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About Sheldan Nidle and Veronica Keen

Dear friends,

Some of you will have noticed that since October of last year, our regular channelers Sheldan Nidle and Veronica Keen seem to have stopped channeling. Of course we have tried to get in contact with them.

From Veronica we got a message back and she explained what's going on, but she'd rather not have us say much about it on our website. But it has to do with her physical condition and the constant attacks from the Cabal that are happening in her personal life. We offered our help, but she says there's not much that we can do.

From Sheldan and his wife Colleen we heard nothing back, unfortunately. We know that he had some physical problems that made him have to go to the hospital. But after that, we haven't received any new information. This message that they put on their website was the last update that we could find. If any of you has some more information, would you be so kind to let us know?

Just like some of you who wrote us, we sure miss both Sheldan's and Veronica's regular messages. Let's hope things will get better for both of them soon, so we can enjoy their channelings again. Sending them positive energy and praying for them would probably be helpful.

In Love and Light,

Kees, GalacticChannelings.com

Update 30 January, 2019:

One of our visitors was so kind to forward us some information about Sheldan that he received from Sheldan's Planetary Activation Organization:


We sent this update out recently before our December Webinar.

An Update on Sheldan's Recovery and the UpdatesMany of you are writing PAO inquiring why there have been no recent updates. Sheldan has provided us regular updates from the Galactic Federation for more than 20 years. Why, you ask, have they stopped? To recap: For just over a year, Sheldan has been recovering from back surgery to help him walk again. He has been doing rehab ever since and now can walk normally again. Unfortunately, the operation triggered the recurrence of a neurological condition caused some time ago by a Dew Weapon.

Sheldan was well on his way to working through those issues when, this past October, he was zapped once again by the DEW weapon. This time, the weapon damaged his Galactic contact implant. Reactivation of this implant requires a neurological upgrade, and this takes time. It must be done slowly, in minute increments, to allow his 3D vibrations to be linked very carefully to the Galactics’ 5D vibrations. Although Sheldan remains in direct contact with the Galactic Federation, the effort required for him to receive updates and Webinars demands tremendous energy. The healing process needed to repair the DEW Weapon damage and allow him to be fully engaged with the Galactic Federation will take time. It may take a while yet before Sheldan is able to provide us with updates.

What can you do to help?

The Galactics would like Lightworkers and starseeds to become more involved in helping them bring about disclosure leading to full consciousness. Each month, Colleen and I are given insights as to the special guests and topics that would be most activational for the PAO’s live monthly Webinars. Our collective energy is vital in setting the stage for abundance, disclosure and landings − all leading to full consciousness. Your attendance at Webinars and timely donations greatly help us to spread the word and expand PAO’s mission."

Update 18 February, 2019:

"In previous messages, we mentioned to you that the DEW attack on Sheldan had made it necessary for him to have an upgrade on his implant. Then, earlier this month, the Galactics were required to further tweak Sheldan's communications implant, which resulted in several temporary health issues. Although the implant enhancements are delicate and must be undertaken in subtle stages, they will enable Sheldan, in time, to fully communicate with the Galactic Federation teams.

The current effect of these upgrades is that Sheldan can only spend a few minutes at a sitting conversing with the Galactics. Because of this, he is still unable to do updates and Webinars.

Bringing Sheldan's neurological vibrational energy to a place that does not overwhelm him will take time. At the moment, we are striving to replace his conventional medications with natural treatments. The alternative remedies that will ultimately heal Sheldan are quite costly and not covered by medical insurance.

Over the months of Sheldan's illness, we at PAO have been consistently overwhelmed by your generosity. We would be most grateful for your continuing support in his cause.

Peace and Blessings,

PAO Team"

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