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SaLuSa, June 10, 2011

As it becomes generally known that the cycle of duality is ending, and that this particular civilization is ending there are bound to be people who object to the changes. That however is to be expected as there are after all some comforts to be enjoyed, not least of all the family lives that many treasure and enjoy. The idea that families might break up understandably brings on sadness, so the whole issue has to be seen from a different perspective. The most important fact to bear in mind is that not one person is their physical body. Each of you are souls taking an incarnation, which normally ends in you giving up your physical body to return to the Astral regions. From there you would eventually decide on your future plans to continue your evolution. If as in the past, you reincarnated it would most likely be with souls who were able to at least partly fulfill your life plan. They may not therefore be those who you have known previously, but on the other hand some souls tend to stick together particularly when they have become enlightened. It is often for the purpose of serving others as has happened frequently in this time of Ascension.

However, you will never lose touch with those that you have a love link, even though there may be times when you go your own way. That is really the point, that your real family is so much larger than you imagine and bear in mind that you have related to each other in many different relationships. You are not always of the same sex, and for the purpose of experience play all of the different roles. That way you do not become out of balance between the masculine and feminine energies. It is all leading to levels of evolution where you become more godlike, and that should not surprise you as in fact you are already gods. You are returning to a state of being that you have already experienced and simply separated from, as you dropped down in your vibrations.

You have touched the depths of duality, and that is finishing as your present level of consciousness is rising up again quite quickly. Duality is not the place for you, and it cannot hold the higher vibrations that are being beamed to Earth. So Dear Ones you step onto the path of Ascension which has been planned as you might say, as your escape route out of it. Understand that if you do not take this opportunity to do so, you will automatically stay in the present dimension. That will be your choice as you cannot get in by the back door, and it is absolutely clear that you will always find yourself at a level that is consistent with your stage of evolution. You would not in any event feel comfortable out of your depth, and you will be drawn to those souls of a similar vibration.

People need to understand why the changes are permanent, and that it is not punishment by some God who is disappointed with you. God has no problems at all with your choice of experiences, except that you accept responsibility for any acts that harm another soul. Even then you decide what is needed to overcome such tendencies, and often you experience immediate karmic results. This is particularly applicable to your present lives as there is little time now for souls to re-incarnate, apart from maintaining a link with certain souls that they are destined to go forward with. Believe us that your lives are far more orderly and with more purpose than you suspect. It may seem that events are random but if they are important to your growth, you can be sure they are pre-planned. That is why you should carefully examine what takes place with a view to learning any lessons that were meant for you. If you do not, they will come around again until you do.

Some people treat other life forms as if they are all dumb but please know that every one has a developing level of consciousness. Animals have feelings and look to you for love and kindness, and as any pet lover knows they do respond to it. Yet so much cruelty takes place particularly where they are part of the food chain. The group souls that are often involved have agreed to serve you in that way, and it would be nice if you appreciated their sacrifice. However you will find that once you ascend there are totally different relationships, and all life moves in the Light and Love that abounds in the higher dimensions. You will “talk” with animals and other forms of life and there is absolute harmony and happiness, as all are in a state of bliss. The energy of Love is everywhere and clearly you will experience a totally new way of being.

Can you now see that regardless of what you have on Earth, it will pale into insignificance against what is waiting for you in the immediate future. There is little or no comparison to what you have now and what you can expect. Therefore we trust you can see that putting everything behind you is simply how you make way for a totally new experience. Look at us when we finally openly arrive on Earth and listen to our words, feel our vibrations and you will know beyond doubt that we are your future. We are not strangers to you, and even in appearance many of the civilizations you will meet will be virtually indistinguishable from your own kind. That would make sense, as you are also the product of genetic engineering that has taken place for thousands of years. We are in fact the missing link that has jumped your evolution from what you call primitive man.

When we can address you all as representatives of the Galactic Federation, we will divulge many facts about you past. The truth will be undeniable as all that we reveal can be backed by irrefutable evidence. We can “show” you events of the past as they took place, and how your history has been manipulated and falsified to keep you in the control of the dark Ones. It is for this reason that no soul who has committed crimes against humanity can deny it, and why you are best advised to leave justice to the higher forces. You are moving out of the very human feelings of desiring revenge, and if possible should recognize the need for compassion where souls have fallen under the illusion of darkness.

I am SaLuSa from Sirius, and wish to let you know that immense love is being sent you from all over the Universe.

Thank you SaLuSa.
Mike Quinsey.
Website: Tree of the Golden Light

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