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Blossom Goodchild - September 19, 2013

Well hello there my little E.T chums! I am imagining that you can pick up from my energy that I am feeling so much stronger in these last few days and so much more me! Phew! I was thinking you could maybe talk to us about shifts, as sometimes no matter how hard one tries, one is not able to ‘shift’ … and can feel trapped in a ‘non happy … what’s the point of it all’ place … and then, wake up one morning and it is so obvious that a shift has taken place. Ones persona and attitude are so much brighter, yet nothing changed overnight … yet clearly something did.

We welcome you into ‘our space’.

I wish!

Yet it is possible. ‘Our space’ is merely a state of mind … a ‘space of mind’ where in very little can distract our Beings from our intentions of giving Love.

You say ‘very little’ … I would have thought there would be ‘nothing’ that could distract you?

We would say that at times the human behaviour can still shock us to the core.

I am with you on that one. You see, for us down here … there is so much that continues to shock and suppress and depress … and I personally have not yet sussed out how to remain in the vibration of Love that I KNOW I AM … that WE ALL ARE. Is it easier for you because of where you are?

We would say … it is not of where we are in a ‘place’ … for we are in ‘no space’. Yet it is very much of where we are within our Beings. For basically dearest souls … that is all there is. There is nowhere else that is reality other than YOUR BEING.

So hypothetically … if I was ever privileged enough to be offered a visit to your dwelling … where would it be?

Now that is an interesting query. For WE ARE EVERYWHERE. OUR ENERGY IS EVERYWHERE.

Are you talking in the same way as in … We are all energy /We are all one. Therefore we are all everywhere?

To a certain degree this is so … naturally … and one has come to know of this. Yet in Truth we would speak of it in a different agenda … from a more … would we say … conscious perspective. You DO visit us. We visit you … So many of you.

Why must it be that we cannot remember it?

Because of the density of your present (non) reality. Yet we would also ‘predict’ that when the moment of REALITY OF TRUTH comes upon you … ALL visits … ALL-KNOWING shall be recalled.

So would we be ‘nowhere’ on a visit with you … as opposed to being on a Light ship for instance?

If it was to be a visit with ‘Us’ in particular … then for ‘common ground’ we would present ourselves perhaps on a vessel … as such … in order to make it a ‘reality’ for your understanding. Yet a ‘conscious’ conversation with us  simply ‘takes place’ …  for in TRUTH we are Light and therefore just ‘ARE’.

On the other hand … there would be a different ‘reality’ should you be invited aboard one of the vessels from The Federation that is more of what your Human race would call a reality ship. For indeed there are many … of many different forms … containing many different species from many different planets. We would go as far as to say that some of our ships would indeed be classed as planets due to their enormity. Who is to say indeed … that your planet Earth is not actually a very large vessel upon which many live?

Care to elaborate on that little puppy?

Is it surely not about perspective? Is it not anything about what one chooses to believe? For we could say your planet is a ship. We could say Mother Earth is of course a living entity. We could say that the vessels in which transportation takes place from one ‘galaxy zone’ to another are ‘LIVING LIGHT’.


In the same way … we could say that ALL THAT IS LOVE IS GOD AND INDEED ALL THAT IS GOD IS LOVE … They are one and the same.

So … would you say … if your vessels are Light/Life … that they are not therefore ‘programmed’ to go to ‘such and such a place’ … I mean do they just go?

It is a little more complicated than that! Yet really very simple … from our perspective and that indeed of the travelling vessel.

We would say that we programme it … via our thoughts. In the more advanced ‘vehicles’ that is all that is required. It is in a sense … as if the Lightship and the Light beings within … become part of the same thought. Once again … words fail.

Can we keep going though as I am sure like myself … many will find this interesting? So, is it that a ‘Captain’ would ‘have the thought’? Because I always feel/ felt that The Federation Of Light are a consciousness … as opposed to individuals?

This is where it gets tricky to put into human terms. Yes we are a consciousness. Yet …

You are just showing me a colony of ants …

 … to TRY to express … yet that would not be a perfect scenario. There are many of us … many Lights … that ‘reside’ together and yet CAN BE … individual … when necessary.

Such examples would be for ‘council’ … for ‘JOY’ … for ‘individual messengers required’.

Oh dearest soul … how difficult it all is in our terms to describe!

Well … just a suggestion … you could of course ‘show ME’ and I’ll come back and put it in my own words!

And we would say that would physically blow you apart. And if we were to do it in nonphysical ‘attire’ … YOU would not be able to put it into words either.

Try me!  Yet I DO understand that if this was meant to be ... it would be … I get that. So, back to ‘travelling’.

Here we would ‘change gear’ and perhaps ‘move down a bit’ … in that … to talk of ‘Us’ in this way would not be so beneficial … as it is ‘beyond’ that which we can put into words. When we say ‘move down’ we mean in the sense of ‘vibrational pull’ … and would find it easier to describe ‘journeying’ from vessels that are of a different vibration.

When you say different … do you mean lower?

Not necessarily would it have to mean that … yet in this case ... Yes.

So … can I just clarify … I am aware there are many many vibrations … yet are there many vibrations of the same vibration … within a vibration … Did I just say that??

You did … and you are correct. For you can take … for example … ‘Vibration B’.

Within Vibration B there can be vibrations A-Z … which is 26 varieties of that same vibration … and then again within say … Vibration C of Vibration B  … there can be 26 levels of that vibration C that stems from vibration B.

And the point of continuing this conversation with me would be?

Because it made sense to you didn’t it?

Well strangely enough … it did! Thing is though … what on earth were we talking about in the first place … I have completely lost the plot!!

Let us oblige and recall. We are speaking of vessels that come from a lower vibration than … ‘what ours are … when needed’ … yet may we add …

You may …

That this of which we are to speak is still of a High Vibration … yet not on the same ‘scale’ as that upon which our beings ‘reside’.

Core dear!  Is it just me? … Or was there something in my porridge this morning? Pray continue …

So … Higher travelling vessels are of Light speed and energy. On some levels of travel it is that the Beings inside literally ‘morph’ into the same Light vibration/speed as the vessel itself and therefore it is transported as ONE energy.  It depends very much on ones purpose of destination and how far the journey. There are of course times when one is in ‘cruise mode’.

Many years ago in one of my meetings with White Cloud  … we used to be visited by what we called ‘The Friendships’ and they spoke to us of Being from a planet that was ‘Red’ and showed a gigantic red crystal in ‘their Earth’ that pulsated as their ‘heart beat’ to keep ‘life alive’  so to speak. They also said that their ship’s source of ‘fuel’ was purely from a huge crystal … which they showed to me as a vast column in the centre of their ship … which penetrated into each level of ‘said’ vessel.

Indeed there is also much propulsion from the energy of certain crystals. For naturally we assume that you of Earth would not assume … that we use fuel from the same source that you do upon your planet … That is far too crude a method.

These crystals on board are ‘revered’ and ‘sacred’. For the energy that THEY ARE is of great value in ‘essence of nature’ and they are protected from any form of ‘disconnection’.

Disconnection from what/whom?

Again … trouble with wording … Disconnection from ‘Source energy’ … from ENERGY Itself. They must be cleansed continually in order for them to be of service.

Crystals ‘play’ an immense role on board ship … indeed on many planets. Sadly in your world they are ‘undermined’.

Is that a pun you popped in there?

That is correct … yet questionable. Deep within your valleys … deep within your oceans … there remain crystals that even now serve you. Yet if they were to be found by those of ill intent … much damage could befall your planet.

I get the feeling as you speak … that these crystals have been programmed. Guess that thought came from you?

Indeed ... and at such a time … these ‘treasures’ shall be reactivated … for many are purposefully in deep hibernation.

What will happen when activated?

Restoration of many things … due to the pulsating energy they will transfer into the energy of Earth once again.

Oohwer! I am getting teary!

This is because of the ‘sensation’ we transferred to you … a brief snippet of it … for to give you too much would … as we say … make you explode. Yet in this time that we PROMISE YOU … this time when your New World is ‘visible and felt’ by you ... the ‘workings’ of these crystals of such size and beauty and ‘duty’ … will bring about … along with many other components that are still ‘under wraps’ … the ENORMOUS UPLIFTMENT that you long for.

 Yet sometimes feel is all a bit of a fairy tale!

And yet … do not all fairy tales have a happy ending?

That’s it! Queue to go … and once again … bang on the hour. You amaze me sometimes … especially as there is no time for you. I REALLY enjoyed this today … THANKS A BUNCH!

The pleasure is all ours.

I have to disagree with you there … and so would many I think!  Love ya!  We didn’t actually talk about the ‘shift’ thing in the end … Ah well as I have said before … ‘Shift happens’.

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