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April 19, 2010

Perhaps we shall begin the conversation this day? For it is us that have been nudging you to converse with us at this time.

That would be good. Fire away!

In accordance with Divine Law we would happily state that much is changing within each one of you at this time. It is inevitable for one to experience the metamorphous as it surrenders itself to the ALL that IT IS.  There can be no prevention. Even the most stubborn of souls will not be able to admit that something is taking place within side of their spirit. Some may be experiencing great understanding and joy, whilst others are experiencing the opposite as old hurts surface and release themselves from the egotistical aspect of who they think they are.

We are in deep reverence for those of you upon the earth plane who are delving within to discover the old/new self. It is a fascinating process from our position and yet at the same time we are connecting with the hearts of each one of you to assist in the best way we can.

Hold on to your hats dearest ones. For in a short while much that you have been expecting will come to pass. And when it does, you shall ALL be of much gratitude to the self for allowing the new you to burst forth in the way it is doing. For all that seems and feels uncomfortable for you at this time and shall we say ‘remote’ will be made sense of when certain new beginnings occur. And they shall.

Your patience has been conducted dutifully. And we are aware that it is not always easy from your prospective and yet we are aware too that YOU, each one of YOU asked … and were chosen to be part of this Divine plan as you work from the ground force … along with others that are not in the same ‘hot seat’.

When you say ‘remote’ … it made me think of how reclusive I am becoming and I feel a little unsure of that position. Surely it is good to be among others and allow our Lights to merge and strengthen and yet I find  more and more I am choosing to become insular and prefer to be with my own company … and to be honest that can be pretty boring at times. I am not sure exactly where I DO fit in or where I belong. The way I am FEELING inside about myself DEFINITELY KNOWS that some change is taking place, but can you explain about this need to just remain by myself a lot of the time? I know of others that are also experiencing the same … so I KNOW it’s not just me being ‘off ’!

Let us first of all commend all of you on your allowance to follow the hearts requests. For it is when one does not adhere to its needs that the pathway becomes rocky and difficult to climb. Secondly, by accepting the need of the soul to be alone with the self , it is of much benefit regarding the upliftment of the planet.

The planet? … When I become so reclusive, I don’t feel I am being of much use to anyone, let alone the planet and there is an old pattern belief that I am simply being indulgent and selfish.

Indeed the Planet.  For it is by serving the self that one is serving the whole is it not?

You are moving into a time when it is of great importance for the self to be secure with the self and its needs. It is extremely necessary for each one to look into that which is needed from the soulself’s perspective. For it is said ... How can one serve another if they have not yet met the needs of the self? It is for the SELF to be sorted out, in all areas, that is essential at this time … For how can you assist those who are lost if you yourself are not sure which way to turn?

Sometimes I feel like a yoyo. My feelings can change so many times in just one hour. I feel that when we are able to remain consistently in alignment with our Highest thoughts then that will be when we can move up into Higher altitudes. Yet we are all at different stages , so does it mean that we will arrive individually into this new world … as we each reach the level desired  in order to enter in … or will it be on mass … and if you don’t make it in time .. too  bad so to speak? That wouldn’t FEEL right to me.

Then if that doesn’t feel right it would not be your Truth at this time and therefore not the way it shall be IN YOUR EYES. It really is necessary for you Blossom and indeed every soul to ‘get’ ... that what lies ahead for each one of you is exactly what each one of you imagines is to lie ahead. For you are your own creators. Look at it this way for a moment … If there were enough of you that believed that when you move into the new world a vast Light ship was going to land at one of your airports, check you had taken your anti gravity pills and off you all go  … taking you to a far off planet whereupon you get off … are shown to your new quarters … and start life anew  … then indeed that is what will happen for those that are deeply believing and creating that scenario for THEIR future.  Another new world may be that on a certain year many believe /know that they shall descend into an underground city and enjoy the wonders it has to offer … depending on what those wonders are … which of course depends on what one has created so ‘wonderfully’. There may also be the scenario for those who believe it to be so … that the floods and earthquakes will completely annihilate your earth and they simply leave their earthly body … and this shall take place for them.

Hold on, hold on a minute …  (although I have a feeling we have been down this path once before somewhere along the line) so … how would that work if many souls knew/believed that this earth , whilst they were still upon it , was to transform BACK into the beautiful planet that it was , and they chose to remain here because they wanted to experience a world of yesteryear, and they believed that they have come here to help that transition take place … how could we all be on the SAME PLANET and yet both scenarios take place. I know ALL things are possible … but HOW could that be possible??

Because of that very statement … ALL things ARE possible … Let us remove the possibility shall we? ALL THINGS ARE! How we desire to help you to understand, and yet we cannot explain through your words.

EVERYTHING THAT EVER WAS/IS/SHALL BE … EVERYTHING … not just a few things …  EVERYTHING …  EVERYWHERE …  IN WHAT YOU CALL THE PAST /PRESENT/FUTURE IS ALL HAPPENNING NOW … EVERYTHING! So it is SIMPLY (?) a matter of deciding which scenario you chose to live out at any given time …   AS YOU CHOSE FROM THAT EVERYTHING in that moment that you are experiencing in that NOW.

Ok … so say right NOW I wanted to experience  … Oh I don’t know … actually its really odd, because as I am trying to think of something to experience the only thoughts that are coming to me are things such as LOVE or LAUGHTER  … things like that as opposed to seeing *my dream car appear outside my drive or whatever .

And yet in another pattern of yourself your ‘dream car’ is already yours.

So what would be the point of that if I can’t experience it in this ‘pattern’ … assuming you are talking  parallel lives here … which also blows my head off!!! …

Because in THIS pattern whether you like to accept this or not, you still have blockages regarding the ‘YOU’ that is experiencing THIS pattern actually deserving that dream car.

This is all so huge. We are digressing a little, so if we may … can we get back to the different scenarios of what will be /could be OUR New World.

We do not feel we were digressing. Sometimes ‘moving away’ from a moment assists in ‘getting back on track’.

Is it then that we … depending on our thought form … move into a parallel life that is able to adapt to that thought form and so too, many others who also have that same thought form also move into that SAME parallel experience … Oh dear … it’s all TOO confusing. For instance … say I had decided that my New World  was to remain on earth and be with her as we all move with ease and grace into this SAME earth , yet IT/SHE and all within/upon have merely risen to a Higher vibration and therefore have CHOSEN to live in a place of purer Love … what if say … three of my friends had decided that life was just going to continue on as it had done all their lives? They had chosen to remain asleep and just keep things as they are … would they not be saying  ‘ Has anyone seen Blossom lately? … Nobody’s seen her for months … and come to think of it, we haven’t seen her sister or husband or son lately either … have they moved?’ … Do you see what I am trying to grasp here ?

We are smiling at the confusion …  for let us speak this way  …  Have you not ALWAYS created you own futures? No one suddenly went missing … but it is known by each of you that your family/friend/ groups have chopped and changed throughout as you merge with a new group that is more of the same wave length of thinking as yourself. It is no different.

Yes , but … I can still email them should I chose and ask after their well being … a little different I feel if someone has chosen to enter into an underwater city or go off to another planet or indeed perhaps die!

 Different in what way? Why do you ‘think’ you would not be able to contact them? That would be of your deciding. For EVERYTHING is possible. It is only when you THINK that EVERYTHING IS NOT possible that you restrict your possibilities.

We shall continue to assist you all in this understanding. To help you ‘get’ that which we are giving. TRUTH. And the TRUTH is … as you are accepting … THAT YOU ARE THE CREATORS.

If you want a beautiful world of peace and harmony … then behave as if you live in a world of peace and harmony and  you shall be in it.

If you desire a world of living in Love and Laughter … then act that way … yet we would add one thing … ALL this behaviour MUST come from THE HEART … FROM THE TRUTH OF THE DESIRE OF YOUR SOUL. If it only comes from the head … it shall not be so.  Your thoughts, your inspirations … must pass through the heart in order to BE what you FEEL them to be. Without FEELING there is nothing. Look at that which we have stated ...

Without FEELING there is nothing …

Consider wisely, that every single thing that IS … affects your FEELINGS … Your FEELINGS are YOU. Nothing can be in existence without YOU and the way you FEEL about it … for you are LOVE and LOVE is all there is.

We feel there is enough ‘homework’ in this session for you to ponder upon. We ask of you as each of you read these words to allow your soul to ‘hear’ them on the level of our intention … The deepest Love.

Thank you for that. It is happening … I know it is happening … And we are all creating that happening in order for it to happen! Keep at it with us …and we’ll keep at it also!
In Love and thanks and a showering of Golden Rays.

*Why I happened to mention my dream car at this time was this ... A car was always something that got me from A to B. I knew it had four wheels, what colour it was, how you filled it with fuel and that was about it. It was many years ago when I first watched 'The Secret' that I began to look into this whole car thing and decided my dream car would be a yellow Peugeot 306 convertible. For years now it has been known that one day I will have one. When ever I see one I say 'There's my car' etc.

My car has been up for sale for a couple of months at $3,950 with so far, not one inquiry! Mmm! This Easter weekend my sister showed up with a lottery ticket and a picture from the paper of ... you've guessed it ... my dream car!!! It was for sale at $6,900 . (hence the lottery ticket , which by the way did not come up trumps ... this time!) WHAH! A BARGAIN! And what timing!! Clearly the universe was in tune with me. Not to be deterred by the financial challenges set before me, I phoned up and drove 45 minutes to go and let this little beauty know that it belonged to me and that the universe would be delivering it to its new home when it was ready! We fell in love the minute we met! Three weeks later ... both cars are still for sale and I, along with my family and friends have been FEELING that little ray of sunshine parked outside my drive. I EVEN pretend to change gear in my automatic, acting as if I am driving my little Peugeot. So there you have the reason for me using the dream car as an example! I will post a picture on my blog of me in my little yellow transporter the minute the universe delivers ... OR ... when the blockages are removed and I TRULY KNOW I DESERVE IT IN THIS LIFE ... NOT A PARALLEL ONE! Feel free to build on the energy and visualize with me! I'm so very very excited as I watch this manifestation take place!

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