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February 24, 2008

Mother Earth; discernment, intuition; guidance for awakening souls, lightworkers; obvious changes; no Iran invasion; state of the economy; reasons for increased spacecraft sightings; no evacuation needed; Do Not Fear!

1. This is Matthew with loving greetings to all. This is a year of great foment and revelations—never before in Earth’s history has there been such profound activity in her energy field of potential! In some cases this fervor is obvious, but much more is going on than you can know in this moment, and with excited anticipation you await the ultimate resolution.

2. May I give you an analogy that comes to mind? It is not the best, I know, and most surely I do not mean to be patronizing, much less insulting, but in my great love for all animals, the images are very pleasing to me. Imagine yourself witnessing the birth of piglets as the mother labors to bring forth new life. After all her infants have emerged, there is such wiggling about that you can only wonder what will come next. Sometimes you see a great deal of activity in this new little family; at other times, all is quiet, giving the impression that no developments are taking place. Ah, but there are! Vital unseen things are going on with the piglets—respiration, digestion, growth in physical strength and comprehension—and the exhausted mother is regaining her vitality. In your continued watching, you see that some piglets are not flourishing as much as others. However, because the diligent mother cares about all her children, she strives to give her littlest ones all the nourishment they need. In time, all the babies are scampering about, occasionally engaging in typical sibling squabbling, yet staying close to their mother, who continues her nurturing even as she lets each little one make its own way.

3. And so it is with Mother Earth. After long suffering, she is birthing the raised consciousness and spiritual renewal within her children and providing everything they need to thrive, yet in her understanding that each must choose its own way, allowing all to do so. And even as you witness this developing process, you cannot know every aspect of it or how every soul ultimately will respond.

4. There is not much time left for those who still are sleeping behind the veil, so to say, to waken from the conditioning that has kept them so long asleep and unaware of their god and goddess selves. They must become consciously aware so they can separate the wheat from the chaff in their lives, in your world, and become spiritually prepared to accompany Earth into the higher planes of energy. It is not Earth who decides which of her beloved children will make the trip with her—she wants ALL to go!—and it is not an arbitrary basis that determines who goes and who doesn’t; it is just plain physics. The light of raised consciousness and spiritual clarity—the knowing that all life in this universe is inseparably connected with God and all other souls, and living accordingly—carries a frequency that enables physical survival in the energy planes where Earth is heading. Those who ignore the urging of their souls and instead choose to stay oblivious to this universal truth, do not have that light; and without it, they remain in their lower frequency that prevents bodies from surviving in higher energy planes. Although once back in spirit life they can plan the next incarnation with the same circumstances and another opportunity to “see the light,” they will realize that they defaulted in their pre-birth choice to do that in this lifetime.

5. A part of “seeing the light” is honing discernment ability and trusting intuition, the messages from your soul, wherein the truth for each of you lies. Readers familiar with my messages may be thinking, “Oh, not again—why does he say the same old thing when he must know we want to hear what’s new?” I cannot cease telling you something as important as that, and since I have transmitted about 70 messages since the fourth book was published, it is difficult for me to think of something new that is essential for you to know in this unique time in Earth’s long history. Perhaps I need to say that the separation of wheat from chaff pertains to lightworkers too. Oh, most assuredly not to the extent that the newly-awakening ones do, but let me give you something to think about.

6. It is time to comfortably communicate with your soul and heed its messages, make the changes your inner guidance is urging and stop thinking “but what if….” Time to be a caring, compassionate observer and not an active part of others’ traumas and dramas. Time to cut out trivial and unproductive matters and rise above any frustrating aspects in your life. Time to focus only on the positive so you can manifest it, and feel more joy, less concern. Time to sweep away self-doubt, resentment, criticizing others, guilt, ego-centeredness, procrastination and regret, and fill those spaces with unconditional love of self and others, self-confidence, forgiveness of self and others, assisting wherever you see the need and viewing a situation from all perspectives. It is time to feel peaceful because you know you have the innate power to handle whatever challenges arise between now and the Golden Age, where all life flows in harmony with Nature.

7. Oh yes, I know you have heard that before too, but if you have not yet let this guidance leave your head, where there is no argument, and enter your heart, the seat of the soul, so it automatically becomes action and reaction, it is time for you to do that.

8. Now then, as I mentioned, this year in your calendar is one of foment and revelations, and so it shall be! You are seeing in news reports some of the reasons for the fervor in Earth’s energy field of potential, particularly changes in governments and the state of the economy, but even if those reports were complete and honest, most of what is unfolding still would be unknown to the vast majority of Earth’s peoples. Nevertheless, we do not advocate that anyone forego knowing what newspapers, TV and radio are supplying as news. We do not hold with the philosophy that ignorance is bliss—it is not! Hiding one’s head in the sand doesn’t protect the head, it leaves the entire being vulnerable. However, in addition to being only an observer and using discernment, we do advocate putting what is reported into this context: The collective awareness and abhorrence of violence, corruption and deception is what is bringing it to its knees.

9. To comment briefly on the areas of most significant interest insofar as violent conflict and what will be transpiring—Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Israel and Palestine— there will be no all-out wars, but localized hot spots will continue to flare up and die down until the last of ages-old karmic experiencing throughout the entire Mideast plays itself out. That includes Iran, of course, but the saber rattling of the US government towards that country will not lead to an invasion. Other countries in the entire region also are winding down third density karma. Where there is heavy oppression, especially regarding women’s rights, changes will lead to equality for all citizens; and in the countries where a few live in obscene opulence while the masses live in poverty, a leveling out of this disparity will begin. Please remember that reformation is a process, not abrupt endings or beginnings, and every instance of ungodly action further dissipates the ever-weakening energy of the dark tentacles.

10. Even though media news is but the tip of the iceberg, in some countries there is ample evidence of government shake-ups in accordance with the citizens’ demands for reforms. In others, where tyrants are ruling, we can only assure you that strong undercurrents eventually will lead to their displacement too. Please dismiss any concerns about present and proposed unjust laws and policies; all will be eliminated as government leaders either “see the light” or are replaced by spiritually evolved souls who are experienced in wise governing.

11. Ample evidence exists as well in the other major field of change, the economy, and I must be frank about this so you will be prepared when the full truth no longer can be hidden. As bleak as some publicly reported facets of the economy are, the facts are more serious. Any positive “spin” on the situation that can be mustered is designed purely to serve the interests of banks and multinational corporations that need you to keep borrowing and spending; however, spending cautiously in these days is only common sense and so is having a cash reserve immediately available. I hasten to speak about the “silver lining” in the international economy as reallocation of the world’s wealth undergoes profound changes: The team of economists with integrity who will replace the corrupt ones have transition plans that will keep disruption to a minimum during the changeover process.

12. Although rarely reported in the United States, some other nations’ media are less timid about publicizing the marked increase in sightings of spacecraft in your skies. Your space brothers and sisters are making themselves more and more evident for sound reasons. They are sending the unmistakable message to governments, especially in the US, that it is futile to continue denying their presence and numbers. To people everywhere, they are showing that if their intentions were not peaceful, they could have landed en masse and taken over your planet. And for you who know that these soul family members are benevolent, it is their clear signal that the time is coming closer when, in safety, they can land and the beings from highly evolved civilizations who are living among you can introduce themselves; it is their reassurance that great changes are nigh and they are at the ready to assist in the world transformation you have been co-creating.

13. Other well-publicized happenings are the stepped-up geophysical occurrences, record-setting temperatures, drought of greater duration in some places and heavier than ever flooding in others—not only aberrant weather, but changing climates. What is not widely known is that governments’ weather manipulation is partially responsible for these numerous “natural disasters”; nevertheless, all these occurrences aid the planetary cleansing process—Earth’s means of releasing the negativity amassed over millennia. Nor is it widely known that destruction and death toll are being eased to the greatest possible extent by off-planet civilizations with advanced technologies.

14. We are aware of the false information the Internet offers along with the truth, and one example is channeled material claiming that extraterrestrial craft will evacuate the populace before Earth changes increase to the extent that no surface life can survive. There will be NO need for evacuation! The persons receiving those transmissions don’t realize that their sources are not the spiritually evolved beings they claim to be, but exactly the opposite, and that their purpose is to instill fear.

15. You may think it is superfluous for me to mention still again the critical need for using keen discernment about all information and trusting your intuition as to whether it is falsehood or truth. However, since my mother is still receiving emails from people who are alarmed about those reports of worldwide evacuation plans as well as various prophesied types of dire happenings like the imminent imposition of martial law, millions will be rounded up and put in concentration camps, belligerent ETs will invade your planet, and all-out nuclear wars brewing, I think there cannot be too much emphasis upon discernment and intuition. Furthermore, our repeated assurances that NONE of those will befall you seem to fly out the window each time a fear-filled report makes the Internet rounds. The light will not permit any such reversal in its ever-increasing intensity, and Earth did not endure many, many centuries of the tyranny and bloodshed that caused all the negativity, just to have her current beloved inhabitants experience more of it!

16. With the challenges you will be encountering as foment leads to revelations, we feel that understanding why you must not fear is essential. Mother, this is well explained in a chapter in one of the books. Please find that and copy it.


August 28, 2002

MATTHEW: Mother, regarding that “doomsday” letter swirling around the Internet, first I say: Fear NOT! That dire prediction of a massive earthquake and loss of billions of lives on September 7 is NOT going to happen!

Is this “message from God” via that person who is intending to alert the world to this imminent event not the same End-of-the-world idea that has been considered inevitable for centuries by doomsayers? It IS! The dark forces originated this concept so long ago that current Earth history has no record of its initiation into belief systems. It is not its origin in antiquity that DISempowers this concept, it is its origin within the darkness that literally dooms it!

Manifesting any date for planetary destruction so severe that Earth could not survive is no different from manifesting anything else at all—it is a matter only of sustained belief and intent that brings about happenings. This would be the manifesting capability of the soul at work co-creating with God, implementing that law of Creator that exists inseparably with free will.

This works with one consciously-focused mind or with billions, and when the latter, the term “mass consciousness” comes into it. I reluctantly use that term because of its application to “ascension,” which is another term often improperly applied, as if bodies will be lifted off the planet into the heavens. Moving into the lighter density of the universe, which is by the opening of hearts and minds unto the light of love that enables Heaven on Earth, is ascension.

So I ask that “mass consciousness” be understood as the majority of energetic interaction on Earth choosing to anchor and sustain the light on and within and throughout the planet. This is not the same as a specific number or a defined percentage of souls consciously sharing the same belief or focus, which is the prerequisite of a different interpretation of mass consciousness and is not the correct understanding of the actual physics operating.

Now then, there are two essential considerations about this “inevitable doomsday idea.” First, this could happen ONLY if this concept were to sweep over the world and mold more than half the mind power—NOT half of the souls, but half of the mind power—into the rigid belief form that Earth actually is hopelessly doomed. Please note that it is not “would” happen, but “could” happen, and that brings us to the second of the two overriding factors here.

Even if that degree of doomsday conviction could be mustered, “doom” could affect only the energy embodied on the planet. With only physical life at stake, which in your current belief system is meant to be only short-term anyway, an arbitrary, identically-timed ending to everyone's eternal life really is ludicrous when you think about it. Just Zap!—totally discounting the stage of spiritual awareness and intelligence advancement and soul evolvement, not to mention the plans of God and Creator? I don't think so!

So then, “doomsday” is only an idea, a concept, a topic of discussion, a nonexistent event that got talked about way beyond the originating circle. So what is to be feared? To actually create that fearful-sounding scenario would require the power of focused minds without any great opposition in belief, in feelings, in intent of energy direction. And therein lies the doom of the doomsday idea!

There IS massive disbelief, disagreement and opposition to it! There IS a massive abundance of light firmly anchored on Earth that is in complete energetic opposition to the darkness, within which the doomsday concept was developed; and there IS massive soul-level knowingness and emerging conscious awareness of whence this doomsday fallacy came and why!

It came from the dark forces specifically to create fear. There is no issue of greater importance today than clearly understanding how the darkness uses fear as its ultimate weapon against individuals, nations, your whole world. Fear of an idea, of what might be, is as much a captive state of consciousness as the fear of what you consider concrete actuality.

When information about merely conceptual fearsome situations is passed on as foregone conclusion by sincerely well-meaning individuals, they may be doing so in concerned innocence, but the fear that's created nevertheless is as virulent as if the peak of darkness itself had pronounced it. This is what happens:

The energy of fear forms a barrier between the feared object or circumstances and the energy of light. Because of the barrier, the light in the souls of fear-full people cannot reach their consciousness to dispel the power of those fears over their lives, and the light being sent to them by light workers cannot penetrate. The barrier feels like a real wall, isolating the person with the consuming fear and leaving no way out. This energy blockage of the light intensifies the power of whatever is feared, thus enabling it to draw to itself more manifestations to be feared.

Fear is wildly contagious, and due to its magnification in power, fear sensation streamers have sticky edges that attract the kinds of energetic interactions that omit common sense, sound judgment, and wise decisions. Fear is so insidious that it can convince a person that the only way to escape is through portals leading deeper and deeper into darkness. Fear is the forebear of such actions or characteristics deemed prejudice, tyranny, greed, cruelty, belligerence, deception, dishonor and hatred, and even those seemingly senseless tortures or deaths of innocents arise through psyches that have been twisted and tormented by fears.

The light, in which love and universal knowledge and spiritual clarity abide, cannot reach those souls to let them know their spiritual powers are far stronger than anything the dark powers can conjure to frighten them. Nothing is stronger than the light, which is the gift to every soul of the love and power of God.

Because the dark forces cannot create light or capture it and they cannot coexist with it, they can only try to create fear and try to capture souls through fear. The magnified energy of fear draws to the people like thought forms from the universal soup, and the power of natural laws then brings into reality the fearsome ideas manifested into form through sustained conscious belief in their existence. Then there is indeed something to fear – it's what fear itself created!

The viciousness of the cycle permits people to be held captive by the darkness whose stronghold is simple: It doesn't permit them to “see the light” because that light would reveal that what they have been told to fear is only an idea. Belief in the fear-filled idea's reality is what makes it so. Literally “seeing the light” exposes the fabric of lies and desperate measures of the dark forces and destroys their grasp on awakening minds. Now fearing for their own continuation, these forces are creating fear through any possible means, no matter how transparent or arrogant the falseness of their claims in their last gasp to maintain control of their darkly-inclined helpers on Earth.

What you are seeing in everything you may call evil—from kidnappings to killings by children to greed and corruption of global degree to hopelessness of entire nations to talk of deterring a nuclear invasion by preemptive war declaration—is born of fear within the darkness itself because it knows its power is cracking. Those forces that steadily have chosen to harm others rather than allow love to motivate them will not much longer be on your planet to create havoc and despair.

The light is increasing in abundance and power in consonance with Earth's own chosen pathway, and the bodies of people who continue treading in darkness simply would be destroyed if they were forced into the light, like crystal shattering at certain frequencies. The souls of these people will be transferred to a density station compatible with their energy registration, which is determined by the lifetime free will choices.

No, Mother, I don’t know if the promise of beauty and peace in Earth’s new world will persuade these souls to let the light fill their voids with love. We pray that they will desire this, but we cannot influence the free will courses they choose. And no, I don't know whether in body or only spirit they will experience their next opportunity to follow the light, nor do I know where they will go, because in this unique time universally, those dark souls cannot come here. There are placements in the universe where life starts in very primitive form and progresses as light guidance is given for remedial lessons. “In my father's house are many mansions” means that the universe contains many varieties of living arrangements so that all stages of souls' evolvement can be accommodated.

Let me return for a moment to the manifestation process, the effects of intent. Let us turn around that prediction of the end of the world through destruction into oblivion and let us intend that there be a world-ending to Earth's agonies, an ending to the violence, corruption, deception, injustices, diseases, starvation, brutality. Let us intend that there be an ending to the warring, killing, terror, to the destruction of bodies and land and hope.

Focusing on a replacement for all of that—focusing on love, peace, justness, decency and sharing in the world—can have mammoth uplifting effects on what already has been long in process, the return to the paradise your planet once was! The progress would have been much faster if more of you had affirmed that a kinder, more loving and more harmonious world already had risen out of the ashes of the futile last stand of the darkness. If not before, then now add your light to this!

When the struggle is over, there will be a return to the true Eden that once existed on Earth. There will be peace and harmony and respect between and among all life forms, the animals and the plants and the currently unrecognized Devic kingdom whose efforts are so essential to Earth’s preservation. So, let's not have a benediction because the world is ending—let's hear a clarion call for renewed awareness of the cosmic Oneness and the Christed spirit within every soul!


17. Thank you, Mother. That chapter included a great deal more than reasons not to feel fearful, and that is fine—the information is as valid in this moment as it was those years ago.

18. In farewell, and speaking on behalf of all souls at this station, you are being accompanied every step of the way into the Golden Age by myriad helpers and beloved by all light beings beyond your imagining.



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