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Blossom Goodchild - January 25 - 30, 2015

Here is the link to the 2nd video by two separate witnesses. As far as I can gather … these were not taken on the same date as the original ‘fake’ one.

OK. I know this is unexpected … yet, something has come up that I need to talk to you about … and until I do … I am not going to be able to have a good day! So, the other week, I asked you about a video of Light orbs in Massachusetts. You said it was a hoax and not from any part of the Galactic Federation and the video was removed after many experts proving it to be so! Now, today I have been sent a link of very similar orbs, at a different time, yet, in Massachusetts also. I am so totally confused … with myself and you! Did my thinking of it possibly being a hoax, due to a couple of emails saying so … influence me? If so … I cannot Trust myself to bring Truth through.

Another channeller, who I had not before heard of personally, has said the video was Truth. For me … it makes me want to throw in the towel at times like this.I HAVE TO BRING THROUGH TRUTH OR JACK IT IN. Maybe readers won’t understand my absolute need for this … I could have just brushed it under the carpet … some would see the second video, some wouldn’t. Yet, some may be like me … hear about it and wonder who to believe. I’d rather stop than know that I am influencing the channellings. I mean what would be the point?

Dearest soul of a discontented formula in this moment.

You can say that again. You are about to repeat … I can tell … to Lighten my mood … and believe me, it needs Lightening. Although, I had to tune in for ten minutes, in order to ‘link up’ with you.

We cherish you. We only desire for you to Lighten up because we KNOW that it is not necessary for you to FEEL so downhearted and confused.

So, you don’t get why I am feeling this way?

Perhaps if you would let us explain?

The floor is yours.

We can appreciate your determination to make sure that what we say THROUGH you … comes from US … not from YOU. It is widely known that each ‘medium’ that is used as a vessel in which to communicate to those of Earth ... by those not of Earth …CAN BE influenced by their own manner of thinking … their own thoughts and beliefs … if you understand?


Yet, we categorically state to you ... directly from US … that the video in which you are speaking about from previous weeks ... was indeed, an intention to ‘thrill’, yet, the thrill was more on the part of the beholder.

That word surprised me, ‘beholder’, as I thought you were going to say … ‘the thrill was more on the part of the ‘prankster’.

The thrill indeed, was intended to stir up emotions …

For the right reasons?

Initially …yet, more so to prove that such ‘performances’ are able to be attended.

What does that mean?

It means that once again … one can conjure up anything and everything … and one can choose to make it real … or not.

I am finding this hard to follow, to be honest … and it will frustrate me even more if this time I have set aside to sort this out … doesn’t give me my answer, as it is inconvenient right now, to be honest, yet, I NEED TO KNOW TRUTH.

Have you not been down this pathway many times before Blossom?

Too many for my liking … I guess I am upset because after this year’s channellings, it all seemed to be going so well … and now this curve ball, which makes me question.

What is it that makes you not TRUST us fully?

Past disappointments.

What is it that makes you continue on?

Sometimes, I don’t know. I would hate to think it was my ego … I would like to think that I know you are TRUTH and therfore, assisting so many along their journey.

Then IF you KNOW we are TRUTH … why do you keep questioning that TRUTH?

Because, if you were me … you would do the same! I am in a human form, remember? Things are different for me. If YOU got the link through this morning, showing more orbs in the same vicinity, yet, on a different day, with two completely separate witnesses … where would that send your train of thought? Probably, to the possibility that maybe the first video was not a hoax after all. Then, this whole ‘responsibility’ issue comes into play. So, what do YOU say about the other videos?

We would say … now that you have given us a chance …

That indeed, brought a smile to my face …

That these new ideals …

New what?

Ideals … You picked up the word correctly … These new ideals of performance are far more common to that which we would state are of TRUTH …

(I Googled ‘ideals’ … it always helps. ‘a standard or principle to be aimed at’.)

So, these new videos … also in Massachusetts … are not hoaxes?

No … They are not.

Is it not a bit too much of a coincidence that they are in the same place as the hoax video?

We would call it of a different category. We would gently suggest that in order to determine ‘real’ from ‘fake’ … the curve ball was deliberately thrown into the pot.

Again … I don’t know if it’s me … but what are you on about?  ‘Curve ball thrown into the pot’ … I KNOW what you are saying … Yet … ‘curve ball’, when looked up means … ‘a particular difficult issue.’

Yet, our more Light hearted meaning was … this 'dilemma' has now had a new ‘spin’ thrown in.

Far out … Why, oh why, did I not choose to come down here as a cleaner? I have to laugh … I’ve done a good few years of that in my time, when the acting wasn’t around. Yet, I digress. Where were we? I am already feeling Lighter … Thank you … Although, let’s not lose track. I don’t like to question or put down others that bring messages through … so why is it another channel has said they are of TRUTH.

Blossom … what another channeller has said … is not our business. We are only concerned with OUR TRUTH.

Yet … then, we down here … trying to sort all this out … are left not knowing what to believe! If you are going to ‘appear’ … to Brighten our day … to Lighten our load …as you are saying this second video is there for … Why, oh why, can’t it be FULL ON? Why do we have to go through all this palaver? So ... let ME throw a curve ball in the pot. Did you … your lot (with the greatest respect) decide to put these orbs out … the real ones …. AFTER the hoax video?

Yes. It was agreed to do so.

By whom?

The Council of Light**. For the reasons we stated earlier … The curve ball.

What could you do right now, this minute, to prove to me that ALL THIS … all this conversation … is not me having a chat with another aspect of myself … in my head? Because … I could do with something!

Blossom … The proof for you … has to come from the way you FEEL … about US.

You KNOW … WE KNOW … that you can decide to cease communication at any time … if it no longer FEELS correct.

Yes, well, easier said than done! Because, my heart KNOWS this is what I came to do … and most of the time … I plod along with it. Sometimes high on it …and in much Gratitude and sometimes … as I say … like now … I am well and Truly over it. I FEEL so confused.

Then stop … for we do not wish … as we have said … to upset or displease.

I KNOW that. I do. I KNOW this is for me to sort out … IN MY TRUTH.

And that TRUTH IS?

I KNOW you to be real and of LIGHT and LOVE … I KNOW IT … Why then, do I keep going through this questioning of what you bring through?

You tell us Dearest One. WE can only come through with our TRUTH when you ask of it.

Then, do I get influenced by my own thoughts on matters … in YOUR answers? If that makes sense?

We understand … and we would say … NO. You do not get influenced.  Some others may do … but … … … we ask you to write what we just offered.

It sounds too ‘conceited’ to be honest.

You are not saying it … We are!

Grrr! You were going to say …

But you are of a Higher calibre.

Here lies this WHOLE TRUST THING. I have to TRUST that YOU said that … and it was not what I was wanting to hear. If I heard it, literally heard it, it would be so much easier. It’s because it is ‘thought transference’ that makes it tricky.

You know … a penny has just dropped … a little way … not fully down the slot … and you are better to explain it, as I FEEL you want to.

Many thanks.


When you choose … YOU, BLOSSOM … choose to ask questions on behalf of yourself or readers … we give you OUR answers … IN OUR TRUTH. You can choose to accept these answers or question them. You say … it is yourself sometimes you are questioning … as to whether or not you are ‘making US up’ … For how could we ever get it wrong?

We say to you … IN OUR TRUTH … we do not ever get it wrong … IN OUR TRUTH.

It may appear wrong in another’s TRUTH … That again, is not our business. The only business that is ours is OUR TRUTH. Whether or not YOU CHOOSE to KNOW this as YOUR TRUTH … Yes, YOU Blossom … is entirely up to you.

You do not have to accept what WE say as YOUR TRUTH.


Do you see? You make up your own mind … have your own opinion …

Yet, it seems a bit odd … not to agree with you.

It may seem odd … yet, it is perfectly feasible. Has White Cloud not always said … if something is said that does not sit well with you … then, let it go … and find that which does.

Yes, he has. Yet, for me … seeing as I am the vessel through which you speak … I would need to know, if when I ask if a video is a hoax or not … that you come through with the TRUTH.

WE DO! Yet, what we are saying is that YOU, or anyone else, does not have to accept our word.

Then what is the point?

You tell us. You are the one asking us the questions and we can only give you OUR ANSWER ON THE GIVEN MATTER in OUR TRUTH.

So, what if … for instance … I said … ‘ok … you said the video was a hoax, and I’m not sure it was anymore?

We would say …. Bravo … for following your own Truth.

Yet, are you not the ones in THE KNOW about these things?

We would say ‘We know’ that it was a hoax … You asked and we told … Yet, you do not have to take our word for it.

But I FEEL … your word is TRUTH.

You don’t always. … For today, you are once again questioning. Please KNOW Blossom …we do not have a problem with this questioning. We are in fact, rather pleased that you do so … in order to bring through YOUR TRUTH for yourself.

It is not an easy task working with us … only few Truly understand how it all works and that which it entails … so, we take this moment to thank you for ‘hanging in there.’

Be it by a thread sometimes. I FEEL we are done here today. I feel so much better for getting this off my chest with you. I choose always to share any chat I have with you ( it must have been part of my agreement ) and I hope it helps others to understand more of our relationship and more of their relationship with you … and also, my desire to bring through Truth . I think I have accomplished what I tuned in with you for today.

I am, in these situations, always a little … more than a little … apprehensive, going into sessions of this kind … for I never know how they will turn out. Again … learning over these 15years (!!!) to Trust myself and my relationship with those that I connect with (that I cannot chat to face to face) … Yet, who knows … Maybe one day.

Thank you, my friends. Thank you for your patients and for not saying ‘Blossom … for goodness sake …what now?!’

Blossom, for goodness sake … FEEL OUR LOVE … FOR YOU … For your determination to be only of Truth … no matter what is thrown at you … in or out of the pitch …

I guess I’ll keep on trucking … Maybe, we could speak more of the newer videos of the orbs in our next chat … we haven’t the Energy link to carry on now. I have to say … I come out of this session filled with Love … which is so much better than when I came in. Thank you. I LOVE YOU.

Case closed?

Case closed … Yet, are you happy to speak about the orbs next time?

Indeed. If it is appropriate at the next time frame in your world in which we ‘join hearts’.

Love to you … Love to all … LOVE … LOVE … LOVE .

Continuing my search for TRUTH. Jan 27th.

Hello again. So, I enter into this communication with a Light heart, yet, a determination to get this issue, regarding the videos of the orbs sorted once and for all. I have been thinking about what you said and read and re read the last communication (above) many times.

Accepting then, that the first video was a hoax … yet, not the second (containing two separate sightings) which you say, are not hoax’s … can you explain to me exactly WHAT they are? … and why they presented themselves … please?

We again, are more than delighted to resume correspondence with you regarding this matter, which well and TRULY seems to have put your mindset in a whirl.

These Light’s … in which you give the term ‘orbs’ … are a manifestation of certain Energy balls that are giving a display.

For what purpose?

To intrigue and question. To allow the inquisitor to make up their own mind as to what they are, why they are here … where they come from etc.

Yet, this is what I am asking you.

We are aware of this.

Are they ships of a kind? Do they have Beings inside?

No. They are not ships. As we say … they are a display to intrigue.

I guess my confusion is … the fact that they turned up in the same place as the hoax video. You said it was a ‘curve ball’… to sort out Truth from fake … that’s the bit that doesn’t sit well with me. I don’t get that.

Blossom … there is much that has … that is … and that will … take place that many cannot get. The plain fact is … it was appropriate to ‘send’ these balls of Light and manoeuvre them in that place at that time.

Can you elaborate?

Knowing as we did … that the first visual filming was indeed, created by visual effectiveness … we decided therefore, to allow that which WAS of TRUTH … and not from a programme … to enter into the equation also.

Yet, why is there the need to confuse?

If we had ‘sent’ them to another country … would that not still have had the same impact? The same questioning? Would not people say … ‘They have experienced those in another country also’. So, do you see … the impact of THE TRUTH … we feel … is more impactful by ‘sending’ them to where we did.

When you say 'sending them', what do you mean exactly?

We mean that they are created through THOUGHT being protracted into ‘crystal columns’ which are present among many Light vessels. These columns then ‘create’ the Energy. We can only simplify this for explanation, by saying ... this particular Light Energy is created in a chamber. It is literally ‘contained’ there … and then, when aptly correct to do so … that THOUGHT, created into LIGHT Energy … is released.

Do they have another purpose other than a display?

Yes. They allow for the Energy from which they were deduced* ... to emanate out into that area.

What about one ball releasing from another … what is that about?

The effect that has … is to encircle a larger area … a little like ‘off shoots’.

So, you are saying … they are ENERGY BALLS OF LIGHT.

Yes, we are. We have spoken for long days past … that in future days, more and more evidence of our existence shall ‘come to Light’ have we not?  And now is the time to excel … in the acknowledging of our friendship with those upon Earth who are ready … almost ready …more than ready … to connect with us in a much more ‘hands on’ fashion.

These ‘Energy balls’ shall be spotted far and wide in days to come. Would we indeed say … they shall become rather common place.

You do know I’m still struggling a little with all this?

We can FEEL this. How can we assist?

How about asking me to resign and giving the job to someone else? Just kidding … I think! It’s all seems a little farfetched … I mean … Energy balls … so, they just contain Energy?

Light Energy.

But what does it do?

It Lightens up the Energy within that area. May we add … that if you are having trouble accepting these Energy balls … we say Light heartedly … you are going to be in serious difficulty with accepting what is to come. For these Light balls are a mere snippet of what we are capable of. Yet, we feel it necessary to introduce to you slowly, little by little ... So as not to ‘Blow one’s head off’ as you would say. To you Blossom … we FEEL that you are concerned as to exactly what it entails to create these balls? … and we are making it sound so simple. To US … IT IS !

With the greatest of respect , we say … that your world ... in terms of technology is very much in the kindergarten phase. Imagine then, with what is ‘turning up’ on your planet these days in forms of communication … how much more there CAN BE … if one was Light years ahead of the University phase … If you understand us?

In days ahead … Dearest friends … in a time … in a world … where LOVE between the ONE united Family of Light is present … in the early days of introductory formalities … how you shall ‘fall over backwards’ at what we consider as easy as putting the kettle on. Yet, to you … will be completely ‘out of this world’.

There is so much to share … So much hope we can offer in ways of Enlightenment.

So much LOVE we can give …

We long for this Union … as much as yourselves.

It is beginning now ... to develop in ways that shall convince rather than cause doubt.

These orbs being the starters on the menu.

Well, it’s sure been a funny few days for me … trying to find out my TRUTH about all this.

Are you a little more settled within it?

A little. Yet, time heals everything … and this little episode, like everything else, will fade in its importance … as days move on through. Anything more you want to say?

Lighten the load Blossom. This heaviness you feel … about this ‘LIGHTNESS’ is defeating the purpose …

Thanks. I’m working on it. And now I have had this communication with you … I will let it go … and hopefully move on. Case closed?

Case closed … yet not locked.

Thank you.

No. Thank YOU.

* I never change their words. I felt they said ‘deduced’ ... yet, suspecting it was meant to be ‘produced.’

** Interesting they said 'The council of Light' ... Usually they say "High council'. At the time I didnt think to ask if they were different.

Update 28 January:

Case re-opened.

Good morning again. It is quite incredible for me, how this little episode is turning into ‘The Never Ending Story! What a week! I just have to pursue it … for no other reason than to FIND THE TRUTH. After sending out the last communication yesterday … my inbox was filled with heartfelt replies of thanks. Yet … and a BIG YET … there was a lovely email from a lady asking to ask you, how it was that the trees are in full bloom in this second video and yet , living in Massachusetts as she does … they are in the middle of winter and the trees are bare. (Best I don’t write my reaction to this!) You said … that the decision was made to send these orbs out AFTER the hoax video … which is this month of January. PLEASE give me a plausible reason to carry on … for this does not make sense and I NEED YOU to make sense!

I was aware then to record their direct voice coming through. And very happy to have White Cloud come through at the end also.

Click on the link below.


This audio was originally 32mins long. I cut out the 15mins of pauses!!

I really don’t know what to make of it … of their reasoning. I certainly wouldn’t have/couldn't have come up with this explanation.

I do realize, that for a lot of people, they may think ‘Ah well … whatever’. Yet, for me, to continue chatting with them, depends on how I feel about this.

What I FEEL about THEM is LOVE. What I FEEL about what they have to say about these orb videos is confusion and now, doubt.

I can offer no more than that. Perhaps the case is closed once again … yet, indeed not locked.

I send this out … because I think it right to do so. Yet, such vulnerability is on display in my quest for Truth.

Make of this recording what you will.

I will give myself a little while to think all this through … and see what happens from there.

In Love and thanks

Blossom Goodchild .

It has taken me yet again a few hours to get the audio working on this page ... and yet, I am already Lightening up about the whole thing!

I prefer not to put this audio on YouTube. If you have any problem with it ... please contact me info@blossomgoodchild.com



Greetings to all. We are aware this day of the reasoning we have been asked to communicate once again. There appears to be large fractions that do not make sense, to our dearest vessel and this is causing her great stress … which we do not wish upon her in any sense. Therefore, we choose to clear this matter up in detail.

We have spoken that the first video shown of five balls of Light … coming down from the original one … was that of ‘impaired Truth’. This is clear.

However, we then went on to state … that the second video that was given out … was indeed of Truth and Energy balls of Light from above.

The question has arisen, as to the fact … that if this second video was put out in capture on film … after the original hoax … which was in this month of your year … How then is it … that the trees in this vicinity are in full bloom … when they should not be at this time of year.

The vessel is already inquiring as to what answer we could possibly give to rectify this situation and she is trying her hardest to remove herself from her mind … which we say is not possible. She is asking this to be so in order for clarity from us to come through.

We speak to you of time … of which, to us, there is none.

This is where much confusion is held within. The time factor causes these dilemmas. Yes, we announced that these Light Orbs were sent out, after the decision was made … after the ‘Thrill video.’ Yet to us …

There is a transference of Energy taking place … as we come in more fully to this vessel and she is less of herself … in order for this message to come through.

We speak then from a Higher place. If we may remove time … if we put all that is … in the same space … in the knowing that everything is taking place all at once … it is then to do with synchronicity … in the fact that this 2nd video was sent in when it was. Even though the sighting may have taken place in a different month.

This vessel is still with us and finding that hard to accept.

We are even deeper as we try to express our Truth. We do not come to play games … This is not our purpose. And yet … much that is misunderstood is interpreted as game playing … as teasing …as untruth.

The difference in realities … between your world and ours is inexplicable … let alone within the distance … Therefore, communications cannot always be explained in the way we desire.

It is not that we have this wrong. It is that there is misunderstandings of time … that is used and manipulated to make things work. The Orbs that were sent … these Energy balls that were sent by us to impress upon you of OUR TRUTH … may have well taken place whilst these trees were in bloom. For us this can be after the occasion of the first hoax video. And yet … this is very difficult to be understood by you how that can work.

It is so difficult for this vessel not to think for herself as we speak these words. Therefore interrupting a little … the flow.

We are aware she is close to ‘throwing in the towel’ as she expresses.

This is due mainly to the desire to bring through Highest Truth … and not to be swayed by any other.

We are here she is sure of that at this time.

She is expressing that all she desires is an explanation regarding the trees in bloom … when they wouldn’t necessarily be so.

We again express … they were so… when the Orbs were sent … even though in the ‘no time’ the video of the hoax had not yet been created in the physical outcome.

This is not to say that it was not already created within the ethers ready to bring through.

Therefore, when these videos the 2nd time … of the real Light Energies were sent in and put up upon your internet … they coincided perfectly with our plan.

Therefore, the lack of pure communication that is involved is due to all these technicalities involved … removing the aspect of time … Therefore after or before … does not equate.

You put things in linear time. We do not have this. So much is misconstrued because of this.

We come in/as/through/of/ Love. We do not desire to confuse. Yet, we would find it of great misfortune if this vessel was to cease her communion with us. For we are aware there is so much more to achieve through our relationship.

She has choice. All Beings have choice. For those listening to these words … we ask you to FEEL the energy of Truth … Your choice. We do not wish to persuade in one direction or another. That is not our importance. We destine to assist in Love


Yes. It is me. It is White Cloud … who has chosen to add a little snippet at the end.

Dearest souls and to my dearest co - worker Blossom. These things that are presented to you are NOTHING in the grand scheme of things.

What is EVERYTHING in the grand scheme of things … is the way you choose to FEEL about EVERYTHING.

Those that are of Light that reside in other realms are fully aware of complications that can arise and cause in due course … the confusion that it can … and does … and will do.

They have spoken that when in future days … there is a reality of communication face to face … such dilemmas shall fade into the background with Laughter … at how simply these misunderstandings are misunderstood.

I therefore, come through this day to ask you to make up your own minds. To take always from all that is given … that which resonates with you … and that which does not … you can throw in your bin.

Raise your spirits … fill your hearts with joy and Laughter.

These pauses are due to this beautiful vessel struggling with the lump in her throat.

I am here … The FEDERATION OF LIGHT are here … Blossom is here … and between us … we desire only to help in ways of raising the vibration of yourselves and the planet ... The Divine Mother planet … into a more acceptable space for the soul to reside in.

To help you understand little by little why you came … What you came to do … and who you are in your reality … which is not that which you are residing in upon the Earth plane.

Lighten up my friends … it is worth it to do so.

Blossom is unsure as I am speaking … if this recording shall be offered out. That is her decision.

There is little more I can say at this time … so I leave for now … offering to all those who hear these words and FEEL this Energy ... my Love in its Highest form. Many thanks. Adieu my friends … Adieu.

Update 30 January:

My ORBServation on the matter.

After the quandary and uncertainty of the explanation given of the orb videos … hoax or Truth … time and no time … I received, literally hundreds of emails. 99% of them were Love filled and in full understanding of the explanation given by the Federation of Light, via the voice channelling audio. Many received so much Love through the vibration of their voice that it brought them to tears. (This is a good thing!)

I went for a long walk on the beach yesterday morning … still unsure and rather down hearted.

Then I remembered to BREATHE … as they had taught me …

Then I remembered all that I HAD TO BE GRATEFUL FOR … as they had taught me …

Then I remembered to CHANGE MY ATTITUDE … as they had taught me …

Then I remembered that NOTHING MATTERS … as they had taught me …

Then I remembered THAT EVERYTHING IS LOVE … as they had taught me …

Then I remembered to LAUGH (at the situation ) … as they had taught me …

And before I knew it … My Energy had transformed ... Blossom was back!

All the wisdom that ‘They’ bring through … All 'They' have offered me … and thousands of others, for that matter … in ways of LIFE CHANGING thoughts for the better ... have enhanced my life a thousand fold.

The LOVE of which they speak … The Love inside of us … is something that I seek to discover within myself … on a full time basis.

I also considered the fact … that if The Federation of Light were not of Truth … White Cloud (whom I trust 100%) would not allow me to continue communications with them … and certainly not come through in the same voice channel … and say ‘I am here … The Federation Of Light are here … Blossom is here’.

All these thoughts led me to the conclusion, that considering I reside on the Earth plane and The Federation Of Light reside somewhere many moons away … if, now and then, we ‘slip up’ or I have the need to question the information received … out of ALL the communications we have had TELEPATHICALLY over the last 9 years …we aint doing too bad!

I know I will have grown from this experience … and again, I must express my absolute sincere GRATITUDE for the support given by so many. It is in fact, overwhelming … and so good to know … no matter what is thrown at them … they FEEL THE TRUTH from The Federation Of Light … Often understanding them far better than I do!



In ALL SINCERITY from deep within my heart THANK YOU ... THANK YOU ... THANK YOU to Each and Everyone.

Blossom G.

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