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July 13, 2010

It has begun. Can you feel it?

Remember we are here at this time because we are the ones who volunteered and were chosen. So many asked and yet WE are the ONES who were chosen.Best then we do not take any one given moment for granted. Best then we call upon our inner strength for we Know great changes are to take place upon our planet and it is for us NOW to become those warriors that we are. Time to display our colours and act in the manner that we know is our Truth. And ... within that TRUTH their can be no room for doubt, no space for fears. We know within the Highest level of ourselves that fear and frustration, despair and uncertainty are merely deterrents from the very tasks we came here to perform. We have waited for so very long, we have cried tears of impatience. We have buried our heads in the sands of time and allowed those with their own interests of control and power to beat us with their darkness until we could not find the Light at the end of the tunnel. And indeed at times has it not felt that the Light had gone out?


So release those patterns that have chained and bound you. Set free your souls and KNOW that the LIGHT THAT YOU ARE is preparing itself to shine. This Light of yours, this LIGHT that IS each and every one of us is empowering itself in readiness for that which lies ahead.

This feeling within your hearts. This response to your Higher calling is telling you that it has begun. There is no turning back.The road shall present itself as treacherous along the journey and yet you each have the tools to overcome the rocky terrain. You were trained as warriors and NOW you are moving into action to walk yourselves and many other's into the NEW WORLD.

Those who are of great strength shall carry the weak when the rivers become turbulent. Those who are of MIGHT shall assist all the little ones who do not understand and lead them onwards.

We have talked of change . We have asked of your TRUST in our words and you have listened with your hearts and now shall we ... together ... walk hand in hand across The Bridge.

You call out to us as your hearts weep ... we answer you and we feel your sorrow, yet we cannot allow you to drown in your own tears. For this reason we heed your callings. We, that are your family join you now in blessed union and say to you that procedures are in place , although unseen, and in that moment of glory when we reveal our TRUTH for all to see , then each shall KNOW. Each shall remember why they are here and what they came to do . All questions shall be answered and there shall be a determination and a recognition that far surpasses anything that has presented itself thus far.

Some of you have dreams of this moment. Some of you allow your hearts to show you images of what is to come. There can be no denying in your hearts the LIGHT that is to fill your Beings. For this Love filled Light shall melt your FEELINGS into a blissful state instantly.

This day shall come. You KNOW OF this. It shall make its mark and it shall change your world as you know of it today.

So, let go of your fears about all that is taking place around you. Know that the DIVINE spark that is within each one of you cannot and shall not go out. We are here to assist you. We are here to help lead you through. You SHALL KNOW US as you dream of knowing us. For your dreams are your future reality.

We embrace you ... Our family in Light.

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