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November 29, 2011 Thrive

Hello to you. I am not really sure how this communication is going to evolve. All I know … in my Truth is that there are many questions going round in my head since our last chat and there are many things I need to get sorted if we are to continue on in the way we have been.

Over the years you have offered us such Love and a different view point regarding living our lives and discovering who we are. By no means are we there yet, but many of us are at least walking on the right pathway and for all your assistance in this …  I, along with many ... thank you. Let that be made quite clear.

For me now, I find myself in a dilemma. I am confused and upset … no other way of putting it. I have received so many emails since your last communication from souls who follow your teachings. Some felt inspired and wanted to know how we are to bring forth for ourselves these Pillars of Light … whilst others have simply had enough … and decided to no longer follow your way. Mainly due to you ‘promising’ that the Pillars of Light would be with us by the end of the year … only to be told when I really insisted … that ‘no they wouldn’t’ …  because WE  needed to manifest them for ourselves and due to the timeframe this was no longer going to be.

This is also how I feel about it to be honest … and I can only be that ... honest!  

WHY would you not tell us this in the first place?

WHY say they will come and we will be in awe of them etc and put it out there in the way you did to begin with?

WHY didn't you say from the start that we had sent them out long ago to be retrieved now?

I FEEL … and this that I put forward to you today is my feeling ( it is not influenced either way by those who have shared their opinion) that once again we are being shown a carrot … a juicy carrot. We fill our Beings with hope/expectancy/ joy/ excitement/ faith/ knowing/ belief … because we believe in you … we KNOW you as TRUTH and then you turn round and say ‘NO .. It’s not going to happen!’

Well … in my TRUTH … I feel so let down by this. You are incredibly Highly intelligent enlightened Beings are you not? You are the Overseers of the Overseers. This surely must allow you incite as to how it is for us down here on planet Earth. Through all your study you surely must have gauged a certain amount of info as to how we operate in this density?  So WHY OH WHY would you ‘string us along?'  Because quite honestly … that’s what it feels like.

I don’t know … because I can’t remember … what my soul’s contract is/was with you … perhaps you could send me a copy? If I step aside ... I assume my understudy is waiting in the wings? Am I supposed to step aside?  I just don’t know what to do!

Would you not want to be encouraging more people to wake up and smell the roses instead of have them turn away? Of course I have had to question once again your validity? Are you who you say you are? I had such proof after the Oct14th 2008 * and vowed I would never doubt you again … but I AM … and that hurts me so much. I am doubting you and I am doubting myself.

As the messenger ... did I interpret it wrongly about these pillars you showed me ? And if I did … why didn't you correct me? I have had the need to remain strong in my Truth with you so many times and I have … but now … I FEEL so disappointed.

Yes … the emails will flood in saying ‘It’s not about THE FEDERATION Blossom… It’s about US and BEING LOVE’ … I KNOW ALL THAT!! But for me this IS about YOU … The Federation of Light … The Overseers of the Overseers. You have offered to assist and I am here to tell you … in this moment of now … as your messenger … this thing to do with the Pillars of Light has caused quite a bit of damage.

All is as should be as they say  … and I don’t know  … Truly I don’t … if what I am about to say is what was in my contract all along ... or whether or not … I simply turned out to be unsuitable for the job . Over the last week I have been asking my soul what I should do? Where I should go from here?  If I stop communicating with you … I will feel so odd … and was not communicating with you one of the purposes for me to be here? Maybe only till this time perhaps?

So here it is … Once again I NEED to know that you are who you say you are. I do not want to carry on our relationship if I am unsure. Been there … done that! There are some that feel you are not of Truth. I have always known you to be … no matter how others tried to dissuade me, yet due to this last channelling I now find myself really questioning the whole thing.

My proposal is … from where you reside … wherever that is … given the technology you possess ... I am asking you from the deepest  place of my heart … to SHOW US SOMETHING THAT IS UNDENIABLE PROOF OF WHO YOU ARE! Surely you must KNOW that this has to be done at some point?  It would wake so many up … if that was their choice . It would give those of us who are already awake the biggest boost to carry on.  Because believe me … we need a boost right now.

 We are fed up of waiting for those in power to find the ‘right moment’ to tell of your existence … We are FED UP. FULL STOP!

Yes … there are changes that we can see …. Yes … we are making those changes happen … but we are hanging on by a thread at times! Tell me … what harm could it do if you were to just show us a huge great sign? Write HELLO in the sky … change the sky from blue to yellow for a day … A friend of mine suggested you cast a peace sign on the moon so everyone could see.

 Something … you must be able to do something for goodness sake … to let us know we are following the Truth in our hearts. That’s the trouble … So many of us did what you said … you asked us to listen to our TRUTH  …to listen to what our hearts are telling us … and my heart was telling me that YOU ARE OF SUCH LIGHT AND TRUTH … and then you turn round and say that what you promised isn't going to happen …………….. Just like that. Boom! Out the window!

Well I ‘m sorry chaps … but this doesn’t work for me. You simply can’t do that and expect us to go ‘’Ok … sorry. WE got it wrong …WE misunderstood … WE didn’t understand that you meant WE sent them out a long time ago and now need to manifest them’ … and just for the record … exactly how is one supposed to do that anyway? Can’t seem to find the ‘Handy tips on how to manifest light pillars sent out from eons ago’ manual!

 I do not believe that doing something in a big way to let us know you are who you say you are is an impossibility. You don’t have to broadcast it … you can just do it … so no organization will be pre-warned.  By the time it’s done … it will be too late for anyone to react AGAINST it.

And YES … indeed … perhaps it will change the course of history … but isn’t it changing anyway? Haven’t we already changed course? We are on the right road … to who knows where … Ascension? The New World?  Well if that’s the case … maybe you could put a big road sign in the sky pointing upwards saying ‘Ascension ... this way!’  Because right now … I seem to not only have lost direction … but the whole **** plot as well!!!

I don’t know if you have bosses … I don’t know if you have the overseers of the overseers of the overseers … and whether they have overseers of the overseers of the overseers of the overseers …but if you do ….. Please print out this correspondence and pop it in their ‘urgent’ box.  I sure would appreciate it.

In my Truth for so long I have KNOWN you to be such Truth Givers.  I have felt proud, honoured and privileged to be your messenger. It breaks my heart that it has come to this … and I have not come to this decision lightly … far from it. Yet for me … I feel that I must make this my last communication with you until I have absolute undeniable proof that I am still in with the good guys. I cannot/would not wish to deceive myself or the many thousands of souls that read your messages that ‘I’ have been entrusted to deliver.

 I am completely shell shocked to be honest. This all seems to have come so out of the blue … and yet it has, and I need to stand in my Truth about it.

I think it would be unfair of me not to allow you to say how you feel about all this. So I will take a moment and then in full trust I am hoping there is enough energy around for you to offer your take on my feelings.

I ask only that your reply comes from the Highest position for the good of all. IN LOVE and THANKS and in TRUTH.

Dearest lady … firstly we commend you for your outspokenness. We consider all that you have said to be acknowledged and for this time we simply offer you our deepest heartfelt understanding and Love. It would not be appropriate at this time to go into detail yet we sincerely offer you feelings of gratitude for ALL that you have put forward to us.

But if you don’t go into detail it leaves this all so unfinished.

It is far from finished. We are more concerned of your energy at this time.

 I’ll deal with that issue if I need to later.

Then in our Truth we shall talk for a short while in order to leave this correspondence in a place where satisfactory statements are offered.

I have said my piece … you know where I stand … I wonder if you KNOW and understand why I have expressed such feelings of despair?

Many times we have spoken of seeing things differently from you due to the ‘space’ we are in. We have told of things appearing so differently to you and that if you were where we are you would understand.

From all you have expressed this day we have come to see the LIGHT from your angle in a way that perhaps was dismissed beforehand.

We do not make excuses to you … yet we have accepted the distress we have caused not just to yourself but many and we had not taken into account that the news we brought forth would determine such confusion.

Nevertheless … we are where we are in this moment and you and all involved are exactly where you are. There is hesitance coming from you Blossom is there not?

Wasn’t sure if the hesitance was coming from you or me … but it’s about. So … where do we go from here?

Inward. It is a time for each one to determine their Truth. We cannot do this for you.

You could … you could do as I have suggested.

Would this be the only way you will consider continuing correspondence?

Do you know how hard this is for me??????????????????????????????  What would you say to me if I said ‘yes”.

We would accept your position.

Then with a broken heart and many tears I stand by my TRUTH and say YES. This is hurting me so much … I don’t really believe we have come to this … but I can’t do it anymore. From my point of view you have to see it from our point of view. It doesn’t work for us if you don’t.  We have to KNOW that we can TRUST you and we have all worked together and built up such a beautiful relationship with you … I personally just don’t feel it right to just dismiss the fact that you didn’t let us know that we were supposed to manifest these pillars. A little nod … somewhere along the line … a little hint that this was the case may have changed the way this is all turning out … yet as you say … all is as should be.

My friends … far out ... I know you can feel how upset I am … I wonder if this is how it was all meant to pan out. I certainly did not see it coming … yet … what else am I to do? Truly …if you were me … would you not do the same?

We dearest beloved soul … are not you … yet we are part of you. And yes … we FEEL your deep grief at this moment. Know our Love is with you … always.

It is far from finished.

Yet for now … I must say goodbye.  I cannot believe this is the end. I do not want to believe this is the end … The deepest TRUTH in my heart sincerely desires this is not the last time we speak … and yet for now … I know not what else to do … or indeed how much more I can take.

My heart Loves you ... God … this is ridiculous … why am I so upset? Is it because deep down I know you as Light and Truth … if that’s the case … why am I saying goodbye? I have to my friends … I have to!

Thank you for ALL you have shared. Truly thank you. As I say … I have no idea if what I am doing is what I am supposed to be doing … and what a time to be jumping ship … but I just don’t know any other way right now.

Pressing the button to send this out will be to me as big as doing so for the Oct 14th message … many moons ago. A journey so worth taking … I just came to a crossroads I guess.

So to you … in this way that we have grown … I sign off. I do not know if we shall correspond again … only ‘time’ as WE down here know it will tell. And your final words to me would be?

 It is far from over. This in OUR TRUTH we know. We watch over you Blossom. WE watch over you all. Be in strength. Be in Light. Be in Love. It is the only way you can be. For it is you. It is all of us. We are one In LOVE. And so it is.

* A few weeks after Oct 14th 2008 I was really struggling what with one thing and another! I asked White Cloud for a sign ( I don't do that very often) . I HAD to KNOW that The Federation of Light were who they said they were. I FELT I wanted to TRUSt them, but did not want to fool myself or anybody else after what had ... or should I say ... had not taken place. My soul was in a miserable place . I closed my eyes and was shown a beautiful rose. So I said to White Cloud that if within three days I saw a rose that carried his energy I would know it was from him and know to continue communication with The Federation of Light. I told no-one of this. At 4pm on the third day ... there was a knock at my door and the local florist delivered three dozen roses .They had a beautiful ostrich feather in them and a card which simply said ...

'Walk boldly as the Light and the Love. All is as should be . Adieu. Kerrrie ( a petal).

These words as many of you know are what White Cloud always says.

Within moments I clicked and sobbed uncontrollably ...vowing I would never doubt them again. My heart was so grateful to White Cloud for this Truth.

I did not know Kerrie then. I do now. When I asked her what made her do such a thing ... she said she felt nudged by White Cloud all weekend to 'listen to him'. (She had his books) So she did and felt the urge to send me some roses ... only knowing that I lived somewhere in Noosa.

To ask White Cloud again of 'their Truth' just somehow does not seem the thing to do. Although I did try ... not knowing where else to turn. It didn't happen.

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