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March 2, 2011

It feels like only yesterday that we were in touch !! I would really like to link up with you , as I am away for a short while as you know and didn't want the gap to be too long ... for me, you and the rest of the troop who get so much encouragement from your words. Feel free to express as only you know how!

With your permission of course ... there is much we would like to share and discuss with you this night. Firstly may we say that a distinct change ... not only within yourself but many among your kind is more than obvious on our 'Richter scale' (?) There has been a level of difference within the vibrational pull toward the higher energies that are exuding now into your ethers. Because of this, we are extremely excited at possibilities soon to occur and we commend each of you that has allowed the presence of the higher energies within and around you to present themselves and so act accordingly.

Yes . I have made it no secret that I felt 'The Turning Point' and others have said the same. Are you keen to talk about this a little more?

Dear friend, of ours and many ..

You flatter me sire!

There is no need to speak further on this matter. For it is within the pace of the individual that this occurrence shall occur! Each soul is resonating now at their own individual frequency. Some are FEELING out of sorts and wondering why they haven't yet reached this 'happy' disposition ... but we say to you ... do not concern yourself with what is happening to another. Focus only on where you are within. Concentrate on yourself and let others do the same. You shall ALL in time reach this 'standard'.

Funny word to use.

Yet correct. There is no right or wrong about this . This is not a race neither a competition. It is simply a state of BEING that each one of you is 'slipping into' when their soul is ready to do so. Be patient with yourselves. There is no rush. There is simply a time and a place when it shall happen for each of you . And like yourself Blossom ... when it does ... you shall know it.

Shall we turn our thoughts now to pastures new?

Indeed. what next?

What next indeed! Quite a while ago in our discourse we discussed rainbows , unusual ones at that, and for a time, souls on earth, who had read our words, seemed to see many varied displays of such beauty. Unusual shapes, unusual formations. Do you think those who were unaware of our words saw these also?

Yes I would imagine so.

And what do you think they thought about them? They would not be thinking the same as the souls that were aware of what we had said. They would be merely delighting in the phenomena and collecting thoughts of how unusual it was ... yet take the prospect no further. Those, however, who 'knew differently' were filled with hope and promise and allowed their soulself to FEEL a connection with 'US' . These rainbows of Light took on a new meaning and now is it not so, that when one sees a rainbow in the skies the connection with 'US' is once again made?

Yes. I have to say for me though , I don't ever look up at the sky and not think of you. I revel in the blueness of the day and I am in awe when I connect with the stars at night. For me now, I look up , and just ... well ... just ... let my heart do the talking.

So therefore, may we say , that it would be reasonable to suggest that you are not alone in this action?


And may we therefore suggest also, that great advancement has been achieved in just the few short years since we announced the event that many consider not to have taken place? From our perspective such magnificent ...

I appear to have lost the link here ............ such magnificent ??? ( I had to reconnect with some deep breathes).

Turbulence .

Within our link you mean?

We have just shown to you the image of a whirlwind , a hurricane. Sometimes, out of nowhere we are unable to balance energies that present themselves.

On your side of things or mine?

This time ... on ours. Without going into depth ... interferences can occur on your frequency. We are attuned into a particular frequency when we communicate with you . We change it often in order for it not to become too familiar with those who would rather this friendship did not take place .

Your kidding right?

Not so . Yet please understand it is not of a concern of any degree . We simply change the frequency once again and all is well.

I feel like the inside of a radio!

In a way ... you are.

And now ... the weather!

Sorry , lets get back on track! Seriously though , I know you are speaking Truth, but it seems strange for me to accept that here I am sitting in my little healing room , doing what I do with you ... and somewhere out there, an entire 'Cosmic James Bond' movie is going on , of which I know nothing about and yet I am involved. Sometimes I find it all a bit unreal to be honest with you.

Yet your heart knows that we are as real as you are and that all of this that we speak of is possible.

Absolutely everything is possible. I learnt that a while back . I am sure anyone in my position would feel the same. Anyway, with all respect this is chit chat ... let's get down to some nitty gritty if we may?

Of what nature?

You know now that it is of your choice. But seeing as you asked ( you put those words in my head ) what question is it YOU want Me to ask?

The one that is concerning you .

As I was writing that , I was thinking 'I haven't got one' and then the immediate thought that came into my head was , 'These Light pillars ...' and I know that's what you want me to bring up , because I got the 'Tingle of Truth' as I thought it.

Be forthright young lady ... be brave ... what is it you want to say?

You know!

Indeed. Yet many who will read these words do not.

Ok ... guess I have to say it then .... What if they don't show up like you said they would? What am I supposed to do then? I mean ... you KNOW I Trust you ...

Then why this question?

Because you asked me to ask it.

Because you have been thinking it. You are concerned that if these pillars do not appear in your skies that many will lose faith in our words and what we have said will come about.

If I didn't Trust in you ... I wouldn't bother to put all this time into talking to you. Little point in that. So I guess it's more .. oh i don't know .... concern?

No dearest one ... the word is indeed TRUST. We are smiling down upon you at this time. We appreciate your position . We FEEL this concern.

Don't get me wrong. It's not something I think about every minute of the day. It's just that, after Oct 14th 2008, you said you would be coming soon ... I said, that if you hadn't shown within the year, I would probably stop channelling. That was a couple of years ago now ... yet here I am ... and happy to be here I might add. My understanding of the word 'soon' grew! I have a Love for you that reaches so very deep into my heart ... but this human side of me ... every now and then ... falters,

Yet there is no fault on this matter. You shall see.

I dearly TRUST SO! You do see it from my point of view though ... you do see where I am coming from and why?

And all the while you are speaking with us in this way ... your Higher soul is speaking to you ... for you KNOW that all of this ... all of these 'predicaments' were part and parcel of taking on the job. Each and everyone of you who are residing on the earth plane at this time ... and who are reading these words ... and who have awoken to a part of their soul that adheres and resonates with all that is written through this lady Blossom and ourselves ... KNEW ... that all of this would be going on. Each one KNEW that this was/is the way it was/is to take place. Your souls KNEW that when upon this planet of earth ... certain matters would be presented differently and therefore understood in a different fashion from the time and guidance you were given before reentering onto this planet in this form. Yet remember your uniqueness. Remember ... this is how it was agreed to be done. This is how you were to recognize and alert your souls to the most important purpose of your BEING here. It is happening NOW.


Because ALL is going according to plan and it is at 'this very point' that you would be 'clicking into place' . At this very poignant moment (s) when each of you would recall ' Ah yes ... this is what we agreed on'. You KNEW also of the doubts and fears that would be pressurizing your pressure points!







Well, putting it that way , I feel pretty chuffed myself!! That's it isn't it? There's that 'cut off' point ... two minutes over , but hey ... who's counting! It feels like we have been around and about the houses tonight ... yet I thank you none the less . I look forward to reading it back and seeing where we are at!! I also look forward to taking up with you again when I return home. Know my and many hearts are deeply grateful to you for all of this. A good plan indeed!!! In Love and thanks.

Website: Blossom Goodchild

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