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Blossom Goodchild - April 23, 2014

Good morning my friends. I am feeling bright and breezy and TRUST you are feeling the same?

It is always of the greatest pleasure to commune with you, in the knowing that our words shall be offered to many ... through which we send our deepest Love and Gratitude.

Straight to it if I may? Last week you said ‘You are drawing so very close now, to a time frame where upon you shall need to call upon your inner strength to see you through. You have gained … in this process of learning … much inner TRUTH about YOURSELF … and you shall be asked to recall it and hold on to it ... as these times bring you into a ‘different place’ from that which you are used to.' A few have written in asking if you would care to elaborate on this. Would you be so kind?

The words offered in this statement were given in Love … and in the understanding that whatever comes around in future days ... regarding changes upon your planet Earth … YOU, each one of you, shall have gained enough knowledge to KNOW exactly what to do when the time comes. Your inner strength shall indeed see you through … and it is far stronger than you realise as it has not … as yet, been ‘put to the test’.

So, in what way will we need to use it? Under what such circumstances do you mean?

Dearest one, for a long time now, we have spoken of Earth changes that are to come. We cannot elaborate in detail, as we cannot know ourselves, exactly what these future days shall bring … within the massive change that shall occur.

Are you speaking of the time when ‘The Event’ which you have spoken of takes place?

None other. For, although we consider this wondrous occurrence to uplift, en masse ... as we have said … we are also aware that it shall create confusion and disturbance for many, in many ways. Even for those who have been expecting it … they shall still find turmoil around them, which shall require this ‘inner strength’ that we speak of, to be brought forth.

We are unable to ‘judge’ how the majority shall react … and therefore, we cannot say exactly what change shall take place. It shall depend greatly on the ‘situation of the soul self of many’ as to the reaction of such an ‘Event’.

 I am not going to ask ‘when’ for it only leaves us folk down here in a quandary. I have accepted it is far better to let the time frame go and just continue to do my best in becoming more of the LOVE that I AM. That in itself, is enough to keep me going for the next ninety years!

Please write down that which you were to say … and then changed your mind.

Really? I discarded it, as I felt it inappropriate. Are you sure we want to go down this road? It may offend many!

Yet, we consider the fact that it shall assist many.

Ok then! Your call. I just feel rather ‘out of sorts’ about ‘channellings’ these days. No offence to anyone … on or off planet! I seem to have lost interest in it all. My attitude has become rather nonchalant … which isn’t very ‘reverent’ really, is it? Not when so many are making such an effort to bring Light to the planet in this way.

Yet … you continue to ‘work’ with us.

The pay’s too good! No, seriously … It just wouldn’t feel right not to. It feels to me like a soul contract … which I know I can break if I choose. Yet I don’t. I just wonder … as I often do … where all this is going?

It is leading you home dearest Blossom. We cannot comment on your disposition … for we are not YOU … and we are not upon Earth. Yet, we are aware of ‘energies’ that surround ‘all’ … individually and as a whole.

It is not compulsory for you to ‘acknowledge’ writings that come through … from ‘Us’ or ‘Others’. We would say to each individual regarding this matter … as we have said many times before … IF it resonates and makes your heart swell then continue to read on … IF it does not, then stop … for you would be reading out of ‘should-ness’ instead of a desire to feed the soul with the correct sustenance.

Well, this is just it, my friends ...  you have made my point … because you just said ‘as we have said many times before’. What is there that is to come through, that has not already been said? When I am sent other channellings to read … it is more like revising, when I feel ready to move onto the next grade … whatever that is! I do not wish to sound ‘above my station’ … yet these days, I just feel I have read it all before … because I have!

We understand.

Do you? So, would it not be possible to move onto fresher pastures?

The fact of the matter is … that many, daily … are being introduced to such knowledge and for their benefit … we cannot ask them to run before they can walk. We would not wish to ‘blow them over’ with too much depth, too soon.

Yet, could they not just read older channellings?


So …

So … may we be bold and ask if you consider yourself READY for the next level Blossom?

I don’t know! Am I? What level of understanding does it require? I mean, it is not like there is a test to ‘see where we are at’.

There are not tests … for the Earth journey is not in a ‘pass’ or ‘fail’ basis. Yet, one cannot move up into the next level of understanding until every part of their Being is ready to do so.

With the greatest of Love and respect to all that feel the same way as you do Blossom … You may sometimes feel as if your head is bashing at the ceiling … desperately trying to ‘push through’ to the next level … the next platform … for every part of your Being is craving to do so. It feels so ready to move on. It can sometimes feel trapped and as if one is bursting to expand.

Yes. Yes. Well put!

Accept the place in which you find yourself. Truly consider the BEING that you have walked into ... and ask if there still maybe room for improvement.

Oh, without doubt there is. I am often looking at my attitude and behaviour, especially lately, due to mixing 24/7 with other souls and I recognise aspects of myself that definitely need working on!

And in that way, we would say that it would not be suitable/possible for the next level to be introduced. To finalise these areas of lesser Love and allow them to become Higher Love is what your intention is. It is therefore OUR intention ... to continue to ‘coach’ in ways that shall assist in doing so.

The stronger each aspect of yourself grows in LOVE … the more ready you shall be … the more prepared you shall be … for the very ‘EVENT’ that we speak of.

Yes … we had thought that a while back in your time … things on your planet looked promising enough to let it go ahead. Yet, intrusive energies and circumstances prevented this ... and now … in hindsight … it has served us well. For the ‘when’ shall find the Divine Plan to go ahead much more smoothly than perhaps it would have done.

We accept that you get frustrated with us speaking of ‘soon’ and ‘imminent’ as days and months move through … and still we continue to speak in the same vein.



Then, dearest ones, shall you find yourselves ‘ready’ to be offered wisdom on a greater scale than that which we offer in these days.

KNOW too … as you do … that inside of each one … all knowledge lies.

In my case … it lies dormant … for now! I still have a mighty long way to travel.

We all have. For there is no end to the road.

Yet there is … home … is there not?

Of course. There shall always be home. Yet … when arriving there … it does not mean that ‘everything’ shall finish. It cannot end. Life cannot end. For it is ‘Life itself.’

How I wish I could find that knowledge within. I’ll keep on looking! I guess some would say, that it is when I stop looking that it shall appear. What would you say?

We would say that it is not about what you KNOW … it is about what you FEEL.


The ‘thing’ that you are searching for … is not something that is ‘hiding from you’ dearest soul … it is within your grasp … it is ‘right in front of your nose’…

I have a huge grin on my face for I KNOW you are about to say …


Breathing is the key to unlock your doors that you feel will not open.

Nothing more than the simple breath. And yet you try to complicate the most treasured gift … by deciding it is something so very much more complicated.
It is as simple as can be. It cannot be simpler.



For as you learn to behave in this fashion … everything that lives … in other words, everything that breathes … becomes ONE with YOUR breath.

As you breathe in harmony with ALL THAT IS … you experience the ONENESS OF ALL.


For the only thing that separates you from the whole … is your thinking that you are not connected to it.

Yet … learn to breathe in synchronicity with the UNIVERSE OF LOVE and you will find a NEW WORLD that lies within you … and indeed all around you.

It shall open up your eyes to things that have always been there ... yet you have not seen.

It shall open up your ears to music that has always been played … yet you have not heard.

It shall open up your heart to a LOVE that has been awaiting your presence … yet you knew not of it.

All this … because you choose LIFE.

There is no life if one does not breathe. Yet, it is taken for granted … It is not given that which it deserves ...


In every breath you take … acknowledge what it is …


The human Being is designed that way …



I think … my forehead just popped through that ceiling! Thank you!

Thank YOU. We TRUST we have served the whole through these moments with you.

Without doubt my friends. In Love, I say goodbye for now. I shall link up in a few weeks’ time, when I get back home once again. Much Love.


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