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Three Videos Worth Watching (7)

Here are three new videos that you won't regret giving some minutes of your time, we hope.

Sometimes people write us, asking if they should believe all these channelings, painting us a bright future, orchestrated by a Divine Plan. What if it's all a scam, thought out by lower entities pretending to be of the light, and we're really all doomed? Then I say, just look around you. Look at the beauty in nature, look at the love between people, the innocense of children...do you think that is all made by a hatefull God, or a loving God? Of course it's a loving God.

And this video is all the proof you need :)

What happens when you have a life altering experience on a completely unexpected moment, driving on the highway? You want to share it with others. And that's what Mary did, on YouTube:

As a cat lover, this third video touched me deeply. What a good way to show that when all hope seems lost, some love and care can perform miracles. Hurray for this cat, and the people who helped him! (Note: some pictures are pretty graphic)

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