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May 20, 2012

May 18th.

Hello again. It is always a pleasure to sit down and converse with you and wondering what each communication shall unfold. So, I hand it over to you to take the lead.

Many thanks. In our usual fashion we would desire only to uplift and exalt.  The coming times are 'amping up' that which takes place for you NOW in your today. The energies are building to such a degree that they are almost tipping the scale. Excitement is in the air.

We of The Federation of Light are in our element shall we say. We have prepared much along the way in order for these coming times to run smoothly. It will indeed be interesting to see if our efforts shall be fulfilling for the whole. For of course, although much has been assisted behind the scenes by us and many … it is ultimately up to the ground crew to bring about the steadfastness and the balance.

By keeping balanced in ALL things then one is able to remain upright! To overload the self too much with one thing or another only allows for the imbalance to take place. When one is totally focused on a particular matter they tend to delve into it feet first … letting other matters of importance fall by the way side. When we say ‘other matters of importance’ … we mean matters such as health and the well being of the soul.

Dearest ones ... in all that is to occur in the coming days … LOOK AFTER YOURSELVES. If you get carried away with all that is happening it is easy for what is important to be forgotten.

If you want to assist ... then by assisting yourself you shall be able to be of great benefit. To stay grounded when one FEELS as if they are about to take off is also beneficial! Remember that the Higher energies are now settling upon your planet and into your Being. Deep breaths ... as we have suggested are of great grounding material.

Actually … the link is not at all strong today. (I tried yesterday also). So I feel it best to leave it and try again another time. Not sure why this is … yet all is as should be. I will try again when I get a chance.

May 20th.

OK … Trying again … anyone home?

We are always present as you know. It is just that regarding communication with you Blossom it is not always feasible due to prevailing conditions on many levels.

That’s understood. How are the conditions today?

Let us proceed and we will know! Congratulations are very much in order upon your planet. You have reached a decisive plateau ... shall we say. In that, energies that have been raised through your own vibrations have brought you and your Earth to a particular ‘point’ where there is now to be no turning back. This is of great magnitude from the place that we observe it and yet so many of you are unable to FEEL it or indeed acknowledge it . Yet we say to you this is so. For just a short while you shall remain on this plateau in order for balance to once again resume and then … as our favourite expression would encore … we would say … in the biggest fashion … 'Hold on to those hats!'

For it is then that the pace shall really step up. Many of you felt this ‘amp’ throughout your Beings over the last few of your months , yet what is to come will surely FEEL as though ‘time has been standing still’.

What exactly are we to expect? In what way?

In a variety of ways that will excite the soul and the heart. So much will seemingly ‘burst out’ and it will feel at times as if the mind cannot keep up with all that is being revealed. This is why we accentuate the word ‘balance’. For it is deeply necessary to keep oneself in ones stride at all times.

For as one digests the forthcoming news … as it is absorbed on deeper levels it cannot fail to lift the vibrations of the self as the recognition of all that is actually NOW taking place is acknowledged. Through this recognition you come to discover aspects of your True self that have been hidden from FEELING. And we say to you … how exhilarated you shall find yourselves. For you will actually be able to ‘begin’ to FEEL the newness that is to take place.

Again … we state that those of you who are in the KNOW need to ground yourselves in full force. For as you assist those who ‘don’t know’ you will be expanding much energy and hence why we insist that the power of meditation and all we have spoken of be of great value to you .

Someone kindly reminded me the other day of the' Bottles of Love' you asked us to store up. I have to be honest … they had completely slipped my mind.

Yet are they still there?

I would imagine so.

 Then it is simply a matter of opening the chamber once again and adding more. These things that we have suggested … you may have forgotten about Blossom … yet it is very much in the forefront of our thoughts. For indeed you shall KNOW when it is time to ‘release’ them.

May we suggest too that the benefit of these ‘stored energy’ bottles can also be used for the self. To return to you and refill you when in need of such sustenance. It is purely a matter of visualising.To visualise ANYTHING that your soul requires has an instantaneous result … perhaps on a level unseen … yet completely sustained on a soul one.

All these little ‘snippets’ we have shared with you over the years have not been idle chit chat. It may well be of value to recap/revise much of which we have offered  … for we Trust it can be of service throughout all that one is to contemplate and digest as ‘openings' are offered out.

So … it FEELS as if we are so very close now to … something. Yet we have felt this before. Are we?  I know much is happening on levels we are unaware of … yet are we close to something tangible taking place? Thing is ... your ‘close’ and our ‘close’ is probably a likened to your ‘soon’ and our ‘soon’.

Dearest friends in whom we FEEL such affinity … do you not KNOW? Do you not UNDERSTAND? Do you not FEEL … that it has already begun?

Yes …inside of me … as I said this excitement is there. But … you know what I mean! … The 'action' part of the movie. We’ve had the outline … we’ve had the lead up … we are on the edge of our seats waiting for the action!

And it shall be with you ‘soon enough’.  And we will ask you to check once again ‘Are you ready for it?'

Some of you who ‘believed' you were ready for it years ago … may perhaps reassess the self NOW and think … 'Actually … NOW I am ready … I thought I was then … yet not so compared to how much more I am aware of myself NOW.'

Remember you are on a continual evolvement. As you grow in LOVE for yourself … therefore the ALL … your Being is preparing for that which is to present itself.

Many of you will experience a FEELING of being ‘switched on’.  As if something ‘clicks’ and ‘off you go.' Hardly recognising the self … yet knowing that is who you Truly are.

When you take in these words from the Highest part of yourself … can you NOW FEEL the excitement?

Yes I can … that’s why I guess we are eager to know when?

Yet WHEN is not the issue. For everything shall unfold in perfect timing. It cannot be otherwise. Yet you see … WHEN is NOW. You are already in the process of that which you are waiting for. Yet you are always awaiting the next stage … thinking … ‘ This is when it really starts’.

Flow with WHAT IS and you shall find Peace in your anxiousness to begin. For when you have the Peace of allowing everything to unfold in its Divine timing there simply is no need of WHEN.

Yes. Thank you for that. It makes much sense. Good job chaps!

There is yet another matter we could discuss in brief this day .

Of course. Chat away.

This matter concerns the confrontation of the soulself to the self that you think you are.

Intrigued and looking forward to the explanation.

Your TRUE HIGHER SELF is so much more than you choose to consider it to be. We have been trying to assist in helping you make the connection stronger between that which you think you are/believe yourselves to be … and that which you actually are. For when you marry up the two aspects you will be in awe of who you are and the capabilities that can be utilised. So very much more are you worthy of …

So how are you suggesting we take this a step further?


By recognising IN YOU that which is real and that which is not. By choosing to become more ‘in tune’ with YOUR REALITY. NOT the one that is presented to you.When you look around you are now of a level where so much appears to be so trivial and pointless. A world that is of a different nature/vibration from that which you FEEL inside. From that which you desire. That world is your non reality. That is the superficial art form of a phony state of Being. That world in which you have grown up in … is no longer suitable.  It has no sense or meaning.

Yet we say … stop … breath in ‘life’ that is you. Touch a tree … smell a flower.. put your feet in the ocean … look at the stars … and say hello from your heart on the deepest level you can feel … say hello to 'the you' that is 'out there' … in that tree … in that flower … in that ocean … in those stars …. Connect up to 'the you' that is in EVERYTHING. 'The you' that you are looking for.

It is in all these things ... and when you give OF yourself to allow to give TO yourself and ‘make’ the connection to yourself ‘out there’ …. The ‘out there you' will in turn say hello back to 'the you' that is within.

I couldn’t have put it better myself!!!!!!!!!!!

Do this dearest friends and you shall change? By changing the way you look at things the things you are looking at shall change. Yet they are still the same as they have always been. It is merely your perception of ‘what is’ that has transformed.

When you connect in this way … there is a transference of energy between the ‘out there' and the ‘in there’.  This would be ‘tangible’ … as indeed you are looking for .

In all that is to transpire … it will seem for a time as if you are living in two worlds at the same time.  Would we perhaps say it may FEEL as if you are living within two different dimensions. And in a sense ... you shall be. We would call it ‘The cross over’. This is when you must differentiate between what is real and what is not. The REALITY ... is YOU ... and how YOU FEEL and what guides you. The falsehood is the turmoil and upheaval that is unavoidably inevitable as the greatest shift of all takes its form.


It is your Peaceful energy that can balance out the unrest. Remain calm throughout in the KNOWING that it is merely a change occurring and that ALL SHALL BECOME PEACE when the process is done.

Thanks very much. I am so glad we were able to chat today. Until next time … our Love and thanks go out to you.

Remember that a smile raises the vibration of the self and the whole. And in times when smiling is the last thing you FEEL like expressing … when you come from the heart and express it in your eyes and your face … you can Light up a soul or a place that is very much in need of such a gesture of LOVE. Remember this.

We will …. Thank you.

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