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April 8, 2010

Good morning! It is indeed a beautiful one here in Noosa. There seem to be many channellings coming through from others that are TRULY touching. The focus seems to be on Loving the self and also about this illusion that we live in. Do you feel like discussing that, or do you have a different agenda in mind?

All that we have in mind and we mean ALL, is that we can assist those who chose to read these words, in grasping a greater understanding of WHO THEY ARE. And this indeed involves the subject of which you inquire. We speak continually of one’s OWN TRUTH and recognising the Light of yourselves in its fullest capacity, and yet we desire to explain a little deeper if we may?

Of course … by all means. I, for one, find I am ‘getting it’ a little more, but feel I am nowhere near the complete works!!

We are showing you a wax crayon. You see it being used on a piece of plain black paper. And the colour is of orange. As the colour presents itself on this blank page, it naturally allows the page to look differently from that which it did before the scribbling was there. And yet it is still the same piece of paper, just with an added attraction. Then, let us add another colour, say that of green. Again, the same original paper but yet another additive has made it appear different from its TRUE form. Keep adding colours. Not only do they blend with each other, but when certain colours merge they create a new colour. The overall visage that has been created from this mass of scribbles using different colours has become a reality to the eye, for it is there … one can see it … and yet what one is seeing IS an illusion. In that, it is simply colours that have been put on top of the original blank page.

Let us say that many view this coloured tapestry. Because of one’s individual choices, each soul will see this page differently depending on THEIR VIEW of it. Their TRUTH of it FOR THEM. Some may prefer a certain area whilst another detests that same spot. It all depends on the FEELING of the viewer at the time of screening. It depends also on the LIGHT cast on that drawing as it is being perused. Depending on where the LIGHT is directed can make a vast difference to the shadows and the effect they may cause on the entire vista. Yet, change the LIGHTS direction/angle and there again is an entirely different view point of exactly the same scene. And then add to that the fact that the undeniable TRUTH is … that all that this was built upon, came from just a blank space.
The input from each soul has created the outcome. Let us put it in the terms of each one of you upon this earth plane now, each soul that has ever experienced any lifetime , be it one or many, came to this world of yours with a crayon in hand. Whatever thoughts that soul had became a scribble on that page. Think about this for a minute. Truly imagine it. That every single thought that EVER WAS became a scribble of a coloured crayon which YOU held in YOUR hand. It would appear would it not as a gigantic matrix of scribbles!!!

And yet, are they not merely thoughts? Yet these very thoughts, these little scribbles as they imprinted on the page BECAME …. WHAT IS! What one is choosing to experience… depending on the way one is looking at that page. You are all designing that same page. There are not two pages … just the one. YOUR MARK  is on it.

Now we ask of this … IMAGINE … for a time … erasing those thoughts … wiping the slate clean … going back to the empty space …

What I am seeing as I do this … are the traces on that empty space of what once was, for one can never remove the colour fully. The indentation has left its foot print so to speak.

Precisely. What has been created … through your thoughts …. Shall leave its impression!

One gets the impression … the FEELING … of something. THE FEELING IS THE TRUTH.

Hold on … can we recap a minute. So … to clarify … if we erase all thoughts that we have imprinted in this world we are left with an impression … a feeling … of ??

Of the reality.

You’ve lost me there boys!

Reality is the empty page. The NOTHINGNESS that is EVERYTHING. That NOTHINGNESS of which we speak has EVERYTHING in it. Because there is NOTHING that cannot be created … for EVERYTHING comes from ... is created by … thought . There cannot be anything unless it comes from thought.

Except LOVE of course.

LOVE IS THAT NOTHINGNESS. That empty page … that blank paper is LOVE. THERE IS NOTHING ELSE. What one chooses to creates FROM that LOVE can be infinite choices of anything and everything. You take your crayon and you draw. But … it is a drawing … it is not real …it is an illusion. What is REAL is the NOTHINGNESS.

Ok, yep, I’m hanging on in there and it’s filtering through, and beginning to make sense. But what I don’t get is … why? Why have we allowed ourselves to get caught up in this illusion and to take it so seriously … If it isn’t real? The FEELINGS we allow ourselves to FEEL that are in no way beneficial to the whole and only bring down the energy of the whole …. appear so real! I know I often question the point of all this strife! Sometimes it all seems such a struggle. And, with all respect … it all seems and FEELS VERY REAL. And also, when I have found that space that appears to be exhilarating and it doesn’t matter whether or not I ‘get anything’ … I just FEEL full of LOVE … surely that has to be real … if it is Love. So how can one thing be an illusion and the other be real when they all come from our thoughts.

Let us examine this a little closer. Your thoughts are the crayons that weave and intertwine with not only YOUR other thoughts but all the billions upon billions of thoughts of others. For you have chosen at this time to live in the same ‘energy space’. Thoughts are thoughts. Thoughts are not FEELINGS. You may have a wonderful LOVING FEELING inside you ABOUT a particular thought.

So is it not the thought that is creating the FEELING?

The wonderful FEELING is ALWAYS THERE. The wonderful FEELING is LOVE. LOVE is you. YOU are LOVE. YOU are a part of that blank piece of paper which is YOU … which is GOD  … which is LOVE … which is EVERYTHING.

The thoughts that one had … from the minds place … from the situation that one’s mind is in … can alter the FEELING one is having, because of the vibrational energy that any particular thought may carry. THE THOUGHT of BEING in a LOVING caring happy relationship carries the energy of a Higher vibration than that of the thought of loosing ones wallet for instance. Yet thoughts are an idea that may or may not become the reality within your illusionary concept of what is.

And when things are going pear shaped … when ones day or week or month or year … is not going how one may desire it to have gone … would you put that down to the ‘owner of the thoughts?’.

We would put that down to lack of understanding of the self. Lack of commitment to the Loving of the self. 

Yet one can have great intentions and it seems that sometimes ‘the universe’ (gotta blame it on something) doesn’t adhere to those wishes. What has that got to do with loving the self? Especially as the intention (one thinks?) is for the greater good.

We have spoken to you of recognising the TRUTH within the self. Of BEING THE LIGHT THAT YOU ARE. Of letting go of that which does not serve you. It is NOW in these times when many of you have advanced greatly within your knowledge of yourself’s worth, that we ask you to look upon ALL we have said in a different LIGHT. The Light that is cast now upon the drawing is much brighter. It is of a Higher intensity … therefore it allows you to see more deeply into that which has been offered. Up until now, you have been able to understand and accept our words on a certain vibration. And NOW that the frequency has altered you can ‘tune in’ to a further understanding about the very same thing that you are learning to understand!! It is NOW that you can take ALL that we say into another level of yourselves. And as you do so, THE LIGHT shines through to that level allowing you to see further than ever before, which in turn allows you to grasp things that were always there, but the Light simply was not ready within you to point in that direction.

WE SEE THE LIGHT BRIGHTENING upon your planet BECAUSE of THE LIGHT BRIGHTENING within each one of you. It is inevitable.

FEEL the difference in the colours that are now placed upon that paper. FEEL the creation of JOY that is your TRUE reality. Experience LOVE in a way that suits YOU, not in a manner that your THOUGHTS think LOVE should be. BE YOU. BECAUSE BY SIMPLY BEING YOU … AND WITH NOTHING ELSE IN MIND … YOU ARE LOVE. ONLY LOVE.

Thanks so much for all that. I guess it’s a matter of absorbing all of this and letting it settle down in its rightful place … which I would imagine is our hearts!

For there we are comfortably settled also! We are experiencing a new energy that is building. It is of you and it becomes you!

As does moonlight and it goes with my hair!! (You won’t get the joke if you don’t know the song!!)

My heart along with so many gives thanks to you for your assistance in trying to help us ‘get it’.  Golden Rays from all of us to all of you.

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