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April 11, 2009

Well, I’ve just tuned in, and I can feel the excitement that you are exuding!! I looked at my watch last night to see how I was doing time wise with the mediation and it was bang on 9.30pm and straight away  I got (from you presumably) ‘It worked’! So, without further ado I will hand over to you and see what you would like to say about it all, as I am sure many are eager to know of results … and I have to say my third eye space is a buzzin’!

Dear lady you can feel our excitement because there is much of it!  It would be of much value to those of you on earth if you had been able to see the energy that was emanating from your planet. It was not only seen and felt by us, it was also monitored and the frequency level of warmth and Love was taken into a grid that surrounds your planet. There it shall remain doing the work it is there to do. As it settles you will begin to experience a different level of your individual selves. A Higher level of yourselves as a whole. It is valuable for you at this time to imagine your planet earth surrounded by a warm pink glow … for this is so! Breath this in …as you are automatically doing as you write in this moment are you not? 

Yes. I found it was happening without even thinking about it.

And so you see? It is you of earth who have created this Higher vibration of Love. This is why we say to you ‘it worked’, because by sending out your Love to us, you envisaged your hearts offering out a glow into the ethos, into the universe. You have done what was desired of you. Lifted the vibration of the planet … by yourselves. It is in regard of this fact that we can assume that you are capable of continuing to do so. For it is not just of this one moment in time that we require this asking. It is ALL THE TIME. BE IT. The feeling that came through you all at the event time is a feeling that can be yours on a full time basis. That feeling of Love and calm is a position that you can find yourself in every minute of your day, should you so choose. As each one recognises this fact, and becomes of it, the Higher the vibration of your planet continues to rise , therefore allowing the mergence that is to occur to take place as we have so spoken.

Yes, I understand what you are saying … it is all so difficult with words sometimes. They simply do not adequately express the ‘feeling ‘. The ‘feeling’ seems to understand fully. The ‘feeling’ KNOWS! And there is no questioning with that. For me, I was of the understanding that there would be no LIGHT SHOW yesterday. However … I think there will be one when we least expect it. From what I am gathering this morning, the more we send out and become this Love ‘full time’, the quicker your Light show will be able to take place.

We could not have put it better ourselves.

I find our world to be longing for change. I feel that this change we all desire so strongly MUST be brought about by us … but we do appreciate your words of wisdom. We do not fully understand Love. Not with in this density. I think we are all becoming aware that LOVE is a full time occupation. A passion that is necessary for the survival of our race and our planet. Within me, there is a knowing that I am here to assist and witness the merging of this human race with many other races from many other planets. I just have that knowing. I can’t argue with that knowing for it is simply there, and I feel all that is taking place within our world now is part of that process. We wait patiently, yet we are all coming to the understanding that it is us that are in control of the situation. You cannot do as you are saying you will, (which I believe you will) until we have done our part in order to let you play yours. And … I think … more and more of us are ‘getting that’. And … the more of us that ‘get it’ … the quicker it will all take place. It benefits each and everyone. And let’s face it, it’s such a beautiful feeling … to give out Love like we did last night.

Dearest lady, soon it will be that we can leave it up to you!!! We are certainly aware of a peace within you at this point, for it is monitoring highly. There are conflicting views as to what is to take priority upon your planet in the years ahead as they unfold. This brings confusion to many souls and they allow their heads to overrun their hearts and that familiar fear factor rears its ugly head! This feeling of pure Love that more and more of you are ‘getting’ is that which you must focus upon at all times. If this is how you desire your NEW WORLD to ‘feel’, then you must be responsible for making that happen, for yourself. Each one is responsible for where they choose to be in their part of these coming days. You are bombarded with speculation. We say to you, if you continue to feed the minds of others with fears of darkness and control by others then this, as we have said to you many times, is what you can look forward too!!! On the other side of the coin … if you desire a world of harmony and bliss , where each and everyone comes from a place within their soul that is of pure LOVE, for the self and another … for it is one and the same … then by all means relish the thought and the vision that the world in which you are walking towards is one of that very thing. The very thing that your soul is … pure LOVE. There is no other way of explaining it to you. What you are is what will be you. How you are is what will be you. Who you are is what will be you. YOU ARE YOU. And YOU are creating your NEW WORLD for yourself. We find it baffling at times that you even consider what may happen in a negative form , because if you do not choose it, you will not get it, therefore, why create the fear in the first place? It is essential, indeed imperative that you human beings … spirit enclosed in flesh …  assist others in coming into this understanding. CREATE A WORLD OF YOUR CHOOSING. This gift was given to you and yet many of you have looked at the unopened box since entering this world of yours. OPEN IT UP and receive all that is offered.

Dear friends, these are not just words … words are the inadequate tool we must adapt ourselves to, in order to help you to understand. Look deeper into what we say. Read these words with your heart. Do not just blindly skip over them, assuming you have heard it all before. Accept that on a level of TRUST in the depth of your SOULSELF that this soul of yours will allow our words to filter through. To reach into your soul, to penetrate through the obstructions that have blocked you from this Truth. Feel the LOVE that you are. Bring it into your system. Accept that we are not a myth. Accept that who you are is far greater than you have been taught. Accept that this communion we have with you in these days and those to come are part of a vast plan that shall reunite your planet earth with many others around your solar systems. If you KNOW that everything is ONE, then you shall be able to accept that we are experiencing a time when we are coming back together. We are joining services to all that is, in order to transform the energy of LOVE back into its original state. It shall continue to experience itself as it travels on its journey that is never ending or beginning. For LOVE simply IS.

Thank you. I know we shall keep on keeping on. Our hearts understand all of this, otherwise we wouldn’t bother!! And that for me is what makes it Truth, the fact that I couldn’t get off this ride, no matter what takes place , because it is my soul that is asking me to keep on it. It simply FEELS right.As always my friends up there/out there/ in there  … take care and much Love sent from all of us to all of you.

* I shall be updating my blog later today and adding some pictures that I took after the visualisation where Light orbs are clearly present!!

Website: Blossom Goodchild

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