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Please help our French translator Isabelle's stepson

Dear friends,

Our French translator Isabelle needs our support for a new Personal Portable Oxygene Compressor with all devices accessories for US/EU transmitter in order to purchase a new life support unit that her stepson needs to replace.

This young adolescent (16 years old) needs a support compressor at all times for his brain oxygenation, to prevent brain tumor side effects.

The current cost with the pipes and transmitter/adaptor is around 1100 euros. To place the order we would need 30 % down payment next week. He is still at the hospital, while the family has not been refunded through the ObamaCare lawsuit, still pending.

Your donations and any financial contribution however small would be very much appreciated. It shows him we all care for his life - we are grateful to receive your blessings through the PayPal donation and prayers.

You can use the PayPal-button below, we will directly forward the money to Isabelle.

Many thanks in advance!

Luisa, Kees and the rest of the team of GalacticChannelings.com

UPDATE 28 November 2018: After some time of doing relatively better, our French translator Isabelle and her stepson who is being treated for cancer are having financial difficulties again. This is what she wrote:

Dear Friends,

I just would like to give you an up-date on our situation with my step son, he is all right. First I a m divorced since June 26th 2018 by the french court. But my attorney and I were not paid by the BAR ASSOCIATION who received my bank assets compensation since end october 2018. They hold thousands of Euros on my behalf- This situation has been delayed by the Law firm of my ex husband and the court to prevent me to pay for my Trip to New York and hospital bills for Kel. (I did not pay since July) - This trip is VERY important because I have to testify before the court for my step son's custody in France. We have been awaiting for more 5 months as today ! Now all my bank accounts are with extensive overdraft and I can't use NO CREDIT CARDS and pay my monthly rent, or renew my passport neither pay my phone /internet Bills and foodstore. I a m bankrupted until then.

Therefore If you coud help me, I could at least pay my overdue bills (more than 1550 euros November overdue) - I need to travel to NewYork to testify to the US COURT and come back with all the family united in France. We have been trying hard to comply with both demands from both courts. We are now both divorced. This is situation is unacceptable for us, and my step son who is still recovering from a brain cancer at 16 years old.

Our court here is under the control of a former member of the french government, and had been operating deals with court for decades including the city hall, he was dismissed 2 months ago but came back in the city mayor...We think these delaying of all my assets is to prevent us from being together and they can gain interest rates at their bank (Caisse des dépots) while I have to pay these overdrafts...with extra charges. They gain both ways by doing so !

Therefore, I would be grateful if you could help us this time again for us, since being together is essential for his recovery before he can access the free energy medical beds at the Clinic.

Thank You all for your help and assistance.

With Love & Light

Isabelle André

If you have it in your heart and have something to spare, please support them with a donation. Thanks on behalf of all of us!

PLEASE NOTE: Our Paypal account can't be used anymore, because PayPal closed it for some reason. The best thing is to send Isabelle an e-mail at isabelle1andre_dt@yahoo.fr so she can give you her regular bank account number.

UPDATE 10 August 2018: We asked Isabelle for an update on the situatiion that she and her stepson are in at the moment. This is her reply:

"We have duly paid for the compressor and the transmitter right after the last time we received the full amount here after. My step son is well and we are awaiting for his arrival with a nurse, upon receipt of the last month hospital and the incoming month of August, bill which are not covered by the ObamaCare since it does not take precondition for cancer and I am now unemployed.

Once we will have the refunds to pay last outstanding bills he will be able to leave the hospital and travel back to Europe for the free energy medical treatment which I hope next month."

So as you can see, their situation has improved, but any donation for the last steps are still welcome! We thank you all for the support that Isabelle and her stepson received so far and the loving messages that often came along with it. It is much appreciated!

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