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May 3, 2012

What a splendid day for hooking up with your mates! Anyone home?

We are happy to correspond with you at this time. We consider it a pleasure to be able to assist the human race through offering perhaps ‘memories’ of the soulself which in turn allows so much scope for expansion of mind, body and indeed soul.

There are many people that write to me who would LOVE to have communication with you and yet don’t know how. Any advise on this at all?

We would strongly suggest ones TRUST in the self before such communication would begin. One can take it upon themselves to ‘invite us in’ and lovingly we desire to assist. Yet we would comment that the soul has to be ready in order to do so. Therein lies certain prominent issues regarding souls who believe themselves to be ready yet are not.

Issues in what way?

 Issues of TRUTH. Issues of intent. Issues of discretion. Issues of ego. This is not to say that there are not those who ARE ready. Sometimes one’s longing for the connection actually hinders. The ‘need’ is so strong that is creates a barrier. We would say to many to simply not concern themselves with this ‘matter’. For in days forthcoming ... conversations and understandings of/from each other shall abound in great Light and needs shall be met and indeed questions answered.

Listen by all means to your soul's talk. That which your heart speaks to you of. For in that FEELING you shall KNOW US. Lift up your spirits ... for in doing so you stretch your limitations beyond that which you think you are capable of. The Higher you allow yourself to rise … the more you can recognise that which is possible. You are souls of such Greatness and yet you have been led to believe that you are meek and mild.

Strength is part of your make up. We speak not of physical strength, yet you would astound yourselves when you come to realise that your physical BEING actually has no bounds. Nor does your mind ... yet by believing they have … you restrict your magic. We speak of the strength within your core essence. The will to bring about the change that is taking place. It is not for the faint hearted as many of you have depicted.

Just have to add here … that the minute I began ... the energy was so strong … it seems I just nodded off  … for about 20 minutes ... or did I ? Perhaps you were downloading, as suddenly I have opened my eyes and feel as bright as a button. Where were we?

We are speaking to you of your core essence and how by accessing it, you will discover the wonders of the Universe. That which is rightfully yours. We delight in KNOWING what is ahead for you ... to seek from within yourselves and marvel at all that you can undertake with but a blink of an eye.

And yet although I ‘recognise’ that what you say is True, from our position as humble humans ... all be it happy ones … the possibility of teleportation etc seems a million worlds away .

And yet it is as near to you as your breath. Such feats you have accomplished before. They were part of your everyday understanding and were not disputed. It is simply the case that the knowledge that lies within you shall be unleashed at the correct time and you shall find your wings.

Will this be ‘en masse? Or will it depend on what level of Enlightenment we have attained?

It will be of the latter. Yet have we not spoken of times ahead that will awaken many … en masse. Things are to take place in your world that will raise the vibration faster and Higher than that which you are used to.  When we are able and indeed chose to descend into your Earthly vibration and remain for long periods of time … we have to adjust in order to resonate with you. Yet at the same time you have to adjust to a Higher ‘note’ because we cannot descend beyond a certain resonance. The ‘merging’ of the our world as we know it and your world as you know it  ... will find us in a place where we ‘agree’ to be comfortable.

Many of you are finding your vibration off the scale these days. Believe us when we say...

We ain’t seen nothing yet! Or should I say ... felt nothing yet!!

Precisely. Do you begin to accept the absolute joy that is within you to behold? Do you accept how much further you can go? And all this has been accomplished by your individual selves.

How you are FEELING is how you have chosen to feel. When one chooses to rise … one simply rises. If one chooses to remain in misery … that is nothing other than their choice.

 You believe there to be restraints … THAT IS YOUR BELIEF …. Because you have been led to believe it! You speak of those that have control over you. No one has control over you . How can one control another’s soul?

Well it has been known for one to take over another’s mind and control it .

Yet there is a soul that belongs to that mind. The soul is all powerful. It can retrieve the mindself by allowing the soul to take full control. There is nothing more powerful than the soul. For the soul is … as we said … your essence. Your soul is LOVE and LOVE is the most powerful thing there is … because that is ALL there is.

CLAIM YOUR POWER. Some of you are feeling deep despair. You cannot see a way out of this quagmire that has been created. You give up hope … You lose faith … You long for ‘us' to arrive so that everything will change .


You must recognise that YOU have the POWER to make this change come about.

 Do you consider moaning and groaning about all that ‘is not’ ... a healthy compromise?


Indeed … Some of you consider that by airing views on matters that are not suitable ... you are assisting. You are not. What IS assisting is airing views on CHANGE.  Finding solutions.

Yet, here I would say that in the past ‘solutions' have been found for many dilemmas and those that ‘invented’ them ended up dead … by those in control. So I am finding it a bit hard to go along with what you said earlier.

And we would respond by saying that through changes that have already been accomplished by those who have contributed to the raising of the Light vibration …. that which you have spoken of is something of the past.

We ask you to understand that a lower vibration cannot reside within a Higher one. It simply cannot be so. Therefore … consider the Truth that the vibration of your planet has emerged from its density into one of a much Higher degree … then it is plainly obvious that those who once thought they had all power … now have no power at all. Not in regards to ‘reigning over a planet.' Yet there is still power within them. Though it is for them to come to a place of knowing within themselves that to use power for powers sake cannot give peace of mind or soul.

You talk of arrests to take place in your world of those who must now ‘get out of the way’ … Their interference in the Ascension process has had its day. We would ask of you to consider offering forgiveness to such souls and such workings on a grand scale. Accountability for ones actions cannot be escaped on 'this' stage or indeed any other. The souls who have damaged so much of your beauty ... shall feel pain within themselves on a level that cannot be understood by those who have remained steadfast in the Light .

Some of you may say …’They are deserving of this'. We say 'They were walking their path'.  They made choices. Yet remember dearest ones that WE ARE ALL ONE. THEY ARE PART OF YOU.

If you want this New World to be with you in the quickest possible time ... we would strongly suggest that you forgive these souls and you work diligently to assist them in retrieving their Light back to them. We ask that you consider sending them healing on a scale of such magnitude ... for the pain that is to befall them you would wish on no man.

Some would say … 'You reap what you sew'. They have inflicted so much pain on so many.

Some indeed may say that. That is their choice to FEEL that way. We are merely pointing out that it is through LOVE ALONE that you shall Ascend into greener pastures. If you still consider a soul to be deserving of such pain through that which they have created ... you are not fully understanding who you are … or … who they are … because whether you like it or not … THEY are YOU and YOU are THEM! Yes … YOU are a part of THEM … and THEY are a part of YOU. Therefore … YOU would not wish that pain upon YOU … You would wish for it to be healed in that case and as quickly as possible.

You are reaching a level within yourselves where to direct anything other than LOVE at another will not FEEL comfortable. This New World you have created/are creating ... as you know has no room for anything other than LOVE in pure form. Taking into account the purest it can resonate within the dimension you reside/will reside. Therefore it is NOW when you become and move into that Higher understanding of what LOVE is/ who you are … by finding forgiveness in all/to all that struggled along the journey. 

Only by doing this shall you come to FEEL and see the fruits of your labours.

Release your Beings from all that does not serve. We spoke of this many moons ago. Have you? Are there still fragments of annoyances that linger on? NOW is the time to send those last ‘interferences’ on their way. They served their purpose once … yet now one is moving into a frequency that no longer requires such learnings.

Step up your TRUSTING … not in US and what we shall present … TRUSTING in yourselves and what you are capable of. By doing as you are doing and resonating this Higher Light from within you … you are designing your future. Simply by loving LOVING ... you bring yourselves and your planet into its destination.

We say to you …


For there can be no regrets in doing so when you see what is waiting for you just around the corner.

We are aware that during these last months, everything has felt so near and yet so far.

Around the corner dearest ones … just around the corner.

Keep hold of your KNOWING within.  Walk that last mile together in strength. If your hearts did not KNOW DEEP DOWN INSIDE that ALL that you have been through and all that you continue to endure had a purpose ... it would have collapsed in upon itself long ago. Yet it is because YOU KNOW that you KEEP ON … no matter what.  You FEEL it inside you  … there is no other reason you would persevere … other than this very fact that YOU KNOW that ALL that we have promised shall come about.

If in your hearts KNOWING we are TRUTH to you … then you KNOW also that we are not capable of lying.

Which I am afraid you have been accused of by many in their innocence.

Yet in our wisdom we understand that which they do not. We are happy to KNOW that there will be a time when they will understand that we did not lie … matters were simply misconstrued or transferred due to necessary adjustments for the good of all. This will then allow so much softening of the soul and allow completion. Understanding on many levels can lift the spirit to a new place within an instant. This you will understand when you understand.

I understand! That’s it … just got the nod! Phew!  In need of a stretch and a glass of water. Thank you my friends. What mentors you are.

Not mentors … just reminders. We send our love and excitement to you .

Right back atcha! In love and thanks.

* I just wanted to point out that it comes to me very clearly which words 'they' want to put in inverted commas, capitals and words starting with a capital. It seems odd to me ... yet that's what they would like. Who am I to argue?!

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