light) ... I am being discerning and double checking and quadruple checking that YOU are of Light and TRUTH . This to me is imperative in order to continue what I consider to be part of my reason for being here on Earth at this time. Does this help?

Indeed. And yet we smile, for are you able to see the pathway in which you have trod, and that in which you are about to take? All things are for a reason. All moments of your BEING are for a reason. There is not one jot of a moment in your breathing that does not have a point to it. Perhaps it is now your turn to not fully understand?

It’s hard to some times. We just have to take your word for it. In the same way … I ask you to take my word for that which I am expressing. You are in your dimension … I am in mine … a bit like visitors to a strange country and being shown traditions and cultural behaviours.

OK … I will leave it there in that I would like a little personal sign. I do not feel this is too much to ask … caution is necessary I feel and my intention is not for self gain but if you wish me to continue sending your messages out to the many thousands that receive them … I HAVE TO KNOW YOU ARE OF TRUTH. Deal?


See, it’s funny … you saying ‘deal’ just then … well, that to me is like I am making you up. Just writing down what comes into my head with NO PROOF that it is you saying ‘deal’ and that you will at some point ‘soon’ give me the proof. THAT is where the confusion comes in. What if … only some of the communication is you and then the link breaks and I carry on willy nilly thinking I am still in touch with you and yet it’s me and my thoughts, desires, nay needs … that have popped in?

May we in ALL HONESTY make this extremely clear? Because of who you represent … US … we would not allow this to take place. Why do you think Blossom you were chosen?

Beats me … truly it does … and that’s why I question …

 So are you questioning yourself or us?

Both.  Because this is between us and I don’t have to publish it … yes, please … can you enlighten me on why I got chosen out of what must be many many many that auditioned for the part!

 Because of your integrity. Because of this very thing that you are speaking with us about now. Because of all that you are going through now to make sure that ONLY THE TRUTH is delivered.  You cannot expect communication as it is … between such ‘vast distances’ … to run as smoothly as you would like it to. The ‘energetics’ involved simply do not make it possible. We would continue with the fact that it is not just the ‘responsibility of the channelling's’ that are involved in your position criteria. It goes far beyond that. Until you TRULY understand WHY you were chosen, we are not able to move into the position that we have agreed upon with you.

Two questions. 1. Why was I chosen?  2. What position did we agree upon?

Let us swing this around. Why do YOU think you were chosen? … We ask you again, yet this time … please give it your honest opinion … not one that berates your True self.

Ok … As you say … I do consider myself to be honest no matter what the cost.

What else?

Erm … humour?

What else?


What else? … Remember you do not have to publish this … this is just between us if you so desire … so let go of what others may think of your reply to this question … what else?

Ok … because I have reached a place in my evolvement when I have no nastiness inside of me. I have no ill thoughts toward another no matter where they are placed on their journey and what they may have done or how they may behave … I still do ‘judge’ on what people may wear sometimes though!! I don’t like myself for that … then I say I am simply observing with intrigue … not judging!! By no means do I consider myself perfect. Yet I have no ill thoughts toward another living thing.

What else?

I don’t know. The thing is … there seems to be many who write to me or who I hear of, that are much further up the ladder than I … Sometimes I wonder why they were not chosen … let’s be honest … I do take the mickey out of myself with this position I have been entrusted with … I do have a real laugh about it … Some people ‘admire’ the way I speak to you … I can’t help being me … with you … yet is it because I am not fully realizing with whom I am speaking?

You tell us.

Who knows? That’s the thing! If it is meant to be … I am happy to do it … You just let me know that we are on the right track. You see, there is so much I don’t know. So much I don’t understand about what is going on. AND … I don’t understand WHY you are unable to give us straight forward answers. That is one of my reasons for doubting. Why is it so difficult to let us know for instance … what is going to happen on 21st Dec 2012? Why does there have to be so many scenarios, so many different approaches about it?

WHY WHY WHY is there all this confusion? WHY can we just not be told the STRAIGHT FORWARD TRUTH about what will be happening for us? Why have we got to TRUST? We wouldn’t have to TRUST if you just came out with the TRUTH of what is going to take place. Then we could know. Then we could prepare.

All this ‘BE LOVE’ stuff is wonderful, I LOVE it  … don’t get me wrong, and we are definitely ‘getting’ that side … but what is the deal with holding so much back from us?

Because it is for you to experience as it comes to you. If it was to be that your best friend came to you and said that they were going to go on holiday and were not sure where to, or how long they would be gone … you would ask them … 'what do you mean?' How can you be going somewhere if you don’t know where you are going? Yet … it is the journey that is the holiday. The adventure … the experiences acquired whilst ‘going nowhere’ … just traveling and being wherever it was /is they were/are at any given moment. You are all on a journey of your life.

We cannot ‘book your flights’ to somewhere … for it is that journey that leads you to your next experience. How can we say to you … that everyone on earth is going to ‘Spain’ for a holiday on 21st Dec.?

Think about this … You are all in different locations of your planet and within yourself. How many different routes are involved to reach Spain? Would you all get there at the same time? Of course not. Would you all leave immediately or would some feel they had affairs to get in order before they did so? Some are much closer to Spain than others. Some already live in Spain. Would everyone want to go to Spain … taking free choice into account?

Many more questions could be asked … THIS IS WHY we cannot give you a general answer. It is far more complex and involved than ‘thinking about a holiday in Spain’ … and to add … if you were to then consider making it a family holiday and then perhaps asking some friends … how much logistical planning must be done to make it happen, and even then it may not work according to plan, according to what is on the drawing board, because not everyone is able to simply ‘drop everything’ and come.

Really? Is that how it is going to be? A choice? 

Of course … we do not interfere with free will.

It all just blows my head off and I do not feel any further forward. This is what I mean … still none the wiser and yet so many questions I would like answered … Clearly and distinctly.

I am going to have to leave it for today …… Lordy Lordy! … We seem to be getting nowhere fast … I felt the same when I wrote THE BRIDGE … yet when I read it in its entirety, it all somehow made sense and as many said ‘connected one up with home’.
Maybe this little section with you (on the quiet) is doing the same … on the other hand … maybe I will get to a point when I think … Nup! This just isn’t what I FEEL it should be and jack it all in ... Who knows?  I am assuming you can sense that I am not down about all of this? Merely at a junction I have come across on my way to Spain!!!  And I can’t end without saying ‘… I love ya’.

And we can’t end.

That’s the kind of statement that makes me love ya. In thanks for your ‘time’.

Hold on … I feel you want to add something as my ears have gone weird.

Yes. We would like to add that we will make sure that your request is processed in the correct tray.

I look forward to it … Please though … Make sure that whatever way my request is seen to, that it is done so … clearly and distinctly … so there is no question as to ‘was it them, wasn't it.’  Again cheer ho!



Jan 25th.

I just began a channell and knew within the first sentence it was not The Federation. The wording was not of Light.  Aborting mission for today.

Note from Blossom.

At this juncture I was still pondering on whether or not to continue ‘publicly’ and was hoping for a little sign , although to be honest I have to say … I was doubting I would get one … just call me Thomas! Through circumstance/ Divine intervention … call it what you may … I was sent the video of an interview with Project Camelot and a man named Bill wood, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nkIIBnIuXHM

which led me on to watching the follow up interview with David Wilcock and Bill Ryan added into the equation.


 (These videos are 2 1/2hr and 3 hrs long respectively, FYO)

At first I thought this is ‘military’ stuff and not my cup of tea, yet I found it compelling listening. So much rang true to me on another level (I assume).  So much seemed to connect with The Federation messages. It  made me consider that really  … it is not about needing a sign etc … in my heart … if I am able to bring messages through of such enlightenment then I should continue to do so.
 It had come to me whilst channelling the last message (above) … that I should perhaps read back over some of the last couple of years channellings and see what I FELT about them. I did so … and could only FEEL LOVE and TRUTH. So … I had made up my mind to continue … regardless of any unfulfilled promises and misunderstandings of timelines etc. To take from them what was valuable and to me … there is so much of value that The Federation have to offer.

Somewhere amongst all this thinking I sat one evening and watched the 2nd interview. There was a particular piece that made me smile when Bill Wood talked about dreaming. When you are aware that you are in a dream you can achieve amazing feats.  I am so familiar with this … for when it happens to me I say ‘yippee… I am in a dream … I can fly' … and after a couple of attempts at take off … as I am usually a little rusty … up I go. I can control speed, height and direction. I LOVE IT.

He then went on to say that this is how we should begin to consider what we think of as reality. I suggest if you choose … to find the time to listen to these interviews.  You will know if they ‘suit’ you or not. So … keeping this in mind … I remember that I had talked about this ‘flying dreaming’ with The Federation , yet to find which channelling exactly (keeping in mind there are over 100 posted) ...would be like looking for a needle in a haystack … so I let it be.

Deciding then to resume (in a public way) … my communications with the FOL (below) … I thought I would read a couple more channellings from days gone by … in order to assist in tuning in and get me in the zone. I clicked on a date … enjoyed reading it … and then said to myself … or so I thought … ‘Now then Bloss … which other one will you choose?' Straight away … oh so clearly and distinctly … I picked up … ‘15th’. So I smiled … playing my little game … and scrolled upward for a date of the same. Couldn’t see anything … so thought I’d try for a ‘5th’ … looking again my eyes fell upon Aug 15th. I smiled … ‘I’ll give that one a go then’!


YEP! You’ve guessed it … it was the one all about flying when dreaming and 'what is' and 'what is not' reality … just as they had chatted about on the interview. To me … and that is what matters is it not? … that was my ‘little sign’ that I was looking for. I can’t really say how it was all tied up in the interviews that I watched … it just was. So my thanks to ALL involved for helping me to get back on board (ship).

My heart was so full of warmth and excitement as I resumed play!

Jan 29th.

Ok. Through the grace of the Highest most Divine Light … let’s step this up a notch and get this show on the road! Hopefully we have all gained from our little interlude in one way or another. I FEEL ready to rock and roll with you once again in our old familiar style and in a way that will assist US down here to understand even just a little … all that is very ‘soon’ (tongue in cheek) about to take place on this beloved planet of ours. Over to you …

Ding dong merrily on High … in heaven the bells are ringing. We are IN LIGHT and IN TRUTH of all that is and we are genuinely delighted to be ‘fully’ within your ‘realms of possibility’. This being stated there is much to transfer to you in terms of that which we desire to offer. There is much that is to be offered NOW that was once incorrect to do so, due to understanding of information that we are trusting can now be understood.

It has come to our attention regarding matters in which we have spoken that the fullness of that which we gave forth was sometimes … in some patterns, taken literally. This we have looked into and appreciated the confusion that this presented. Therefore, we have accepted the confusions caused and which brought alarm and shall in future be more alerted to the ‘how’s’ in which we deliver our messages. We are aware that you have a burning desire to inquire if we are speaking of the Pillars of Light, but at the same time you do not wish to start off on a matter that you are now prepared to let go of.

Correct. Only in that … we spoke of this before and you said that it would be ‘literally’ in that particular case.

And we hold by this … yet we consider also that we often speak in a manner that will allow the human mind to interpret for itself that which it chooses to benefit from in its individual fashion. Some, we have realized are able to gain more insight from our information brought forth due to the diligence in which they ‘take on board’ the wordings and to what degree they choose to embark upon interpreting them. Much that we say is straight forward and to the point … much is also for one to ‘digest’ on an individual soul level and in doing so … depending on what level of the soulself one is at … they are able to absorb certain information from a ‘consciousness’ that one is not necessarily conscious of.

In Light of all that is to make itself apparent to you , it seems necessary for us to remain in a state of play that shall not only oblige and uplift your beings , yet it would seem that also we are able to comply with certain rules that abound, which on a new level of vibration are able to meet requirements and it shall be of much ‘dreamt about’ opinion that those of you who choose to … shall be partaking in aligning with us in such a way that allows a ‘closeness’ to be present and give that ‘hope’ that has been ‘lacking’ … a boost in the right direction.

A bit of a long winded way of going about saying that! Never the less … onwards.

It is with much regret that matters of great responsibility have had to be thwarted due to unreasonable conditions on the part of those who depict themselves to be authoritarians on universal understandings.

Would you care to expand on that, as I am not really sure what you are referring to?

It would seem that throughout history … what was once to be ‘visited by friendly neighbours’  … was pushed aside in order to succumb to that which was of the opposite in its dealings. In other words … we were of an understanding that in your past … certain arrangements were put forward and then when deliverance was expected … the necessary involvement was not carried forward and one was left with the feeling of mistrust. This changed the course of many plans that were at that time underway. It could not be recognized to continue in the same manner for it had not served for the good of all and therefore any ‘dealings’ which one in authority was undertaking were soon seen to be brought to a halt . From that time hence … new plans were discussed and different approaches were intended.

What this case in your history has actually done is allow for a different scenario to come into play, which will definitely be of great value even though it is not as was once ‘arranged’.

Be great if I knew what you were talking about.

We are speaking of wrongs which were not made right and yet NOW in this year of such ‘undoing’ … most, if not all of what was wrongly embarked upon shall be made perfectly clear to each and every soul that is willing to ‘accept’ what is presented to them. It will take only the asking of the TRUTH from ones heart to KNOW that IT IS OF TRUTH and yet when one realizes the UNTRUTHS that have been delivered on such a grand scale , one may have a difficult time in assimilating all that is presented .

The way ahead is clear to us. It shall be made clear to those of Earth also for we are the same Family of Light.

Time and time again we have asked you to ‘hold on to your hats’ and you asked us why? We have replied in a fashion explaining that what is to come will ‘take the wind out of your sails’. We ask you to be excited about these coming times. We ask you to listen to your inner KNOWING and allow it to be your guide. That which is to be revealed to you will surely ‘send you reeling’ and yet in the same breath it will present to you the knowledge of which you hearts say to you ‘ At last … here it is … THE TRUTH.’

We are aware for you that your energy is ‘tired’ … this is so?

 Yes … I began this a little late … I am happy to take it up with you again maybe tomorrow?

This is ok in our books. We feel the link will be stronger also.

Then we’ll give it a go. For now … night night … sleep tight. It just feels ‘right’ to be back in touch. Let’s see what unfolds.

We can tell you now … that which unfolds will allow peace … of mind, body and soul.

Thank you. In love and light.  



Jan 30th

Me again! Ok … this is the last channelling before I send these out to be posted. I am sure many will feel happy to have you back. I KNOW it FEELS right for me. So, in that ‘LIGHT’ what would you consider to be the most valuable thing you could say at this time?

We, first and foremost would like to express our gratitude to all of you who have decided that you would like to renew contact with us. For there is always freedom of choice and should it be that we are not to your liking and understanding then it would appear to us to be pointless in your continuing to do so.

For those of you however that KNOW within you that we ARE of the Light that we say we are … then we consider our relationship with you to be a happy one and indeed ongoing for as long as our ‘vessel’ sees it fit to pass on our information.

So here you all are … aligning yourselves with the incredibly strong energies that the 2012 number carries with itself. The very vibration of this ‘figure’ when said mentally or out loud carries with it an energy that is of the most fortuitous ranking … and imagine how many times already this has taken place.

This year has much to offer in ways of great magnitude … ways that will allow you to KNOW that we are here … that we have always been here and yet sometimes it was known to be undesirable for us to be shown in our TRUE Light.  We use ‘undesirable’… not in terms of how WE would consider it to be … but by those who ‘clearly and distinctly’ would see ‘our plans’ be put to rest.

Yet on the grandest scale of Enlightenment … there is now no concern in any way shape or form.  We compliment you all in your steadfastness to the cause. At times there has been only a glimmer of Light in what seemed to be a very dark space. And yet , through you and your determination to see though your ‘cause for being here’ … you have given your planet Earth it’s glorious assignment in which , along with yourselves you are literally lifting the entire course of the universe.

In retrospect … it may seem that it was a very long winded way of going about such a feat. Yet … through commands made by the offering of the free will decree … only the course in which one was steering could be followed and it was not for any such souls that may have desired ‘things’ to run a different course to interfere in any way.

 In order to comply with that which WE KNOW to be obvious … arrangements had to be considered in an orderly fashion. That which we once perhaps should have ‘come first’ seemed more correct as plans progressed  … to move along to say perhaps ninth in line.

That’s quite a jump. I thought you were going to say second or third.

And yet … due to the overall perspectives that ensued it was absolutely necessary to change these orders in this very dramatic format. That which we NOW see to be of much benefit before us has pertained to the …  what one at the time would consider … ‘a demise’  … and in actual fact has turned the situation around … to be a considerably ‘better way’ of going about things.

That which is to arrive in your databanks within yourselves over these coming months shall prove to be priceless. We cannot seem to stress enough the fact that it is YOU who are the ONES you have been waiting for … NOT US … but YOU may only fully understand this when WE come into view.

YOU think it is US you are waiting for … in a sense it is … because by coming into contact with US you will SEE … WHY it is YOU that you are were awaiting. It is difficult to explain without giving the game away.

This is not to appear ‘sneaky’. For some of you may be saying ‘Why … why can you not just tell us what you mean?’

As we explained before … the plan would not be accordingly made clear if we were to do so … because it is through YOUR inner STRENGTH … YOUR inner TRUSTING …. YOUR inner KNOWING … that you come into the understanding of what this WHOLE thing is about. If we were to divulge premature information to you … then it could be possible that you would not believe us. Whereas … by seeing and KNOWING from within yourself as the TRUTH is actually ‘shown to you’ …  as opposed to ‘told to you’ in advance … then and only then, shall it ‘dawn’ on you  … and you will be able to continue forth creating that which as we have said … you produced long ago.

There is so much involved regarding ‘bringing to Light’ that which has laid dormant in the shadows … merely waiting for the retrievement of that which it is … to be rediscovered.

In these future days … that which YOU ARE will say  ‘hello’ to you. You can then choose to recognize it as friend or foe, for there shall be latent/last attempts to lead one astray from what is real.

Herein lies much of the problems that you may encounter when trying to ‘meet up’ once more with yourself … with the part of you that is the Divinity spark from which you were seeded.

Hidden secrets when brought to Light shall appear to be make-believe due to their incredible factors of what actually is the TRUTH. And yet one may at first have a hard time accepting these Truths because of the continual UNTRUTHS that have been drip fed into the human psyche for so many many years.

Again, in order to offer you solace … we would say … REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE. If you are unable to remember RIGHT NOW … KNOW that the time is to present itself when you are given the opportunity to do so … Yet remember too ...  it is the choice of the individual to ‘work that out’.

You will NEED to believe the unbelievable. You will NEED to see the impossible be possible.

In this TRUTH as it unfolds in its Divine structure …



For as you link up and connect up … it will be that the illogical will seem logical.

Much of what you have been accepting as TRUTH will be turned upside down and inside out … and the more you can prepare yourself for these ‘invasions’ to be brought to the surface … the more easily you can recognize them for exactly that … ‘invasions INTO the very core of the soul’s self’.

THESE INVASIONS OF PRIVACY have been AGAINST THE LAW OF FREE WILL and those who have divulged into the usage of such atrocity shall indeed feel great remorse in future time  … when the recognition of the damaged caused by their greed for power and rule will be FELT by their souls.

At this time … so many will have reached a highly enlightened level … and therefore ‘forgiveness’ is easily offered. Yet do not think that anyone can slip through the loop when we speak of such matters regarding a soul ‘FEELING’ all that they may have caused another. Be this a FEELING of pain … be this a FEELING of LOVE. For it is known … that which is given out is always received. This too is law.

How wonderful for all of you NOW who have served your life’s purpose so well up to this point in time … to reap what you have sewn. How poignant a time for you to receive in Grace the LOVE that you have been weaving throughout this tapestry of life itself.

Look now dearest ones … step back and view your handy work. For by doing so … the ‘thrill’ of what you have woven … sometimes painstakingly … shall fill your souls with the LOVE that is of the level that you have risen too. And as you FEEL this Higher Love … embrace it … FEEL its warmth surround you … engulf you … for it is all that you TRULY have given out to others throughout the duration of lifetimes on Earth.

Know that the deeper you can express this Love the wiser you have become …. And so it is.

Thank you for all of that … I FEEL this is the end of the session … is this correct?

We would wisely call it so.

Then I shall wisely adhere to your wishes.

We will talk again when it feels correct to do so. In Love Light and jolly good cheer!! What Ho!

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