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July 14, 2012

Hello there. Me here. To continue on from last week if I may? We mentioned about different channellers and how messages differ and possibilities as to why. Would you care to go in depth on the subject if you FEEL it appropriate?

First and foremost we welcome you to this time we share together.

Oh yes of course … manners Blossom … Welcome to you also!

The subject in which you desire to discuss ... like many ... has many aspects to its nature. For indeed, we would say that each and every one of you are a channell to yourself. Yet if we are then to speak of frequencies and vibrations and radio waves … we are venturing into a much more complex matter. Yet as asked … we shall do our best.

When a soul is ‘chosen’ to relay messages for those who are not of this planet … and here we mean … ‘chosen’ to be in the public eye … for indeed are there not many who communicate with us ... yet remain silent? ... It is assumed that the majority of those choices will carry out the request ... for it has been agreed to do so long before it may ever cross the mind of the messenger. Should all agree at the awakening time then much is put into play. For as with you dearest Blossom, it was not that you simply felt it would be appropriate to do so and ' Hey Presto.'

Indeed. White Cloud told me my 17 year illness neatly adapted and rewired my body and energy field in preparation for energies to speak through me . I am assuming it is a different set up with White Cloud though? Which we may not need to speak of necessarily today.

Indeed. The process of an energy ‘speaking through’ another is not entirely different ... yet there is obviously more involved regarding the blending of physicality of each involved.

So then … if we may continue … can I ask again about one’s individual knowledge affecting a message? For example … You seem to KNOW something I may have read during the week , and be able to discuss it with me when I communicate as we are doing. This is why many say that one’s beliefs may influence the direction in which the ‘channelling’ comes through … Is this a possibility?

Let us now get down to the crux of the matter. There are many that ‘bring messages through’. There are many who ‘think’ they are bringing messages through. Yet , with the deepest respect … the desire to do so for many is simply that … the desire … and therefore when they ‘try’ … their desire is what is speaking forth as opposed to a Higher dimensional Being or energy.

So … the big question of course …. How does one tell/know the difference? You’re going to say by the resonance one feels aren’t you?

You read our minds! One must consider this to add to the equation … each one of you is resonating on a frequency that they have ‘become’. This changes as one’s heart lifts in knowledge and understanding. Therefore … one’s Truth can change as one ‘moves to the next floor of the building’.  What one knew on level 3 … may be greatly elaborated upon on level 4 ... so that much that was once forefront on level 3 … is merely background music on level 4. 

Therefore … those that read channellings from various souls will resonate with a channelling from level 3 … if THEY are on level 3 etc.

So … let’s say the building has 150 levels …  who is the messenger for level 3 channelling?

Without doubt … their ego!

What about those on level 31 ?

They will be in communication with Lighter Beings than themselves , who were once of … and have  experienced the Earthly vibration in physicality. We would say … that these souls who communicate ‘back to Earth’ would be of a ‘seasoned’ vibration … Not of a soul that still had many a mile to walk on their journey.

Ok …  so assuming that this configuration applies throughout the building?

No … because we would suggest that around level 66 one would no longer be in human physical form because their Light would not be able to remain in such a density .

Ok … so … Mmm  … this is getting complex.

You asked.

True … I’ll persevere as best I can …

We knew of this …. Let us for many’s sake, revert to keeping it as basic as we can.

Ok … let me ask then … there are many ‘renowned’ channellers now, whose work is spread far and wide on the internet. Many ‘claiming’ (with all due respect … and me included here) … that they are bringing through messages from a ‘particular group or individual'. Now … some have been around a long time … some a short period … yet as I say … they have become ‘known’.  How is it … that the messages can differ so greatly?  Even messages that are supposedly being delivered from the same group? And if not from the same group … from those channellers of notoriety … many saying completely different things about one thing or another. What’s that all about? How is one supposed to know which one to follow? You say … by discernment … yet what if your heart is saying ‘this one and this one and this one’ … it can leave one getting ones suitcase out to pack for the funny farm!!

Imagine in your world …. or even for simplicity … in one country …. a central pivotal city . All villages and towns country wide had a pathway that led to this pivotal centre. Yet not one of the folk that lived outside of this centre had ever been to visit it … in the physical flesh.

Each one of these towns/villages had their own way of doing things. They had done so since ‘time began’ … and to each village/town … this was ‘how things were done’. There was no other way.

Each place had heard that this central pivotal place was about to undergo great change that would have a ripple effect on everyone and everything in that country. So it seemed the right thing to do to assist in any way that anyone could. Therefore, they offered via telepathic means … that which ‘they knew’ to be the best possible proposal of assistance and sent through that which they had heard and knew to be Truth … regarding this great change that was to take place.

 I see where you are going here … yet that pivotal town is left with a ‘melting pot’ of ideas, possibilities, Truths, untruths, myths, prophesies  and so on and so on … yet not knowing that any one of them for sure is THEE ONE.

Then consider this … as we continue our story ... The elders of that pivotal centre held council because of the confusion that all this outside information was causing. They decided to look at ALL the different sources of information and look for a common denominator …

I’m ahead of you ……………………….. LOVE!

This is our continued message … and the thread that runs through all messages of Truth.

The Elders found reason in this ONE TRUTH. It stripped away all confusion and they decreed to all who resided in that area to disregard all else other than that which brought out the best in oneself. 



The more you chose to ignore the confusion and rely upon the LOVE WITHIN YOURSELF … THE MORE THE ANSWERS YOU ARE SEEKING WILL REVEAL THEMSELVES TO YOU.



In a sense … no one is right … no one is wrong … each ‘delivery of the TRUTH’ is right in the hearts of those who bring it forth. Yet note in earnest … we say ‘delivery of the TRUTH'. By this we mean that many different ‘sources’ are connected to Loving Truth from ‘a particular village' … and here we add ... that the receiver perhaps 'originates' from the village from which they receive  …( another possibility )

Yet we ask you to acknowledge also the KNOWN fact that there are some messages out there that ARE NOT and NEVER WILL BE descended from Higher realms . There are messages sent out whose purpose is to deliberately confuse and dupe. They are encoded in order to make one FEEL in certain moments that their hearts are being Divinely touched … and yet they are encoded also with fear and darkness that leads ones thoughts directly to the place in which the message was intended. DOOM and GLOOM!

These are easily detectable … for if one is feeling Love in one moment of the connection when reading and then the heart begins to race at a pace that is uncomfortable  …then this dearest souls ... is when the ‘delete’ button should be instantly pressed. It is not a matter of 'throwing out the baby with the bath water' … there is no baby ….. just dirty water in the guise of a baby!

Now … you see … this is interesting. You must know then that my neighbour threw out some dirty soapy water on her soil the other day and that very saying came to me ... and I checked out its meaning in full as it did so … So … back to the beginning … am I not influencing as the receiver … the message you are sending through?

We would say not. We would suggest that we are so in tune with that which your thoughts have digested that we use such instances to our benefit.

Oh cool. that answers too , why in readings White Cloud may show me something I saw in a shop or caught my attention recently and use it as a metaphor for someone. It used to confuse me … then I just let it be … now I know why/how. Cheers! It feels like we’re done today …. Mmm … interesting … you have given us yet again something to ponder over. Until next time … Nanu Nanu!

We are always at your service.

Oh … in that case … I’ll have a cup of tea and a slice of cake please!! In Love and thanks!

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