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SaLuSa, May 18, 2011

Every day is an opportunity to face yourself and deal with your shortcomings. It does not matter how far you have evolved, there will always be challenges. These are times when you are sorting out the many beliefs you carry with you. They mould your personality, but are often not in your interest for one who aspires to lift up and ascend. If they do not stand up in the Light, then you may be sure that they cannot travel with you any longer. This is part of the process that has been taking place for many years, as your evolution has advanced. For you as an individual your guidance comes from within, and it is important to listen to the small voice that talks to you. Only your Higher Self knows what is best for you at any time, and the advice should be heeded. What else is it but your conscience prompting you to act on it?

As best as you can stay calm in all situations and maintain a peaceful demeanor, thereby keeping your vibrations as high as possible. It helps keep you from slipping back into an emotional state that may bring out some response that you would rather not experience. However to sometimes lose control is a very human trait, and you should Endeavour to recover from it as soon as you can. The quicker you can do so, the less harm it causes to your body that produces toxins in such circumstances. Have you not noticed, that after any outburst you feel depleted and often unwell. Going to the extreme, if you were continually becoming angry and aggressive, you would end up with a serious illness. The energy of the chakric centers becomes unbalanced, and you are certain to experience a bodily reaction.

Dear Ones your body is your sacred temple that is fully conscious. It can only respond to your treatment of it, and when you respect and love it keeps it fully healthy. Much of how you view yourself has a bearing on your well-being. When you are dissatisfied with yourself you actually add to your problems, whereas when you praise yourself you are attracting good vibrations. By being positive you can overcome most problems, particularly when it comes to personal achievements. To get the best out of yourself, always believe that you can do whatever you set your mind on doing. The most successful people are those who firmly set their mind and focus on exactly what they want. With Ascension coming up, do not doubt that once you decide that it is your goal you have every opportunity of ascending. Of course you need to keep it in your sight and envision that Being of Light you are destined to be.

The shocking truth about the Illuminati and their operations will be given in such a way that you will know it is genuine. For those of little if any knowledge of them, it will sound impossible that all along there has been a world government that has dictated the way Humanity has progressed, but one that has worked secretly and controlled your evolution. So much so that you have hardly progressed at all. You have experienced duality going fully from one extreme to another over thousands of years. The closing of the cycle is the end for the dark Ones, but not those of the Light who are rising up and will ascend without any doubt whatsoever. So as we often inform you there is no need to be entrapped in fear over what is happening now, or in the near future.

With so little time left you may be sure that once the major changes begin, there will be no let up all the way to Ascension. Events are lined up to make the transition as smooth as possible, and ensure that every soul is aware of the meaning of the end times. Not everyone believes that there is a purpose to life, or that they are of a divine nature and have infinite life. However, where disbelief persists each soul will progress accordingly but not through Ascension, as clearly they are not prepared for such a quantum leap forward. Their opportunity to do so will come around again, and hopefully with more experience the truth will take hold.

Because of freewill thinking there will inevitably be differing opinions as to how the end times will pan out. That will make no difference to the outcome, as you are gifted to create your own reality. So allow for the different opinions and visions of others, knowing that if they are ready to ascend, it will take place regardless. Some spend so much time and energy trying to convince others of their truth, when no one group holds it all. Simply accept that there is the One God of your Universe, and all life is held within that particular energy. Therefore all are equal before God, and that fact should invalidate arguments about whose God is the correct one. Common sense is often lost when religious factions pit themselves against each other. These are all issues that will be settled before the cycle ends. That in turn will encourage a coming together of those who have had one foot in the dark and one in the Light.

As you look around you see many extremes taking place, that are creating new areas of darkness but these will be short lived as they are far outweighed by the rapidly growing Light. Transmutation of the lower vibrations is leading to the firm establishment of a powerful grid of Light. It is already in place and will play its part in bringing about the birth of the new Earth, and whilst all of this is going on the new you is also birthing. It is a dreamlike situation as you most of you are still rooted in material world, but that will change before very long. Some of you already recognize your expanding consciousness levels, and your mindset is moving upwards to accommodate the higher aspects of life.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and watching you watching us, and there is much more for you to see as our activities are increasing. Of necessity we draw even closer to Earth as our services are called upon to deal with ecological damage. We keep matters in check ready for when we can come to Earth to finish our work. There are some very big problems that make us desire to come openly as soon as possible, but we stand responsible to higher spiritual forces for our actions. We act in unison and in an orderly way that respects your protocol and agreements between countries. We avoid creating problems that might otherwise disrespect the sovereignty of all nations. It is not our place to interfere where you are capable of taking action yourselves. However, we will gladly seek to work with you to go speeding forward to completion.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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