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June 14, 2009

Morning! Any one home?

Welcome to you dearest lady and indeed welcome to ALL who participate in the understanding of the offering of words that are presented by us to you. We have enabled greater knowledge to be imparted through this lady Blossom and we are happy that our communications have assisted many as they travel along their pathway to enlightenment. Although we say that the True self is already fully enlightened. It was once the ultimate knowing of the self. It is through experience of the soul’s discovery as an individual space that has allowed differences to appear different! And yet, it is known that indeed we are all One. We are of the same.

When we first began communication with you dearest Blossom we spoke to you of how your planet Earth and that of being ‘human’ was an experiment … and you found this rather conflicting with your souls understanding … to begin with. Yet as time moved on, you were able to accept that which we had spoken to you about. There are so many things that one has not yet considered … that at first appear to be ‘off the planet’ … which indeed they are … until you of Earth are able to bring them into their reality by coming to comprehend matters that were once taboo and eventually become every day acceptance by the masses.

This is of which we speak. That which lies ahead for you in your world , will in this day that you read these words seem impossible. Yet when the impossible is talking place and has become common place you will look back and realise that the impossible is not impossible at all. For you will be living within what has become to you … possible.

Therefore we ask of you to collect your thoughts … thoughts of a world where those that are like us and those that are like you … are able to reside together. When there is acceptance on the whole that our differences may be only in appearance. For our principles are indeed the same. The principle of Love for each other and All that IS.

For many of you … including yourself dear Blossom ... is it not so … that although the desire to have us with you is very strong … there is still the question of the actual reality of it being in place?

Yes … you are right. Every part of me KNOWS you are there. I FEEL your energy so close at times and yet my humanness wonders what would actually happen the day  you present a huge vessel in our skies for hours on end. I imagine it … I Feel the Love you bring … and yet … I have to be honest … there is a part of me that wonders if indeed it will ever take place … and if it does … there is the realisation that our world would never be the same again. Everything would change. In the long run for the better without doubt … but there would be such upheaval and confusion for so many. Even those who have been awaiting that day for so long would become frustrated to a point  because of all the misunderstanding that others may have regarding who you are. And yet for me personally and I KNOW millions of others …our FEELING is … the sooner the better. Let’s get this show on the road so to speak!

And we would reply with the words that the show is all ready well on the road and is coming up to the junction! The question is … which direction do we take from there!

With respect … Many comment to me that Beings of your intelligence MUST know all the ins and outs. You would have knowledge of all manner of approaches so as not to ‘scare’ those who are unaware. There must be a thousand different tactics you could manoeuvre into place in preparation without being ‘ stumped’ by those whose threats to you would cause harm to us. Many souls cannot understand why you do not go ahead and ‘show’ in the way you said you would , as they KNOW your technology and indeed intelligence could override ANY factor that would be willing to ‘bring you down’.

We are very much aware dearest Blossom of all the approaches that have been written into you to be suggested by you to us. We have many more plans up our sleeves than you can possibly imagine.

We have just presented to you an image of a cake baking in an oven. One may look through the glass door … the Light is on … and one can see that the cake is almost ready to be taken out and presented. However … although it may appear that everything is in order … from the outside … if one was to put a knife in to test it … they would realise that in needed a little more time in order for it to taste its very best. In order for the full flavour to be appreciated. So therefore one would say that indeed those few extra minutes of waiting were well worth it. In fact they would make all the difference. Do you see?

Yes …. I see exactly what you are saying. So in fact … would you say that last year when you asked me to put the message out for Oct 14th that you were going to appear in our skies that you were merely putting the ingredients into the bowl  … mixing them up  … and placing them in the oven …

We would say to you … to a certain ‘degree’! As you are aware Blossom … much took place on that day and the days surrounding it. Although many felt we did not hold to our Truth by appearing in the manner we had said we would  … we would say this …

When we stated to you after the event that there were serious threats given that would have not assisted the great plan .. Threats that we were made aware of that would become a reality should we not abort our mission … we meant that in Truth. For All that we give to you can only be of Truth. Therefore … we took it upon ourselves and many that were in alliance with us … to create thousands of ‘smaller’ scenarios … that could be presented to individuals in order to let them KNOW that we were with them as we had said we would be on that  given date. Many saw ships In your skies … many had inner experiences … many many many were awoken within their soul and have remained that way. Although there will always remain many who believe that day to be unsuccessful ... we cannot agree. On a massive scale … vibrational pulls were in tangence (?) with lifting your planet into its next phase. Weather systems that have not yet been brought to Light were averted. We would very much call that time a phenomenal success and it is known by All in our Federation that this was so. Its impact had an impact that is too vast to be calculated!

 Mmm … Well, that a relief!!!!!!!!! Although I have to say that for a long time I have known of all the wonderful things that happened around that time and still do for souls. So for me also, I can only look upon it as a ‘special time’ and I have to say I have no regrets whatsoever about agreeing to get the message out there for you. Those who know … KNOW! And those who don’t know … will one day!

Dearest Lady … we revel in the knowledge that so many on your planet are with us in LOVE. We are all part of the same Force.


We are NO different from you in our goal … to alleviate your planet from self destruction  … to bring it into the New Sunlight … to draw Light from the wells of your heart spaces that in turn feed your very air with a warmth that is like no other.

Slowly but oh so very surely each individual is recognising the warmth that resides within them. And as they accept this warmth they recognise that it is a warmth that was designed to blend with the warmth of another and another and another …. And as it does so, it creates a fire that sparks off a heat that Light’s up your planet. It spreads its flames of Truth throughout your lands and beyond. There can be no denying of what this warmth is. For it is known as TRUTH. And when the TRUTH of TRUTH joins together … when it unites with itself … it is of a strength that is unsurpassable. And you dear friends of Earth … you who have chosen to be there at this time … shall make sure that this FIRE … this burning desire within will indeed be a torch … a beacon … in which those who are cold and alone in the dark , may be drawn towards the growing Light Of the Divine and allow the centre of that flame to alight the passion of Life … the Love that each one of you now knows yourself to be … to raise your planet into its new homestead. LOVE.

Thank you for that.  I guess then we must all continue to do as we are doing and become Lighter with every new minute of understanding ourselves. And when the cake is ready to come out the oven … the timer will go off … and we will know beyond any doubt that the cake is ready to be eaten.

And we would add that when indeed that cake is ready, not only shall we add icing to it, but candles as well  … in celebration of a very special day.

Dearest ones … live with the Truth of yourself. By this we mean … what FEELS correct for you. For if you try to live by a TRUTH that FEELS correct for another and not yourself you will find that your Light … your life force will be dimmed and it becomes difficult to ‘glow’. Yet we say … when you stand by who you are … when you stand tall in the knowledge that what you Know is YOUR TRUTH … your Light shines like Golden Rays  from the sun.

There is no doubt within your Being that you are living in YOUR TRUTH …because every cell in your body …. every hair on your head will be telling you that you are doing just fine.

We are in LOVE … each soul of earth is in LOVE … and anyone who has ever been in Love KNOWS what a wonderful FEELING that is. Therefore, be of the upmost joy within your Being. Within every passing moment. For YOU and YOU alone are the very reason we are here … doing what we are doing … in LOVE.

May the Force be with you!!! In Love and thanks!!

Website: Blossom Goodchild

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