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Sananda - The Blueprint of Your New 5D Life - Adele Arini - 21 February 2018

My dearest friends,

The time has come for you to choose. Make a decision now, once and for all.
Do you want to fully embrace your fifth dimensional Self, or do you want to continue to engage with the old, third dimensional way of living that is based on fear, lack, duality and separation? What I am talking about here is your level of commitment to the path of Light, the path of Mastery/Ascension and the path of Love.

The path of Mastery and Ascension is not a path that can be done 'part-time'. It requires your full-time commitment to be the embodiment of Divine Love. This means that in your every thought, word, focus, feelings, reaction and action, you must always strive to align it with Love and not Fear. Unity and not Separation. Abundance and not Lack.

When faced with everyday challenges, most of you lightworkers who are reading this, still react from a victim mentality, instead of realizing that the 'past' you, (whom by the way is this amazing, powerful Divine Creator light-being), had (at a Higher level) attracted into your life these difficult circumstances to move you forward in your path of Light. You created these life challenges and guess what? You have to the power to easily un-create these challenges by mastering the issues life has forced you to face. No more running away. No more procrastination.

We never said the way to Mastery was easy and without its challenges. Everyone, without any exception, on this planet is now being forced to face their biggest fears; to transmute and heal these fears and to come out victorious when ready. Until that happens, you will continue to be faced with the same life blocks, over and over again, until the lessons are learnt.

What you have to remember is this: you have done this many times before. I know every single one of you who is reading this. In your numerous lifetimes in the higher dimensions, on other Planets/star systems, and for some of you, in your past Atlantean & Lemurian lifetimes on Earth, you have achieved Mastery and Enlightenment.

You had been tested and especially chosen for your brilliant Light, strength, courage and tenacity, for this current, most important lifetime to assist with the planetary healing and ascension of Gaia and humanity. You each have an important role to play, and the time is NOW to embrace your true, Multidimensional, powerful Higher Self.

No more playing small. No more excuses.

We, your friends and loved ones in the higher dimensions, all realize the toll this path has taken on you. As the waves of light continue to bombard the planet everyday, most of you are feeling exhausted; sick and tired of how the Ascension process is making you feel. You longed for your true Home and some of you even thought that you should never have volunteered for this Mission in the first place.

We would like you to know that we understood this really well and we continually send you our loving support every moment of every day. Your longing for Home, for the Unconditional Love and Acceptance, for the Joy, Freedom, Perfect Peace and Abundance it brings, is a sign that you are ready. Ready to finally realize that your true Home can be found within. You have always been Home, within our Creator's embrace all along. You are now not only awakening to this Higher Truth, but also working hard towards making Earth an exact replica of your Heavenly Home.

Together, you and I and your teams, we had planned this grand adventure with excitement, passion, joy and with so much Love. And we, your team of Guides and Angels, are constantly fulfilling the pre-birth promise we had made to you: to always be there to support you every step of the way and to help you joyfully fulfill your individual missions.

The only question left I have to ask you is this: Are you now ready to fully commit your life and your entire way of being to this cause?

If YES is your immediate answer, then rest assured, your beautiful, magnificent 5D life that you have always dreamt of, is now starting to unfold. The blueprint of your new fifth dimensional life, that has been created by your Higher Self, will continue to be revealed at the perfect timing to guide your way.

You are leaders, way-showers, anchors and the embodiments of higher dimensional light, and your lives will be the shining examples for others who are looking for their own way back HOME.

The next step forward is simple. It is important for you to commit to living a high-vibrational life. Your every choice, word, thought, way of being and action matters. Do your best to align them constantly to the Light and Love of your Higher Self.
And when in doubt, always take the time to go within and ask yourselves: As the embodiment of my Higher Self, what should I say, think or do in this situation that I am now facing?

Staying high-vibrational sounds easy, but in the face of daily life, the struggles and challenges you find yourself in, can be hard to do. Below are 6 golden guidelines that most of you already know and just need another reminder:

1. Commit to at least 15-30 uninterrupted minutes per day to just 'be' still and meditate and commune with your Higher Self and your spirit team.

2. Drink lots of quality, filtered/alkaline water as integrating and anchoring Higher Energies require your bodies to stay hydrated. This keeps your moods and emotions balanced at all times, no matter what may be going on around you.

It is a good idea to charge your water with crystals. Every day we are constantly receiving Divine Light Codes that are changing our physical bodies from a heavy, carbon-based vessel, to a higher-dimensional, much lighter, crystalline-based physical vessel for our spirit. This means charging your water with crystals will help to ensure that this transition can happen smoothly. Drinking crystalline water that has been charged overnight will feel like drinking Divine Light. The water will feel as if it has no mass/no weight to it. Those of you who are energy-sensitive will be able to sense the wonderful benefits of drinking crystal-charged water.

Up to 60% an adult human body is made up of water. This means water plays an important part in keeping your bodies healthy. Drinking a lot of water will ensure that your bodies will have enough to help with the digestion, absorption and transportation of nutrients, along with many other benefits.

Please do not actually immerse the crystals in the water (unless if you are a gemologist and know your crystals very well) as this is highly not recommended. Please watch this YouTube video for more information on how to charge your water with crystals: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6mMqKB9vS6o

You can use any crystals you want, and custom-make it to your specific needs. For example, if you need a boost in your self-confidence/self-esteem, or if you would like to attract greater abundance into your life, or if you would like to attract romance into your life, then please do your research on the best crystals you can use to charge your water for these specific purposes.

And then, to add an extra power to your crystal-charged water, please write a high-vibrational word of your choice (e.g. LOVE, PEACE, ABUNDANCE, JOY, GOD) on a piece of paper and then place it at the bottom of your water jugs. It will help you to be more of who you truly are! The following video helps to explain the vibrational power of any word and the water experiments performed by Dr. Masaru Emoto: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A-0PeUeYbqw

3. Always choose higher vibrational foods and drinks. This means no alcohol, caffeine, sugar or fatty, high calories non-nutritional foods. Consumption of animal parts/bodies lower your vibrations as the animals' fear and suffering at the time of their deaths remain in the body parts you eat. So, when the time is right for you, please consider embracing a vegetarian lifestyle, as this will help your vibrations to stay high. Drinking raw, fresh, pressed juice every day is highly recommended as its high vibrations will uplift your spirits!

4. Ground yourself to the Planet daily and spend more time outdoors in Nature every day. Walking barefooted in Nature for at least 10 mins per day is highly recommended.

5. Get moving and exercise. You all know the benefits of exercise as it helps you to focus, gives you clarity and keeps you healthy.

6. Release ALL your addictions and your time-wasters. This includes: watching too much TV, reading/watching too much news, spending too much time on social media, etc. You yourself 'know' what bad habits and unhealthy addictions you are still holding on to. Be honest with yourself and ask for our help in releasing all of these.

Remember the number 1 rule:

If your current focus on anything that is in your life (such as a book you are reading, a tv program/the news, a movie, a stuck situation, a recent fight, a past event, etc.) is making you feel bored, tired, exhausted, restless, meaningless, sad, angry, depressed, or any other negative feeling, this is your Higher Self's way of telling you to immediately stop what you are doing and change your focus!
You are being reminded constantly, by the way you are feeling, to choose an activity/focus that will improve your vibration and the quality of your life in the long run.

Adopt the above guidance for at least 21 days continuously without stopping - this is usually how long it takes for a person to change and form new, healthy habits. And before long, your life will change to reflect the Highest Vision you have ever had for it and every morning you will wake up in joyful anticipation of what adventures the day will bring.

The 5D blueprint of your life will be made manifest with ease and perfection and there will be no stopping you from reaching the heights of Joy, Love, Peace and Abundance and sharing these with every soul you encounter on this life journey.

I am walking with you, every step of the way. You are never alone.

Sending much love & light your way.

Your brother in Light, Sananda.

Channeled by: Adele Arini. Copyright 2018.

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