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November 3, 2010

Well hello to you! As always I have no idea what it is you would like to speak of, so I’ll just leave you to it.

We thank you for your politeness in allowing our discourse to take place in the terms that we chose to assist. It is tempting is it not for you to spark off down a certain track at times yet your Being knows that we prefer to discuss matters that We FEEL are best to bring forth at any given moment? This is due to energies that we pick up on overall from you who reside upon your Earth plane and although there may seem other matters of importance to you , other matters that SEEM more appropriate , it was within our agreement made with you , that we should be able to articulate that which we KNOW to be the most precise way in which to advance your growth.

Yep, I think I must know this, for although I have good questions from many to ask , I have the ‘KNOWING’ to let it be, or should I say ‘let YOU be’ ? So then , onwards , what is appropriate to speak of today oh shining ones?

Today, which is not a day from our perspective, it is merely a moment of ourselves continuing to BE ourselves, we would offer you words regarding that which many seem to shy away from. For it is said within many writings upon your planet that there is to be a second coming.

Struth Ruth! You do 'drop'em in' sometimes! Go!

We would care to state our point of view on this matter. There are teachings in your world that have been distorted and rearranged to suit and adapt to those whose needs were to satisfy self during their positions of power. This is not by one single soul, but by many throughout your historical noted events. If one was to scrutinise certain ‘stories’ it would not be difficult to find errors, to discover untruths for they are easily recognisable by one who lives within the Truth of their soul. Yet, all we ask is for you to KNOW yourself. We are not asking for you to embark upon a mass holocaust. We are not expecting you to deliver yourselves into a place that is uncomfortable for you to BE. Dearest ones, listen to yourselves. Hear what your heart has to say about all that is proposed to you in the days ahead. We say to you that each one of you is aware of why you are here and what it is you have come to do.

Yet many I know would say we do not.

And yet, from Love, in Love, we tell you that you are already doing it!

YOU ARE the second coming that is spoken of. All of you! YOU ARE the very ones that shall lift this planet into its Higher realms. YOU ARE the ones that agreed to do so. We ask you to try and understand this. YOU , each one of you are the spark of Light that IS EVERYTHING. And you can only KNOW what it FEELS like to BE this way, when you accept that it is so.

For as long as each individual chooses to remain asleep to this knowledge, then shall your world remain in the position that it is. And so many of you are working relentlessly to raise it into its Higher form.

May we suggest a little more acceptance of who you are? A little more encouragement is needed perhaps to assist in this way, for we are able to recognise the overwhelming tiredness as you continue to create this world of Light that you shall eventually move into. Yet, do you see? Until it is created , you are unable to move into it. Those of you who are aware and have been for a long time, are further down the avenue of Truth than those who have just recently opened their eyes. Those that have understood for a longer period of time are able to express gently to those who are newly wakened of that which is required. And ALL you have to do … ALL you have to do … is BE LOVE. How else may we tell you this to help you ‘get it?

I don’t know really. You must get very frustrated with us at times. It seems it is so natural for you, for you are fully of it. I don’t think I am fully of it … I have moments of FEELING very Loving , but then I can be caught off guard and realise I have such a very very long way to go before I am anywhere near BEING LOVE in its purest form.


You express feelings of frustration … of not being able to KNOW who you are. You say it is all very well for ‘us’ to say these things to you and that we should try being in your shoes. We cannot be in your shoes. We were not the ones in the plan to be there on Earth with you. We were the ones that were designated to offer you assistance from a different place. A different perspective … for we KNEW that we would not be entangled within the spiders web of Earths confusion. WE KNEW that YOU would need our assistance … for this is what was agreed …. BY US ALL.


And this is what we are doing. Until your souls remember this, we cannot take you any further because you need to get to that remembrance in order for the next phase to eventuate.

YOU HAVE TO BEGIN TO REALISE ON A MUCH TRUER INSITE … the BEINGS that you are. You consider yourselves to be worthless at times. HOW CAN THIS BE SO? REMEMBER WHO YOU ARE.

WHO YOU ARE would not dream of considering such a notion. You are not worthless.


As we have said before, it would seem a little strange would it not, to chose those souls who were not able to complete the task? What would be the point of that? YOU KNEW you would be faced with all these trials and tribulations. YOU KNEW before you came that these circumstances were to come upon you. YOU KNEW also dearest souls, that you could ride the waves and come through these days that indeed are of the ultimate limits of reasoning.


We call out to you from our position of LOVE to HEAR US. HEAR US telling you what you KNEW you would hear from us.


It is our position to lift your spirits at these very times when they seem to be knocked down. We come to let you know you are not alone in this transition. We are with you. You are on the Earth, we are not. Yet every step of the way we stand by your sides and one day you shall smile with your hearts as our hearts greet yours, and we shall KNOW that we remained in Truth and saw through that which is to be known as THE GREATEST SHOW ON EARTH.

WOW! I could really feel you ‘trying’ there. In the sense of desiring so strongly for us to understand what you were saying. And I did. Sometimes when communicating with you I really feel I ‘get it’. It gives me so much hope, and my soul is filled with renewed strength to carry on the GOOD fight. I feel you know what we are going through … even though we can sometimes say … try being down here for a while … then come back and talk to us … you know what I mean?

We know what you mean from the point of view of these times being so very encumbering for your Light to shine. For this was if you like … foretold. So we, as well as yourselves KNEW this was to take place. However we cannot experience it as ‘human’ souls and fully understand that which is painful to your Beings. We are only able to feel the resonance of a particular energy and recognise it in a form of low or high ‘spirited’. When we see those who are vibrating on a lower frequency, when we feel sure they should be of a higher one … we do all that we can by way of sending … how you Blossom, call your ‘Golden Rays’ to that energy space. Sometimes it is accepted, sometimes it is shunned aside. Not on a purposeful measure, but simply because the density of the energy one is residing in at that time is too’ thick’ to penetrate.

As opposed to too thick to get it through into our heads! We find our situation so very frustrating at times and yet, in your own way you must feel the same?

Not in the same form. We desire only to do what we came to do and we continue on no matter what … in order to see our side of the plan through. We have no frustration for we are in a position to see things very clearly, and we are very happy regarding the movement that is taking place.

Yet we, not all, but many, are feeling so down- hearted at times. Did we not suggest before we came that during these times a little boost would not go a miss? Surely if we knew these tricky days were to befall us we would have put in place a little contingency plan. A little something to uplift our souls and let us know we were on the right path? As a special friend of mine said ‘Ask the Feds again to kindly put on a large humanity humbling display for us for once. They can think of it as an appetiser lest we all fall asleep at the table waiting for the main course’. That made me laugh so much, and you know? In all honesty, that would be so good to see and FEEL. Did we not in our wisdom before we came agree you would do that … and maybe you just need reminding???? !!!!

Friends of ours … TRUST US in the knowing that we have everything in hand. WE WILL DO AS PROMISED.

Of course you will. We know that. What we don’t know is when, and from where we are, if you could bring it forward … we don’t need ‘The Greatest Show on Earth’ just yet, not if the general masses are not ready for that … but perhaps a little snippet of a rehearsal … possibly?... would go down a treat from where I’m sitting! And your answer … ?

There was none. But I have a huge smile on my face none the less.

Thanks team! We look forward to our reunion, heart to heart? Face to face? Light to Light. In Love and thanks.

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