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June 6, 2012

Hello my friends.  It’s always a pleasure to hook up with you. I know I sounded rather despondent in the last communication … it’s just that … if we were to look back over past ‘chats’… there are times when we get really reved up as if something is about to happen any moment and our excitement once again builds … only for it all to simmer down again and have more or less the same messages repeated. I really don’t mean to sound rude here … but do you see where I am coming from? Folk down here begin to lose heart because of this … and I know this is not your intention … in any way. So I am just trying to fill you in on how it ‘appears’ for us.

And for this we are Truly grateful. Would you say that we are underestimating your capabilities?

Well, until we can ‘try out’ what we are actually capable of … how are we to know that answer? Many feel we have been tried and tested beyond our limits and still pulled through. They feel that although you say there are still things to be put in place … that there are many who are ready, prepared and willing NOW … so to ‘Bring it on.’ Whatever we are confronted with … we will deal with it. It has just seemed for so long …  from our point of view  … that each time we get excited about something  ...  it never comes to pass and it all returns to ‘simmer’ again. I KNOW SOMETHING WILL HAPPEN … ‘WHEN’  it will is another matter entirely!

Then let us reassure you Blossom and all those who connect with us through these words. 'Time' for us ... as you know ... does not have meaning in the way that it portrays itself to you. Therefore, as we become more hyped up with proceeding plans … we enjoy passing this excitement on to you. This excitement maybe caused by another part of the plan … behind the scenes  ... coming to fruition. Another ‘marker’ to celebrate success. By exciting you upon Earth … this in turn allows YOU ALL to raise the vibration which then puts the next phase of the plan into action.

Yet surely … as that excitement dies down because of a non event … we bring that vibration right down again.

Do you? We think not. Not to the level from which it was raised from. For is it not that you are learning so much more within yourselves? Not to allow your level of vibration to drop no matter what? Is it not that you have moved UP the ladder many rungs without you even noticing how HIGH you have reached?

You have transformed yourselves for yourselves and the planet  … and this will continue to allow change within you … and therefore the planet. You ARE doing what you came here to do and yet most of you are still waiting for us to come and do it … change it … for you.

Yet you have to admit … we may be doing all we KNOW to do at this time … yet when YOU show your TRUE COLOURS without question or doubt … THAT will shift things forward BIG TIME won'tl it?

Naturally so! That is why your feet have to be firmly rooted into the ground. That is why you have to be SO STABLE in your KNOWINGNESS of WHO YOU ARE … let alone the KNOWINGNESS of WHO WE ARE!

Yes, I understand this as do many. Yet with all respect for all that you stand for … and I Truly do mean that … I have so much respect for you no matter what has gone on between us … why must it be that  … for instance … disclosure hasn’t happened yet? When that was a ‘given’ that it would take place last year … if indeed not the year before. Why is it that you keep saying … 'soon very soon' your ships will appear in our skies for ALL to see ... and they haven’t? And those good old fashioned Pillars of Light … Let’s not be leaving them out of the equation … I haven’t seen any of those floating by recently … And to all of this I know you want to add …

… YET!

How long you have had to wait! How much your patience has been put to the test. How many nights of darkness have you experienced when your Light had become so dim for a time due to uncertainty … due to doubt in US and doubt in yourself? Yet … here you STILL are dearest BELOVED FAMILY. Here you STILL ARE … reading our words … FEELING OUR LOVE in your hearts … hanging on because of the ‘something inside of you’ that makes you do so. It cannot be false hope. Ask yourselves … is it? Is all this that you KNOW a whim, because you need something to cling to? Is it? Is that how it FEELS?

No. Yet I KNOW for myself and I KNOW others have written to say so , that at one time or another we have asked ourselves that question .

And your answer?

As you say … we are STILL HERE.

 And even for those who are not … they shall return when their hearts become fully convinced. When they have the evidence they require. For those that still hold on , for those who KNOW that evidence is not needed … we ask you to take a moment … take a few deep breaths and IMAGINE HOW YOU WILL FEEL when that which you KNOW/KNEW is right in front of you … AT LAST. TRULY … take a moment to recognise that joy  … that ‘YES YES YES’ that you shall be shouting at the top of your voice …That acceptance …

That relief!!!!

We smile as always at your humour … yet again … this has been a question that has passed through one’s mind many times.

 What … the ‘Am I simply mad’ question?


 What? Indeed I am mad???

Do you consider yourself so?

Who said that??? ... Seriously … sometimes … because I am human … it has crossed my mind that maybe this could all just be me having a conversation with myself!! Which makes me far more intelligent than I thought I was … so I knocked that theory on the head. And I KNOW … TRULY I DO KNOW that YOU ARE NOT ME.  And that is why I KNOW that all these conversations I have with you are coming from ‘elsewhere’ and that ALL YOU HAVE SAID  … WILL COME ABOUT … even though we sometimes question that.

So this is why we ask you to consider the complete exhilaration you will FEEL deep within your heart when all these things come to pass.


So the promises that have not yet been fulfilled … you are saying they will happen … yet I am wondering if you could explain why you would tell us ‘such and such’ will happen within a certain time frame … and then it doesn’t … If Divine timing is essential … clearly the Divine Timing was not so Divine at the time you thought it was going to be. Hold on … I need to read that back. Does that make sense?

We understand that which you are expressing. Let us say that as you state you have much respect for us … it is so that we have the same for each of you. Yet … WE may be able to foresee a certain procedure expanding upon itself … yet let it be made clear … we are ‘fore seeing it’ … as a ‘possibility’ in YOUR future days . It is 'possible' that this may take place at a certain time. Yet just because it is 'possible' does not necessarily mean that IT WILL HAPPEN AT THE TIME ‘PREDICTED’ ... because that of course  … as in ALL THINGS dearest ones ... does not depend on us ‘seeing it’ on a certain date … it depends on those involved in a particular scenario allowing it to transpire.

When you are arranging for a particular event … say perhaps a wedding in your world … much preparation is made in advance to ‘see’ that all will go smoothly on the desired date. One puts every effort in to make sure that is so. However … things do not always go according to plan. Maybe a venue must be changed. Maybe some of the guests invited cannot make the said date. Maybe this … maybe that. Whatever the reasons are … sometimes it must be that the ‘planned date’ has to be postponed due to ‘un …’foreseen' circumstances … even though every effort was put into  place for it to happen as desired.

Sometimes there comes a ‘juncture’ in which it is decided that the wedding has to be extended to another date in time … when perhaps ALL the guests can make it. Maybe on the original date it pours with rain … yet the new date has perfect sunshine. Maybe the venue change is far more appropriate than the original ‘perfect place’. This dearest friends, is how the term ‘Divine Timing' can be used. Do you see?

Yes. Thank you. That helps me to understand that.



When you have it within you once again in a way that allows you to KNOW TRUTH … how your hearts shall rejoice … in YOURSELVES … in EVERYTHING!

It is your DIVINE RIGHT to be of such TRUTH and LIGHT.




You may not be able to accept this NOW … but in Divine Time you will KNOW that we mean what we say … and WE MEAN to be with you  … BEFORE THIS YEAR IS OUT.

Not to put a spanner in the works … let us note that it is 'your intention' to be with us ‘before the year is out’  … but if it is not DIVINE TIMING for it to be so … I guess we’ll keep hanging on until it is. Just covering our proverbial behinds here!!!

I LOVE YOU GUYS! TRULY I DO … as do many. Many thanks to you … Until next time … over and out!

Until next time … FEEL and KNOW we are with each and every one of you … as our hearts join as ONE … IN ONE LOVE.

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