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July 2, 2012

Good day to you my friends. I have booked this time in with myself to speak with you, yet not sure if it will happen.  My minds in a bit of a whirl and it may be more appropriate to speak tomorrow … for some reason.  Anyway … Here I am … question is … are you there?

It, as always is of much joy to be present with you and to share our moments of insight with you and those who care to take them on board also.

So, upon your planet at this time there is much speculation with every passing tick of the clock as to whether or not the ‘showdown’ is to begin. We speak regarding the common displacement* of those who have surrendered their Being to that which does not serve themselves or indeed the whole. Those among you who lost their path … or may we say also … those that followed it. For as we have stated before … not all is as it seems and you may be very surprised  … as Truth is revealed …  to discover some differences of opinion you may have once thought … and when brought out in the open … certain matters will indeed have you changing your mind.

 A lot of us got excited when you spoke last time about the second half of the year about to begin. Inside of me is that familiar rumbling that says ‘something is afoot’. We once again find ourselves on the edge of our seats. We are as always holding on to our hats, yet there is only a gentle breeze as opposed to a hurricane passing through.

Yet how is a hurricane first felt? The breeze becomes stronger and stronger … the wind picks up and gathers momentum. The core of the hurricane maybe far away to begin with … yet does a gale not begin to blow?  

Dearest ones … our friends … within these changing times it is of vital importance to ‘keep your wits about you’. Do what makes sense TO YOU! Do not follow like sheep the immediate reaction of those who would care to dupe.

Meaning what exactly? Can you enlarge on that, so we know what to look for?

It is not what to look for … it is what to FEEL for. In your world you have a saying ‘I smell a rat’ do you not? Well, we suggest to you that you keep your senses heightened.  For even though the changes are coming in a dramatic sense … there will still be underlying  ...

You are making me look at that word differently … as in ‘under – lying’ As in lying going on underneath it all … if that makes sense?

That is what we were asking you to pick up on. Within the confusion there will be those who will try their hardest to resume their status and in this way and in their usual habit … they will do their very best to convince those who are ‘clueless’ ... with all respect … that what is being presented as a Truth  … is not the Truth.

We do not wish to concern you … we only wish to prepare you. We must reiterate there is much confusion to come.



I know that there is no fear. That by remaining in our Light and Love all will be well. I know this deep down … yet there is a surface part of me that is a little apprehensive about all this … because we don’t know what is going to go down. We don’t know how everyone will react to all that is to take place and all that we are going to hear. It is more so the energy that will be swirling around that appears it might be a little daunting … coming from the ones who will find everything so shocking.

Yet we would reiterate … YOU WILL KNOW WHAT TO DO!


This is the time that you came here to be part of. This is the moment that you have been longing to happen. This is the reason you came down here.  This is the purpose you came to serve. This is what you have been preparing for all along.

Let us assist you if we may by saying … many times we have used metaphorically that of a stage play and the role you are playing. However much one has prepared … however one is completely assured that they have rehearsed diligently … there will of course always be the first night nerves … No matter who one is or how bigger part they have in the production.

Yet … once the curtain is up … once the stage is revealed … one ‘performs’ with a confidence … in the knowing that ‘THIS MOMENT’ … is the one they have been working towards … when all efforts are rewarded. One scene rolls on from the next and all actors, crew and audience ‘play the part’ they came here to play.

Rest assured … of course there will be this initial apprehension.  Yet rest assured too … this has not been an itty - bitty two day plan that has been put together on a whim!

THIS IS A DIVINE PLAN that has been playing out for a long while now. It is just that NOW you are about to address the final stages of the end of one chapter which shall lead you into the next.

The book is one of those that is so exciting I can’t put it down! And yet … I can only be honest … as I am going about my day … life is ‘just going on’ for many. There are those making plans for around Christmas time and those discussing possibilities of projects to be part of toward the end of the year and indeed throughout 2013 … and I cannot help but think ‘but what about … ?’  I know I am not alone in this! I mean … sorry to doubt … but what if we all find ourselves on Christmas day this year … or even next … saying  … ‘Well  … what the bleep was that all about?’

What if you don’t?

What if we do?

What will tell will be whether there is a change or not. We say to you … and we do not feel as you would say  … that we are ‘sticking our necks out’. For we would say in all confidence that it cannot be that things in/of your world shall just jog along as always. This CANNOT be the case.

Ok … I’ll take your word for it … for now! Forgive my mistrust. We humans have had quite a lot of things fall through that we put our full Trust in … so you can understand I am sure why I am being  a little cautious.

Yet we do not fully appreciate that which you are saying … for from our perspective … all is going according to plan in the BIG SCHEME of things and the excitement is quite overwhelming.

 I so hate to be a party pooper … but my excitement in the past has been ‘whelming over’ … only to be knocked down and trodden on … I do ‘get’ however that we are in a bit of a cocoon from how we are able to view this transition  … so therefore again, I shall go with Trusting your excitement. There is definitely a lot of  ‘build up’ taking place and possibilities as to what will occur should things ‘take off’ can Truly set the mind reeling.  I really hope it is going to be a case of when one played hide and seek as a kid  … as in … ‘Coming ready or not!’

And YOU ARE ready.



There is to be no more hiding from those who have hidden so much.

Yet we would suggest to you that you give yourself the honour of protection. Be vigilant in the protection of your LIGHT BEING. Be on guard. The energies of disturbance will be disturbing … so therefore, it shall be most productive for you to be aware of protecting YOUR energy and keeping it safe and warm. This shall benefit the whole.

I myself have a few ways I choose to use when I am feeling the need of protection.  Would you be so kind as to offer to us a way in which you think would help us most?

Indeed.  We are showing to you the image of an egg. Imagine yourself safely inside the shell of an egg and yet it is not of the consistency of a feathered friend. We show to you of an opaque crystal oval.  Imagine it around your energy field. Your aura. It is as instantaneous as the thought of it. This shall keep negative thoughts from others from entering your field. Yet for yourselves you can allow all colours of strength, healing and Love to dwell safely within and renew energy levels on a continual basis.

Can I just ask … why is it opaque … that makes me think of a bathroom window that you cannot see clearly through?

We suggest this because it is wise to do so. To be brief … if one cannot see something clearly ... they become a little unsure as to whether or not ‘it is for them’. Many souls will be looking to cling to Light to replenish their own. Yet it is not that Light should be taken from another. It is that another can offer guidance as to how one can ‘brighten up their own Light’, but it should not be taken and therefore deplete another.

Ok ... thanks. What about though … those who need to see ones Light so they know ‘where to go’ to seek assistance?

We would say to you that it is a different matter than those who wish to … for want of a better way of putting it … suck ones energy. Know that those who wish to ‘be found’ shall be found.

How we wish we could press a button and the ‘whole plan’ could be understood.

How YOU wish!!! Try the frustration factor from our point of view!! However … although I ask questions on behalf of us all … somewhere inside of me is the FULL UNDERSTANDING that EVERYTHING is going to be fine … I just know that. No matter what the middle chapters are going to reveal … I just KNOW that at the end of it … we are ALL going to live happily ever after … I just KNOW that! I also KNOW ‘times up’ for today. Thank you so much. In Love and thanks to you.

*Displacement. Checked it out it has different meanings! Make of it what you will!

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