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July 23, 2010

It’s me again! It feels quite a while since we were in contact. Life simply whizzes by. Everything is changing and yet somehow it all seems to stay the same. I understand that we need to remember who we are in order to create our New World. I have trouble doing that, therefore I have trouble visualising a world that is only of Love. Can you perhaps assist me and others who may feel the same on this matter?

We welcome you into this communication with us. We correspond with you in this way , yet we would say that there are many other interactive measures that we are taking with many in order to resume connections with those upon your planet. Your planet ... that not so long ago ... not as long as those of you upon it imagine at least ... was a thriving community of pleasure and abundant LOVE. Collect your thoughts for a moment and take yourselves back to a place where your rivers were pure crystal water , where your oceans were gleaming with life, where all around you was of the deepest fervour and with each soul that resided alongside you there was an acceptance, an honour of gratitude for that soul. There was a silent acknowledgment that each one was respected by the other ... for each one was part of the other. There was the excitement of living in each new moment. There was LOVE ALL AROUND YOUR LIFE ... ALL AROUND.

You see, that is where I tend to fall back a bit. I KNOW that we are to BE in LOVE. And yet I don’t always FEEL this way, in fact rather than getting better at it I sometimes FEEL I am failing miserably. Each of us continues on the best we can I am sure and yet, oh I don’t know, there is still this ‘hankering for’ , this ‘yearning for’ … something better. I know this may sound selfish … you see? … How can I BE LOVE if I am still FEELING the desire for something better. Will I ever be content with ‘my lot’ on a regular basis? It always seems so brief!! I TRUST you are FEELING what I am trying to explain. For I do not wish to appear to be moaning, just trying to get to where ever it is I am going … but the road seems very long at times.

The road is never ending dear Blossom. For even when you get to where you were going there shall appear before you another adventure. There will always be somewhere else to go to, for LIFE is eternal . It cannot remain still ... for then it would have no purpose. And Life SEEKS movement. Every breath life takes is movement into the next moment of movement. So although you feel ‘static’ at times, that is indeed an impossibility. When you FEEL stuck … in a rut… as you would say ... you are merely moving at a rate that does not excite you ... yet you are moving.

Yet, with all respect, isn’t this supposed to be the time when things are really speeding up, when everything is presenting itself to us in a new Light? Maybe it’s just me, but what’s new?

The very next moment is new. It has never happened before.

Yes, I guess it’s me really and the space I am in. I’ll change that right now. Ok … Tickety Boo!! MOVING ON! How may we be of more service? Yet you see I know the answers. To be an example of Love. To visualise and focus only on Love. To meditate. You have already told us all these things. I feel today I could be going round in circles so I’ll zip my mouth and let you take over. What would you like to express today Lovely Lights?

We would like to express to you our thanks. We would care to add that we continue to evaluate all that is being done by you on your planet and the difference it is making even though you may not realise it in its fullness. But you are doing what you came to do. You are BEING who you are ... simply by breathing. And with each intake and outtake of that breath ... you are opening yourselves up to the New World ... to the New Way of Being ... for with each breath you are a step closer to what is to come.

We KNOW Blossom of your heart's feeling to greet us in your skies. It sometimes feels to you like an ongoing fairy story does it not?

Yep! Every night I look up to the stars and say ‘hello’ or ‘goodnight’ or ‘one day?’. And I guess it’s that which seems to go on and on … every night. It’s not a ‘come and save us’ … it’s almost a pain in the heart wanting to see you. Wanting to get the ball rolling, so to speak. I think what I am trying to say weirdly enough is that … I MISS YOU!!! That’s it!! That’s what this FEELING is. I’ve never thought about it like that until NOW. Finally I can put words to the FEELING!! YIPPEE! I MISS YOU.I MISS YOU. I MISS YOOOOOOOUUUUUUUUUUUU!!!!

And yet we have never gone away and yes we understand what you are FEELING. That is why so much excitement builds as we draw ever closer to are reunion. It would be pointless would it not for us to be so close to you and then simply disappear? We are with you for a purpose. As we have said before , as we have promised, we will fulfil our mission and our mission is to bring you into the NEW WORLD . Once the connection is renewed with those upon your earth, once we reconnect and allow friendships to be rekindled, then shall we always be in your sights. These are times that we have all been waiting for.

And yet, we are all still waiting …

We stress to you that you KNEW of this wait. It is just that now you are in it you have forgotten many things that were explained. This process of movement into the NEW WORLD into THE GOLDEN AGE was gone through with a fine tooth comb. Each one of you agreed to it and furthermore … your role within it. You were so excited. YOU COULDN’T WAIT! And now here you are again … YOU CAN’T WAIT! Yet in the same way that you DID come down here to see yourselves and the earth planet through into this new time, you WILL move through into this NEW AGE that you are here to achieve. YOU WILL SEE US IN YOUR SKIES AND FROM THAT MOMENT ON YOUR LIVES WILL TAKE FLIGHT.

Perhaps it is that unexplained frustration, that KNOWING what is ahead and yet as this stage we don’t know it, yet our souls recall it and that’s why we FEEL so … LOST?

You are not lost. You are merely walking through the veils of mist that have clouded your vision for so long. We say to you this: Once through these veils, once they have cleared, then never again shall you doubt. Never again shall you fall into the wells of darkness that have destroyed so much of your reality.

BE OF GREAT STRENGTH … For this ... you have in your souls
BE OF GREAT LIGHT … For this ... you are in your souls.
BE OF LOVE … For this ... IS your soul.

Most precious BEINGS upon your precious PLANET EARTH … Lift your swords. Sometimes you feel so downcast that you forget that you can recharge them with SPIRIT LIGHT. Call unto yourselves … YOURSELF! Bring upon YOU your HIGHER KNOWING, your HIGHEST understanding. YOU cannot abandon yourself. YOU cannot leave YOU. YOU are always there for yourself. To be there for yourself. To assist yourself and to carry yourself through. Be kind to yourself. Be Loving to yourself. BE YOURSELF. There is nothing else required of you.

Many of you are tired. You have travelled far and are in need of rest. Keep on keeping on. For when you arrive in this New place there is no need for tiredness. Many things that now seem a necessity to the body shall be gone, for your body shall be anew also. It is valuable to visualise yourself as only your Light. Just Light. Removing the foibles that have taken their toll. The time is upon you … NOW … to recognise yourselves. To BE YOUR LIGHT … and by doing so … you shall LIGHTEN UP YOUR WORLD. It is as easy as that!

I know all that you say makes so much sense. It is a TRUTH for me as it resonates so well. I think we all just feel a little helpless/hopeless sometimes.

There is no need for hope. There is only KNOWING. And somewhere inside each one of you ... whether it be buried deep within or whether it is bursting forth ... is the knowledge of the wonderful BEINGS that you are ... and the KNOWING that you are so very special ... and that is why you are here at this time to work with us and bring about this DIVINE PLAN that is unfolding before your very eyes.

I think so much more will make sense when the director of this little movie shouts ‘ACTION!’.

In a movie where there are no extras, for each one has an important part to play. KNOW THIS AS TRUTH. Do not just read these words saying ‘yes, we have heard it all before’. Read these words in your new position ... from the place where your heart can FEEL them. Let these words sink in. Absorb them, so that your soul recognises them as teachings that you were instructed by before you arrived on this planet. Revise! Recall! Remember!

We are your friends. We are your family. We are ONE and the SAME. This is so, and one day it shall be known. Lighten your BEINGS dearest ones. Shine your Light out to ALL. For those that receive that warmth shall recognise themselves within it and do the same.

Thank you. As always. Signing off for now. In Love and thanks.

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