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Three Videos Worth Watching (3)

Here are three new videos that you won't regret giving some minutes of your time, we hope.

The first one is simply beautiful, in every sense. When everyone is allowed to express their love and talents freely, wonderful and unexpected things can happen.

The second one is special and very creative. I know nothing about the background of the artist or the music, but the combination is mesmerizing. Stop all your busy activities for a second, turn down the light and just watch the screen.

I love this third video. In the West, we often need so much to make us happy - electronic devices, money, careers, recognition etc. And STILL we wonder if we're truly happy! While it can all be so simple. Living in the jungle with your loved ones, each day a new adventure. Caring for, and sharing with each other - what more do we need?

Ok, here's a little bonus. A fourth video, that I just couldn't let laying on the shelf :) Once again the power of music is proven irrefutably!

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