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April 12, 2009

Happy Easter! That’s what we say down here anyway. I don’t expect the Easter bunny has bounced high enough to say hello to you guys up there!

You know, there are people down here who do not believe of your existence, let alone think that you are likely to display your ships to us at some point. We human beings are indeed strange in many ways. We are all so different, and that is not to say that any one of us is better than the other, it just seems odd to me that we all cohabit this planet and yet we have such diversities amongst us. Do you have the same where you are? You once said that there are many species on board, do you all feel the same way about things?

Indeed no. Although within us all we are of a progressional state whereby we are aware of certain matters that simply cannot be denied. We are of a certain level and therefore certain knowledge is KNOWN and Trusted and accepted. However, there are also matters that need to be discussed and are disputed. Yet there is no argument. The general consensus is for the betterment of all. There is not a degree of selfishness for this is not of us.

Was it once … were some of you once selfish and you have moved on from that space?

Yes for some. You see Blossom, we have said many times to you , that what takes place where we are …  in another ‘space’ from where  you are …  is very difficult to comprehend, because the workings are very very varied from that which you on the earth plane know and understand. For instance, you speak of diversities within souls on your planet. You have freedom of choice. You are able to pick and choose that which suits your individual system, your individual reality. You sometimes do not understand that where you are, you can create what it is you desire. This is not so in all worlds. There has been such complexities introduced into your dimension of living. You were given one of the greatest gifts and yet it has been misunderstood, and abused to a degree that it is no longer perhaps considered by some as a gift, but as a burden. Responsibility to the self in order to be responsible as part of the whole is offered to you and accepted before you arrived on your planet. It carried with it an enthusiasm, for the knowledge of Truth one has when they are not in the density of the earth plane, enables the thought process to connect with the soul system and to derive a way of life for your planet that is of pure bliss and Love. Yet it appears that when encumbered by the density and when the knowledge of the True self is hidden by the workings of the way the human has allowed the ways of itself to become, then sadly it is that much of that enthusiasm is lost.

For so long we were asked to simply observe and watch over you. To take note of the rise and falls that were being experienced by your creations. There was a time when we saw no reason to be of concern for we understood that there would always be ups and downs due to this freedom of expression. But then it seemed that the darker, lower vibrations took hold in a way that had not been expected. It surprised us to see the grip that it had on not just the planet but the people residing upon it. It surprised us even more to see the strength of the Light being weakened as your time drifted onwards. Always we assumed that the Light would return … we assumed that those being sent to earth would find the ways to correct this ailment. Indeed Light was sent in, by forces of great wisdom, and yet again it appeared that the change expected was not unfolding in the way planned. Therefore other plans had to be presented. You see dear lady, as we have explained, we are part of you and you are part of us. We could not and will not allow the fall of earth to take place once again. There is too much at stake. There will be a time when an understanding of that which we speak will come. You ask why it cannot be received now. This is not because we wish to withhold information from you, but simply because of the differences of where we are and where you are. Where we are has different operational systems, and therefore this cannot comply with much that you know of and understand. It simply wouldn’t make sense to you.

This is why we continue to do what we can in showing you the way through to this Higher vibration whereupon you will be able to ‘get’ much of what you are unable to now. This is our way of assisting. You understand more and more that you must do it for yourselves. You cannot come into our space until your vibration resonates at a frequency that will allow you to cope with our vibrational level. You simply would not be comfortable … at all. There is so much to say and yet there is very little that can be explained to you at this juncture.

I can feel what you are trying to say. There is a frustration coming from us both and I am feeling as if we are a bit in limbo.

There is a transition taking place due to the Lighter energy that is upon yourself. An exchange is taking place yet we would say it is causing a weak connection because of the newness and needing to settle.

Yep. I can feel it. Should we stop today then? Although something’s buzzing all of a sudden with in my forehead.

(I felt a stronger energy come in … could only describe it as a different ‘Higher?’ energy.)

WE ASK OF YOU TO BE PATIENT WITH US. WE ASK OF YOU TO HOLD ON TO YOUR TRUTH THAT LIES WITHIN. WE ARE NEARING THE BEGINNING OF WHAT SHALL COME TO BE KNOWN AS THE POINT OF NO RETURN. Once this position is engaged there shall be no resistance to the Truth ... there will simply be a choice of pathways. It will be for each one, depending on their situation within themselves as to which walkway they undertake. One will not be able to travel a path that is not compatible with their soul space. One will find their group, for you will be guided to it like a magnet. Within these groups there will be a manner of understanding that is new to your world, in a way that thrills the soulspace. There will be a Knowing of what once was. There will be a recall of a space when what you are experiencing feels familiar to that space. Many of you are returning home, but in a way that again is not explainable.

The energy then changed back to normal.

We are very  aware of much confusion regarding what lies ahead. There are energies at play that desire to make the soul concerned and worried as to the very nature of the game.

Dear friends, we can only offer you words and through these words offer you the energy which we are asking you to take in. We spoke in our last communication of accepting what we say in to your heart space as opposed to your head. This is all we can do at this point. And we ask you to take heed of this. In this way you will feel our assistance.

Concentrate on LOVE … only LOVE. Let go of untruths that are being filtered through by those who do not have the best intentions for you. How do you know what is Truth? You know by THE FEELING. This we have expressed many times. Feel what you want. Then create it. The more you are able to feel in this Higher vibration the clearer the picture becomes. Do you see? It just gets better and better. But only if you ‘get it’. This is why we keep on … in the same way … saying the same thing. Because eventually, bit by bit you are getting it.

I understand Truly I do. Because the more you persevere the more I do get it … a little bit more at a time. I think sometimes I have it, and then I find I have it a little bit more. I feel it will just keep on happening like that throughout. Absorbing what we are able to deal with, letting it settle, then taking in a bit more. Which then enables us to grasp a bit more of the bigger picture. Easy … if we have the patience to accept that. It’s all very exciting in one way or another. What a journey we are all on. I could never have imagined 20 years ago thinking the way I do now, and accepting the Truths that I now know. I wonder in 20 years time, how limited my perception of todays now and today’s Truth will seem?

That will depend on the involvement of one’s evolvement.

I , like so many , desire that more and more of us ‘get it’. The feeling within the soul self… that KNOWING is like nothing else. We all have it … we just lost it for a time. Once found again, you never let it go!

In Love and thanks and chooky eggs!..

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