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June 20, 2009

OK my friends … lets Rock and Roll!

Dearest lady we are able to FEEL the Lightness that is within your Being at this time. There are so many of you upon your planet Earth that are experiencing a ‘newness’ to the self. An overwhelming sense of exuberance and a KNOWING that the self is doing well. One cannot deny feelings of such magnitudanal upliftment. This is of much joy to ourselves also for we FEEL that we are ‘getting through’ and souls are really understanding that with every new moment they are ‘getting it’ more and more. The most valuable wisdom we can pass on to you at this time is the acceptance of this FEELING for what it TRULY is … YOUR TRUTH.

You of your planet ask so many questions regarding future matters and yet we say to you … that if one was to recognise … that what is of the greatest importance …  is to BE within this joy … this intense LOVE … NOW … and LIVE IT … Be in LOVE within that FEELING as it IS … within the very moment you are FEELING it.


We understand that for some they are still within a fearful place within their Being and they have not yet grasped that which we are desiring to instill. Release ALL thoughts that no longer serve. Thoughts of yesterday that do not serve … Thoughts within today that do not serve and definitely thoughts about your future days that do not serve.

Stop within your minds wonderings and evaluate that which is of usefulness … that which is IN LOVE … and draw those serving thoughts ever closer to your Being.  As each one of you grows into their new body … their new way of Being … it is essential to clean out your closets! Adorn your minds with thoughts and understandings that FEEL glorious. If a FEELING does not ‘suit you’, then send it away. Why would one repeatedly wear something that they know they do not look good in? Within each and every aspect of each and every soul self there is the inbuilt KNOWING system of what is appropriate for the self and what is not. We ask you to ‘LISTEN’ to that KNOWING dearest ones. For it speaks to you within every moment.

You were created to BE OF LOVE for you ARE OF LOVE … KNOW THIS ... BE THIS.

I have to say though … in ‘my world’,I am for ever being sent things that I FEEL do not come from Love. Things that are spoken of by others that are what I would call ‘fear mongering’ and many ‘fall for this’ and become … yep … you’ve guessed it … fearful … AND … on the other hand, are those fearmongerers not just simply speaking ‘their Truth’? It may be scary to others  and plant fear in their minds and their Being  …  yet it may be an experience of Truth that another has had … so although I do not judge them for speaking their Truth … just as I speak mine … how do we go about alleviating all this fear that others are spreading ‘in THEIR Truth’? ... If you see what I am saying?

Indeed we are aware of that which you are expressing and we would like to say to you this ... much that is branded about by others is exactly as you say … ‘their Truth’ … and yet do we not always say to you that it is of greatest importance for one to follow their Truth? If … what another may say FEELS to be a Truth for one, then as we have always said and shall continue to do so … follow it. Yet we ask this of you also … that Truth that you FEEL is Truth … how does it make you FEEL? … For we say … that if the FEELING is one of ‘dis-ease’ it is not your Truth … for Truth cannot make you FEEL that way.

 And yet … I may find out a Truth about another’s behaviours for instance and it may not make me FEEL joyous and yet it is a Truth.

And we would say you have ‘chosen ‘ to feel uneasy about that Truth … and yet THAT TRUTH isn’t actually YOUR TRUTH … it is about THE TRUTH of another.

Here we go again!!!

You are all very much aware in these days that there is choice in ALL things are you not?

Yes …  I understand that we can choose how we FEEL about ANY circumstance  situation or person.

Therefore … chose what FEELS GOOD … FOR YOU. What you must come to realise dear Blossom is that what FEELS good for you may not necessarily FEEL good for another. We could liken it to taste. Some like a particular food or flavour … others may not. That does not make one right and the other wrong. It simply shows that each has different preferences. Therefore we say that one has different preferences as to what is THEIR TRUTH also. Ones Truth does not taste the same to another’s senses … so to speak in your way.

Ultimately … without question ALL ROADS LEAD HOME. It would indeed be a very congested road if everyone walked down the same path would it not? There are many roads dear friends … and new roads are being created ALL THE TIME.

There is a matrix system in place that connects all life. One could not possible imagine this complexity. Even the most mathematical mathematician could not ‘assume’ the first layer of this system. And yet … each one of you is part of it. You cannot not be!

We speak to you sometimes of magnetism. This is how this matrix conducts itself. There is a magnetic force that without its existence … so much OF your planet and many others could simply not function. As the Higher vibration is entering into your atmosphere … in turn this force of magnets … is strengthening its attraction within itself. The poles are drawing themselves to a conclusion.

Eh … not being a rocket scientist … how can poles draw themselves to a conclusion?

Would you say that when you attract something to you … something you have been desiring … then when it is received … it has reached a conclusion?

 Ah ha! Nicely explained… So are you meaning that as we are drawing closer to the energetic change within and upon our planet … this matrix is reaching its climatic point?

To a point … yes. It will be that the design it has been creating … will be complete … for the particular transformation that we are all working towards. When it has reached its destiny … for want of a better expression … then it shall be as if the final degree … the final piece in the jigsaw puzzle … when placed within the picture… shall complete that which one has been building up to for eons of your earth’s time.

And what a magnificent display it shall portray. The energy within that particular moment shall be like none other. There can be no denying from any Beings on your planet when that takes place … that something HUGE has just shifted EVERYTHING into its new position.

THE TURNING POINT … It shall be known as this.

The Turning Point! Mmm! has a good ring to it I must say! Rings True for me anyway. Good title for a movie!

Dearest friends … when many of you read those words ‘The Turning Point’ … there will be a recognition of TRUTH. There will be a KNOWING that recollects the fullness of those three words. For it is that which you are here to conduct. You are here to bring that point into itself. You are here to make it happen … and you are doing so.

This is why we have so much joy. This is why we continue to connect with you. We are aware that from your view point your purpose is not always as clear as it is from ours. So we come to remind you. It was designed this way in times when we realised that the Great Plan was being diverted by those who wished to bring about an agenda that did not have the best interest of your planet at heart.

Yet your heart… the hearts of those in Light are able to assist us … as we chose to ‘step in’ and assist you. For we are ALL in this together. EVERY one … EVERY thing … that IS … is affected by EVERY thought … EVERY action. It cannot be otherwise. Therefore in order to make sure that the Divine Plan came about without further hindrance … we shall continue to speak with you … more and more of you …. Until we are able to bring you into your desired state of BEING. That of pure LOVE. There is no doubt within our Beings that this plan is now well on target.

Again we ask of you to remove ALL thoughts of fear. Replace them in LOVE. May it be that EVERY moment of your life is lived in the knowledge of this DIVINE LOVE. May you come to the understanding of it as you dwell within it. For it is you.


And LOVE … our dear friends … allows fear to be set free … and through that LOVE setting fear free … it can then BE itself in its purer form. For within the purest place of LOVE … fear does not exist.

Fear has been created through mans doubt of the self. Where there is no doubt there can be no fear. And where there is only Love there can be no doubt … that LOVE IS ALL there is.

Thank you. I can FEEL that’s it for today’s offering. I know you know that I know that you know that millions of us send Love to you … you know that don’t you?

Yes we know … and we know also that you know we send Love to each one of you.

Tickety boo!!Talk soon then. In Love and thanks.

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