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Three Videos Worth Watching (2)

Here are three new videos that you won't regret giving some minutes of your time (we hope).

Well, "new", the last two of them have been on YouTube for a while. But they're so inspiring, that we think they deserve being put in the spotlight again from time to time. They need no introduction, they speak for themselves.

The first one is a film that the Norwegian producers were first asking a charge for. We featured a (apparently illegal) copy in an earlier article, but that was removed from YouTube. If you missed it, you're lucky, because the producers now feel that disclosure is right around the corner. Just like so many of us! So now they offer it for free. It's a brilliant movie that remind us how crazy it has gotten with all the lies, deceit and manipulation by our governments to cover up this Greatest Secret in Human History.

You can watch it here.

Second video:

"No Arms No Legs No Worries"

Third video:

"How it feels to have a stroke"

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